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Book Title ___________________________ Name___________________________

Directions: Each day you will be assigned one job to prepare for your book club discussion. You
may repeat one or two jobs each week.

Literary Luminary Date:______________ Discussion Director Date: ____________

Select a favorite section to read aloud to your Write at least two questions that will extend
group. Share why you choose this passage. comprehension.
Page: ______ Paragraph: ____________
Why did you pick this passage? 1.


Page: ______ Paragraph: ____________ 3.
Why did you pick this passage?


Vocabulary Enricher Date: ____________ Checker: Each day grade yourself and your
Select two new words from the passage. Write friends.
the sentence from the book and the definition. Name M T W Th F
Page: _______ New word: ____________


Page: _______ New word: ____________

Sentence: 4 – Totally prepared and participated
Read the assignment, completed his/her job,
Definition: and participated in the discussion.
-------------------------------------------------------------- 3 – Partially prepared and participated
Page: _______ New word: ____________ Read part of the assignment and did part of
Sentence: his/her job. Participated in discussion.
2 – Partially prepared and partially
Definition: participated
Page: _______ New word: ____________ Read at least part of the assignment but did
Sentence: not do his/her job. May have participated.
1 – Not prepared
Definition: Did not read the assignment and did not do
his/her job. Could not participate.