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GENERAL DIRECTIONS: Read each question/statement carefully. Encircle the letter of the
correct answer. Following the directions is part of the examination.

A. Parts of a Short Story

1. It is the part of short story that identifies the characters and clarifies the situation.
a. resolution b. exposition c. conclusion d. complication
2. It is the development of conflict arising from the situation.
a. resolution b. exposition c. resolution d. complication
3. It is the highest point of the story in which the conflict is most intense.
a. climax b. exposition c. resolution d. complication
4. It is where the conflicts may be resolved.
a. resolution b. exposition c. climax d. complication
5. It gives the summation of the action or a hint of further development.
a. resolution b. exposition c. conclusion d. complication

B. Subject- Verb Agreement

6. The boys ______________ ( a. play b. plays) well.
7. The bars of soap _______________( a. is b. are) in the cabinet.
8. December and January _________________(a. is b. are) cold months.
9. Neither her eyes nor her nose __________________(a. is b. are) beautiful.
10. Someone ____________ ( a. is b. are) looking for you.
11. Both __________ (a. is b. are) competitive.
12. The Snow White and Seven Dwarfs_________________ (a. is b. are) my children’s favorite.
13. The father, together with his sons, _______________(a. work b. works) hard.
14.The number of absentees ___________( a. is b. are) missing.
15. Five pesos ___________(a. is b. are) all I have.

C. Coordinators
16. Man makes a wide variety of instruments, _________ his greatest musical instrument is his voice.
a. and b. but c. while d. or
17. Do not limit yourself to familiar music ________ give yourself a chance to explore new kinds as well.
a. and b. but c. while d. or
18. A soprano sings the highest woman’s part _____________ an alto has the lowest woman’s voice.
a. and b. but c. while d. or
19. Give me liberty _____ give me death.
a. and b. but c. while d. or
20. Hope for the best _________ prepare for the worst.
a. and b. but c. while d. or

D. Vocabulary
21. Having completed the disposition, the lawyer left a satisfied and happy client.
a. control b. administration c. settlement
22. The young mother chided her child for being so naughty.
a. beat b. scolded c. praised
23. When your tongue is tied, you ______________.
a. have no appetite b. are not healthy c. cannot speak
24. A black sheep in the family is ___________.
a. brings joy to everyone b. has the darkest complexion among the children.
c. causes embarrassment to members.
25. Celia was indignant because she was ______________.
a. insulted by the group b. flattered by what you said c. forgiven y her parents

E. Past Conditional
26. If I had met her earlier, ___________________________________.
a. she would be my girlfriend.
b. she would have been my girlfriend.
c. she is one of my girlfriend.
d. she will volunteer to be my girlfriend.
27. If I had done my best, __________________.
a. I would won the contest.
b. I would have been won the contest.
c. I will win the contest.
d. I am winning the contest.
28. If Rose had trusted me, _________________.
a. she would not hurt.
b. she would have been hurt.
c. she will hurt.
d. she is hurting.
29. If Yassy had accepted the offer, _____________.
a. she would not suffered.
b. she would not have been suffered.
c. She will not suffer.
c. she is not suffering.
30. If she had given me a second chance, ________________________.
a. I would apologized.
b. I would have been apologized.
c. I will apologize.
d. I am apologizing.

E. Adverb or Adjective?
31. We played (bad, badly).\
32. He feels (happy, happily).
33. They worked (slow, slowly) but surely.
34. Gillian’s eyes look ( sad, sadly).
35. Sampaguita flowers smell ( sweet, sweetly).
F. Match the god/ goddesses in column A with their position/ title in column B.
Column A Column B
_____ 1. Zeus a. Goddess of wisdom and war
_____ 2. Apollo b. Goddess of hunting
_____ 3. Hermes c. Messenger for the gods
_____4. Poseidon d. God of the earthquakes and the ocean
_____5. Aphrodite e. Goddess of agriculture
_____6. Athena f. Ruler of the gods
_____7. Demeter g. God of music
_____8. Hephaestus h. Goddess of love
_____9. Hestia i. Blacksmith of the gods
_____ 10. Artemis J. Goddess of the hearth