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Watch me building

Teacher Liz July 2020

Yusuf, today I observed you as you spent concentrated time

building with the cog set.
You worked hard on this to build the cogs as high as you
could, soon you couldn't reach the top anymore! You decid-
ed you would climb up on the table to reach, that was a
clever idea, but not very safe so the teachers helped you to
move to the floor so you could reach.
Nothing was going distract you as you worked!
Using the cog set you are practicing:
 Hand eye co-ordination
 Height
 balance
 Independence
 Cause & effect
 Manipulating objects to move the way you want
 Language to go with your building
 stability

Your individual goal is around building your language and

comprehension, today you shared an opportunity to add
language to your play. you talked with the teachers
about height, reach, safety, stability, directions, up,
down, tall. These will add to your vocabulary and com-
Yusuf all the teachers have noticed a big improvement in
your language! You are able to share more, and are using
narration in your play, telling us what you and your peers
are doing. This is a great technique to help you use the
words you know, it shows us that you know what the words
mean too.