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October 25, 2019

July 2017
NetWorker 9.x Recommendations, Training and
Downloads for Customers and Partners
NetWorker 9.x provides new features and large improvements over NetWorker 8.x for Virtualization,
Application, Cloud support, Licensing, Ease-of-Use/Security and Cloning. IMPORTANT: Dell EMC is introducing
NetWorker Runtime Environment (NRE) which will provide critical functionality for Java with NetWorker (see
below for more info). See NetWorker 9.x Release materials for more information.

As NetWorker 9.x is significantly different from NetWorker versions prior to 9.x, Dell EMC highly
recommends that customers take advantage of Upgrade services (either custom or one of the standard
offerings) provided by EMC Professional Services and EMC Partners.

Customers who have been successful with installing, upgrading, and configuring NetWorker 9.x have engaged
DELL EMC Professional Services and/or used the available free training. If unprepared, you might encounter
issues including backup failures during and after upgrading from earlier NetWorker releases.

To request DELL EMC Professional Services, contact a DELL EMC Sales representative. (1-866-GET-EMC2) For
more information about available services, go to the DELL EMC Service Offering Index and search for NetWorker
(select Filter > N > NetWorker).

Latest 9.x Releases

The current 9.x cumulative hotfix is Build 479 and was released June 21, 2019.
Customers should consider the additional fixes available in later cumulative when determining the most
appropriate release for their environment.

The latest 9.x release is 9.2.2 Build 396 and was released November 12, 2018.
9.2.2 is a defect fix only release focused on quality.

Target Code for 9.x

DELL EMC has established target revisions for each product to ensure stable and reliable environments. Build 204 is the latest target Code for 9.x versions.

Java Enablement via NetWorker Runtime Environment (NRE) version 8.0.x

“NRE version 8.0.2 - Provides support for latest JRE version provided by Oracle."
NetWorker Runtime Environment (NRE) provides an installer package to deliver the supported Java Runtime
Environment (JRE) for NetWorker and a Java application to launch NMC.

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October 25, 2019

New versions of NRE will be posted in the NetWorker downloads section and will be noted in, the NetWorker Release Notes and monthly NetWorker Newsletters.

It is recommended that customers use the latest NRE which is provided as part of the NetWorker product
entitlement, however customers are free to continue to use the JRE 8 version they have licensed directly from
Oracle. Existing NetWorker users that wish to use NRE should reference the NetWorker Runtime Environment
Readme Guide for details on the upgrade.
NetWorker Runtime Environment is versioned starting at 8.0.x since NRE currently provides Java 8. The Java
version provided with NRE will not directly correspond to Java updates, however new NRE versions will be
released with Java updates as necessary.
For more information about Java Enablement via NRE, refer to the NetWorker Runtime Environment KB article, NetWorker Runtime Environment Readme Guide, NetWorker Installation
Guide and NetWorker Release Notes available at

NRE is available for download for Windows and Linux. Search for ‘NetWorker Runtime Environment’ at


NetWorker Troubleshooting Tool (NTT)
Dell EMC has introduced the NetWorker Troubleshooting Tool (NTT) as a back-end solution which helps NetWorker users
identify potential network problems that could affect NetWorker backup. Data from a production server will be backed up
to NetWorker server over the network. Any problem with the network may break the backup, cloning or recovery job. The
NetWorker Troubleshooting Tool (NTT) has been developed to help NetWorker users identify any potential network
problem which may affect NetWorker functionality.
NTT incorporates 3 tools into one GUI interface: -
Network Validation Test – Testing network connectivity of a NetWorker Datazone
NetWorker Proactive Check Tool (NSRPKCHK) – Provides status of last DR, daemon status, warnings from logs and
possible OS issues
NSRGET – Provides log gathering and reporting for issues.
The tool is available for download at
Please refer for configuration guidance.
NetWorker 9.x Technical Differences eLearning courses. NetWorker Release 9.2.x Documentation Portfolio
(Additional Instructor led training with hands-on lab o NetWorker 9.2 Virtual Edition Deployment Guide
experience is also available) o NetWorker 9.2.x VMware Integration Guide
NEW NetWorker Upgrade Learning Center. Education o Various NetWorker 9.2 product integration guides
has developed a new offering to assist customers with o NetWorker 9.2 Performance Optimization Planning
upgrading NetWorker from NetWorker 8.2.x to Guide
NetWorker 9.1.x. (which is still beneficial for all 9.x and NetWorker 9.1.x Documentation Portfolio
18.x versions). Bundling discounts are available. o NetWorker 9.1 Virtual Edition (NVE) Deployment Guide
Differences between NetWorker 9.2 and previous o NetWorker 9.1.x VMware Integration Guide and other
releases integration guides
Differences between NetWorker 9.1 and previous o NetWorker 9.1.x Performance Optimization Planning
releases Technical Note Guide
Various other documents included in this Documentation

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October 25, 2019

NetWorker and Modules 9.2.x Release Notes Portfolio NetWorker VIDEO’S: DELL EMC Community Network,
NetWorker and Modules 9.1.x Release Notes Portfolio NetWorker YouTube
DELL EMC Community Network, NetWorker YouTube

NetWorker 9.2 Updating to NetWorker 9.2 from a NetWorker Compatibility information

Previous NetWorker Release Guide
NetWorker 9.1 Updating from a Previous Release Guide
NetWorker Licensing:
o NetWorker 9.2 has extended the free-trial period without the need or licensing for 90-days
o Licensing in NetWorker 9 and 9.1 for new installations (VIDEO)
o NetWorker 9.2 Licensing Guide
o NetWorker 9.1.x has a 90-day extended free-trial period without the need for licensing
o Licensing in NetWorker 9 and 9.1 for new installations (VIDEO)
NetWorker 9.1 Licensing Guide

KEY NEW FEATURES and CHANGES from NetWorker 8.x to NetWorker 9.x and later versions
NEW Refer to the NetWorker KB, NetWorker key new features between releases and training for a complete list of
changes and more information on how these changes affect NetWorker operations and functionality.

Some New items with NW 9.x See the NetWorker & Modules 9.x release materials for a complete list of changes.
New Policy Engine — supports end-to-end life cycle ItemPoint is required for NMM Granular Level Recoveries
data management with “action” oriented service plans (GLR). ItemPoint is a separate package available at **No
for all existing and new workflows. Workflows can additional Charge (available for Win 2016 Databases (SQL,
include the following: Backup Operations, Snapshot Exchange and SharePoint))
Operations, ProtectPoint Operations, Server Client direct backup to the cloud for Microsoft Windows clients
Maintenance, and Configuration Management. including backing up Hyper-V images, file systems, applications
Block Based Backup (BBB) — supports Microsoft for faster backup to the cloud storage including AWS, Azure,
Exchange, Hyper-V, and Linux. BBB provides 5x and Dell EMC Elastic Storage
performance improvement from previous NetWorker Data Domain Virtual Edition support for backup application
versions. data within AWS and Azure
Media Catalog Improvements — the new SQLite VMware: Application-Consistent VM backup supporting
database is fast and provides up to 6x improvement on Microsoft SQL providing policy orchestration for database full
control operations and increased scaling from previous and transaction log backup and restore of SQL databases and
NetWorker versions. SQL instances.
NetWorker VMware Protection (NVP) has been Hyper-V: improve space efficiency and cleanup for overgrowth
architecturally improved to provide a more lightweight, size and orphaned differencing disks
better performance and scale to meet today’s large
virtual environments. This replaces the NetWorker Cloning hardening
Virtual Backup solution available in earlier NetWorker
Some New items with NW 9.2.x See the NetWorker & Modules 9.2.x release materials for a complete list of changes

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October 25, 2019

Ease-of-use and security: VMware:

o Breakthrough logging enabling easier searching o Recovering VM metadata during the VM restore
within log files o Image backup of VMware VM on standalone ESXi which is
o Wildcard in directory specifications for directives not connected to any vCenter.
In-flight encryption Licensing:
Unserved licensing model option where Dell EMC license server
is not required for license enablement and validation.

License update
It is recommended that customers install License Server v3.6 available at to address an issue on Linux which results in a failure to start the
license server automatically at boot time.

Please Note: NetWorker VMware Protection (NVP) with vProxy has been updated for v9.2.x due to the important fixes
available with the latest released version. Please visit to
download the latest vProxy OVA versions.


For more information on the changes with Cumulative releases see:

• NetWorker, NVE, NVP and Modules 9.2.x Cumulative Hotfixes at

Be advised that due to increased frequency of NetWorker releases; NetWorker & Modules 9.2.x and CloudBoost 2.2.x
will reach End of Primary Support on December 31, 2019.

NetWorker 9.2.2 DOWNLOADS

NetWorker Virtual Edition

Linux x64 and x86 Linux SLES11 SP3 (64-bit)
NetWorker version Windows x64
Client, Server and Storage Node Client, Server and Storage Node NetWorker Virtual Edition (NVE) is a
NetWorker server that runs as a
virtual machine in a VMware
Recommended! Recommended! Recommended!
nloads/DL94280 nloads/DL94279
June 21, 2019 | 1093 MB | June 21, 2019 | 806 MB | June 21, 2019 | 2483 MB |
Build 479
SHA256 Checksum: SHA256 Checksum: SHA256 Checksum:
2b5b4763e44f114e91efb73dc560 6c13365de597628f3f87f7c706fda 5fa010f6f9d3f3931017fdfd840a95
b408f76c14fc4fd9e8df814f437e5 90ac26afa14cbc59eb666f3c24389 9ebc7a1886cb542bfbe3b68f20f22
1938c5b d82f9a 2d131
nloads/DL93201 nloads/DL93200
NetWorker March 29, 2019 | 1089 MB | March 29, 2019 | 801 MB | March 29, 2019 | 2310 MB |
Build 449 SHA256 Checksum: SHA256 Checksum: SHA256 Checksum:
37e8d5b33da0e23f6d4e564cb099 70f2ad69777687272b0d17a3605e 7e2a6da58f60ca7706d7ff36d9835
9a47e2ed61c3bf49a07cf0a8cfacd d147cac089611939bfbc417dae55 67e6f895d5eec35b696a75a9a087
7c6d785 61f205fc 2333dc1

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October 25, 2019
nloads/DL92596 nloads/DL92598
NetWorker February 22, 2019 | 1060 MB | February 22, 2019 | 801 MB | February 22, 2019 | 2375 MB |
Build 432 SHA256 Checksum: SHA256 Checksum: SHA256 Checksum:
c36998a8e309ddf76d1482d49ac1 1174b5f034c16194d9a93e512ae7 c24f62b6f03d76da4634a2868d7b
7d87c5d674321c03f2dbea458049 4fbf6d784e571c37cfb1d1b4f5651 72d900b5185c2d895baf64627c56
3db3749d 990f0aa 11b08d9f
nloads/DL91354 nloads/DL91353 nloads/DL91351
NetWorker 9.2.2 November 12, 2018 | 1088 MB | November 12, 2018 | 800 MB | November 12, 2018 | 2309 MB |
Build 396 SHA256 Checksum: SHA256 Checksum: SHA256 Checksum:
2aea5037790edf1d6689fb5bd075 def27fa9995c62d375556f03d336a ee9824ae2394b218a5134167a12
f126fd9a396b194ea9ca566d1533 bc5ccaa8a1f9046bf149bb36242b8 b9d605b98bf93aa03beae7781d04
308faad4 d4b440 4e3cae640

NetWorker 9.2.1 DOWNLOADS

NetWorker Virtual Edition

Linux x64 and x86 Linux SLES11 SP3 (64-bit)
NetWorker version Windows x64
Client, Server and Storage Node Client, Server and Storage Node NetWorker Virtual Edition (NVE) is a
NetWorker server that runs as a
virtual machine in a VMware
Recommended! Recommended! Recommended!
nloads/DL90837 nloads/DL90836 nloads/DL90838
September 26, 2018 | 1084 MB | September 26, 2018 | 800 MB | September 26, 2018 | 2371 MB |
Build 246
SHA256 Checksum: SHA256 Checksum: SHA256 Checksum:
c87ee330112ea52ca8db8158d747 3539821404b6cbd16fa0b3cc96b3 55861941ea5854fc877eab38deac
0b1155af395681df3ade5d1809e2 7a51490fc2bc101085e651d1e3c0 868167b1035e10ffb6be9ae9d77f
d48a9877 796a9c6f 5d08ab30
Target Code NW Target Code NW Target Code NW
nloads/DL88482 nloads/DL88476 nloads/DL88489
Target Code
April 6, 2018 | 1077 MB | April 6, 2018 | 798 MB | April 6, 2018 | 2310 MB |
SHA256 Checksum: SHA256 Checksum: SHA256 Checksum:
Build 204
a592fcb60812aa8d389d44731c9f 1f5c82306233eaaac8d696168b96 efa22e1952063020c1c16ee4e898
529e0ec633f7d85dd7a6596dc4c0 f0c864b7f97b1700b1d7dd11b505 19b1302abdb55cb3a681bc0c656c
54cdf33d c05f74c2 3b59ef73

Please Note:
Dell EMC has archived older versions of NetWorker and Modules v9.2.x and v9.1.x see the Archive section in of
the NetWorker products page to see the full list of older Archived versions. Please refer the for accessing the 9.x archived versions.

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October 25, 2019

Additional NetWorker and NetWorker DOCUMENTATION

Module Packages Info on NetWorker operations and functionality
• NetWorker • NetWorker
• NetWorker Module for Microsoft • NetWorker Module for Microsoft
• NetWorker Module for Databases and Applications • NetWorker Module for Databases and Applications
• NetWorker Module for SAP • NetWorker Module for SAP
• NetWorker Module for MEDITECH • NetWorker Module for MEDITECH
• CloudBoost • CloudBoost

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