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World Food

Programme Memorandum

14 July 2006
To: Executive Staff
All Country Directors
All Directors, WFP Liaison Offices
All Division Heads, HQ and Regional Bureaux
All Regional and Country Office Finance and Administrative Officers

Through: Susana Malcorra

Deputy Executive Director, AD

From: Gina Casar

Chief Financial Officer

Subject: Access to Vendor Master Record Creation and Management

Further to my memorandum of 21 February 2006 on Vendor Master

Record Creation and Management and following the issuance of the Joint
Directive on the same subject (Joint Directive CFO2006/004,
ODT2006/001 and ADM2006/002), I would like to inform you that a
partially centralised Vendor Master Record (VMR) creation process will
take effect immediately with the initial creation (Tier 1) to be undertaken
by VMR creators in WFP offices with full WINGS access and in the
relevant units in HQ which are responsible in the procurement of food,
transport and goods and services (ODT and ADM), while the completion
of the financial part (Tier 2) will be undertaken by dedicated staff in my
division (CFO). This will be the arrangement until such time that a fully
centralised VMR creation in HQ is adopted. I wish to emphasise that
with the partial centralisation of VMR creation, the maintenance and
management of the VMRs, however, will be fully centralised in the
Division of the CFO.

With the partial centralisation of VMR creation, the number of Tier 1 VMR
creators will be limited to two (2) in each office – both in HQ and in the
field. Partial centralisation will also mean that the WINGS profile of Tier
1 VMR creators will be modified to enable them to enter only the name,
address and material management assignment in the vendor master
data. All other WINGS accesses relating to VMR creation shall be
removed from Tier 1 VMR creators as these will be provided only to Tier
2 VMR creators in CFOTP.

cc: Malcorra Lukach

Casar Whiting
LopezDaSilva Bautista-Owen

To ensure that we are in full compliance with the provisions of the

aforementioned Joint Directive, I am requesting you to nominate two
VMR creators, either from among the existing VMR creators or new
nominees, who possess the required qualifications as outlined in the
Joint Directive. The nominees should also be staff from the relevant
spending units and not from the finance unit.

Attached is the Vendor Creator Nomination Form which should be

completed and signed for each nominee (Annex C of the Joint Directive
on Vendor Master Record Creation and Management). Please send this
back by email at or via fax at+39 06 6513
2869 and to the attention of the Chief, CFOTP. We expect to receive the
nomination forms not later than 31 July 2006. Once received, ICT will
review the requests and confirm, through CFOTP, the Tier 1 VMR creator

Let me add that in HQ, VMR creators are only those coming from ODT and
ADM as mentioned above. WINGS accesses relating to VMR creation of
VMR creators in HQ other than those from ODT and ADM will be disabled
immediately and without notice. I therefore expect to receive nomination
forms only from ODT and ADM. Creation of VMRs other than those handled
in ODT and ADM will be handled centrally in CFOTP (such as HQ travel and
non-staff vendor accounts).

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you all and
your staff for the cooperation you have extended during the last few
months where a massive cleanup of the vendor master data has been
undertaken. My team has reviewed all our 55,000 vendors and
approximately 22,000 of these have either been blocked or amended. I
plan to continue the monitoring of the VMRs, including newly created
vendors, on a regular basis until such time that we are assured of the
accuracy and integrity of the vendor master data. We could not achieve
this success without your cooperation.

Lastly, details on VMR profiles accesses, amendment, and removal are

being discussed separately by my team and concerned staff from ICT.
By copy of this memorandum, required action is therefore requested to
be carried out by ICT once nomination forms are received from
concerned offices.

Thank you.

Annex C – Vendor Creator Nomination Form

Payments and Payroll Branch

Division of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Vendor Creator Nomination Form

User Full Name:

Form of Address (Ms, Mr, Mrs): (first name): (last name):

Personnel Index Number:

Present Position in WFP:

Office: _____________ Position: ____________________ NTE date:


Type of contract: Staff SC

Telephone Ext.: _____________ Room: (if applicable)

E-mail address:

In case of transfer:

Previous position in WFP (if different from current position): _____________

Name of Office and location: _______________________________________
Recommended by:


(Name of Director/RD/CD and name of HQ Division/RB/CO)

Date Requested