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The Life and Works of Rizal

Final Output

Submitted by: Jamille P. Icalina, BSA- II

Submitted to: Mr. Josefino Tulabing Larena Jr., AB, CPS, CPE, MPA
Output 1:

El Filibusterismo

Reflection to Chapter 16 :

The Tribulations of a Chinese

Everyone has their own ways on how they deal with their problems. But when a problem gets
serious, you will really need help from a friend. We all have that one friend that we can rely on
with everything and in return we do them a favor. We don't know if our friend is using us or
we're using them in our part but as long as we know our limitations and we're not that dumb,
we can still find a friend that we can trust.

In the story, Quiroga who is a chinese business man wants to open a chinese consulate here in
the Philippines. In order to achieve his goals, he throw a dinner party at his house with the
people who he knows who can help him even though some of it despise him. Sometimes in
order to have the trust of someone, we need to lower our pride and just accept criticism
because we know we need them to help us. Even if it is the creditor that we are still indebted
to, if we really need something on them, we will not hide from them instead, we let them use
us in order to pay what we owe them.

This scenario is still portrayed in today's society and I think we inherit it from the time of the
Spanish Colonizers or even before that. We can't say that this is a betrayal since both party
benefited from their agreement. When life gets hard, you will have to do anything even if your
life is at risk by doing so. "Kapit sa patalim" as what the Filipinos would say if you are desperate
enough of the need of someone that you are willing to do everything for it.

What I realize in life is that we are either the ones being used or we are using someone for our
own benefit. I think that is most of relationships work. If you can not benefit from it, you will
leave because there's no point at staying. This story tells us that when we use someone, this
someone is just using us in return.
Output 2:

Mi Ultimo Adios

(My Final Farewell)

By: Dr. José Rizal






Op slagvelden vechten met delirium

Anderen geven je hun leven zonder aarzeling, zonder spijt;

De site maakt niet uit, cipres, laurier of lelie,

Cadalso of open veld, strijd of wreed martelaarschap,

Hetzelfde geldt als het land en het huis erom vragen.

Je meurs quand je vois le ciel devenir rouge

Et enfin il annonce le lendemain du sombre capot;(Dutch)

Si vous avez besoin de rouge pour teindre votre aube,

Versez mon sang, versez-le au bon moment

Et lui donner un reflet de sa lumière montante.(French)

Meine Träume, als ich noch ein Teenager war,

Meine Träume als junger Mann schon voller Kraft,

Sie sollten dich eines Tages sehen, Juwel des Ostmeeres

Trockene schwarze Augen, hohe glatte Stirn,

Kein Stirnrunzeln, keine Falten, keine roten Flecken.(German)

Όνειρο της ζωής μου, η καύση μου,

Salud, η ψυχή σου φωνάζει που θα φύγει σύντομα!

Γεια σου! Ω, πόσο όμορφο είναι να πέφτεις για να σου δώσει πτήση,

Πεθαίνοντας για να σας δώσει ζωή, πεθαίνοντας κάτω από τον ουρανό σας,

Και στη γοητευμένη γη σου αιωνιότητα.(Greek)

Má fheiceann tú lá amháin ag sproutadh thar mo uaigh

I measc an fhéir tiubh shimplí, bláth humble,

Coinnigh gar do liopaí é agus póg m’anam,

Agus mothaigh mé ar mo mhullach faoin uaigh fhuar

Ó do shocair an anáil, ó d'anáil an teas. (Irish)

Lascia che la luna mi veda con una luce calma e morbida;

Lascia che l'alba trasmetta il suo fugace splendore,

Lascia che il vento gema con il suo basso mormorio,

E se un uccello scende e si appollaia sulla mia croce

Lascia che l'uccello canti il suo canto di pace. (Italian)






운없이 죽은 모든 사람들을 위해기도하십시오.

평등하지 않은 고통을 겪은 모든 사람들에게

그들의 괴로움을 신음하는 우리의 가난한 어머니들을 위해;

고아와 과부, 고문에있는 죄수

그리고 마지막 구속이 보이도록기도하십시오.(Korean)

Og når i den mørke natten er kirkegården pakket

Og bare de døde forblir årvåken der,

Ikke bry resten hans, ikke bry deg med mysteriet

Kanskje du vil høre akkorder fra sitra eller psaltery,

Det er jeg, kjære fedreland, jeg som synger for deg.(Norwegian)

A kiedy cały mój zapomniany grób

Nie miej krzyża ani kamienia, aby zaznaczyć swoje miejsce,

Niech mężczyzna go zaoryje, rozrzuci motyką,

I moje prochy, zanim wrócą do niczego,

Tworzy się kurz na dywanie. (Polish)

Então nada importa, me esqueça

Sua atmosfera, seu espaço, seus vales atravessarei,

Nota vibrante e limpa, serei para o seu ouvido,

Aroma, luz, cores, boato, música, gemido

Repetir constantemente a essência da minha fé.(Portuguese)

Patria mea idolizată, durerea mea,

Dragi Filipine, ascultă ultima adio.

Las totul acolo, părinții, iubirile mele.

Mă duc acolo unde nu există sclavi, călăi sau asupritori,

Acolo unde credința nu ucide, unde domnește Dumnezeu suprem.(Romanian)

До свидания, родители и братья, кусочки моей души,

Друзья детства в потерянном доме,

Благодарите меня за то, что я отдыхаю от утомительного дня;

До свидания, милый незнакомец, мой друг, моя радость,

Прощай, дорогие мои, умереть - значит отдохнуть.(Russian)