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Kia Ora,

Assalam alikum, Raghad

June 2020

Welcome to An-Nur, Rawan.

You have been at An-Nur for a week now, & I am get-

ting to know you. During the settling time, you may find

it hard to be away from your Mum & Dad, but it wont

take long and you will be so busy, you will soon think of An-Nur as a second home!

The story so far…

You are learning about your new environment. You love the swing you are ob-
serving the other children & teachers. At the moment you feel safest when you
near a teacher, Soon you will be making lots of new friendships and growing your
confidence to venture away from a teacher and try new things. We love to see
you beautiful smile. learning ways to communicate with teachers so we will know
what you want and what you don't want, we need to build a strong bond before
this will happen. You will be learning a lot in the beginning of your time here, new
routines, new faces, new spaces and objects. You are beginning to feel safe at
Salaam alaikum ©Liz