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Siri, Apple’s personal digital assistant, was initially a product developed by SRI

International Artificial Intelligence Center which was later acquired by Apple Inc. in 2010.

Apple used a very unique mix of tools to promote this product. It extensively relied on press

conferences and WWDC conferences for discussions. For digital marketing it used its own

website and blogs and relied very less on social media marketing; though Youtube is an

important platform where it keeps onsharing it promotional videos. It also kept its advertisements

simple and short and promoted only through TV commercials and print ads. It used twitter to

keep the customers aware of the new products, features and upgrade. It heavily relied on positive

customer reviews. Over the years, Siri has been fully integrated into iPhones, iPads, AirPods,

Apple TV, HomePods, standalone Siri Remotes.


Apple’s main advertising objective is to target the emotions, behavior and thoughts of the

consumers. Hence, it keeps its advertisements very simple and short which allows everyone to

understand their message in a simpler format. It focuses on how its products are different from

and how the cutting edge technology can bring simplicity in people’s lives. The products are

promoted through TV commercials and print ads. Commercial ads are run when the new product

is launched and print ads run throughout the product’s life. Ads follow the style where white

background is used to contrast the stylish look of the product and logo, or the inverse with black

backgrounds and white text with a white logo.



Apple’s digital marketing strategy is very different from other brands. It uses its own

website and blogs more than social media channels. The biggest advantage of relying less on

social media is avoiding negative comments from users. Apple relies heavily on the buzz created

by positive reviews and takes customer feedbacks quite seriously. Apple has not used facebook

for active promotions. Instagram is kept solely for sharing multimedia content. Youtube is a very

important platform to engage its followers because Apple uses videos actively for promotions.

Infact, Apple fans upload unboxing videos of their new apple products on youtube. Hence, this is

a sort of content marketing that its fans are doing it for them. Apple has several accounts on

twitter, each one with a different purpose like one for iTunes, one for support, one for

AppleMusic. Support page tweets on important technical issues and keeps the users aware of the

latest Apple products and their usage.


Apple uses Personal selling in its retail stores, where trained and knowledgeable

employees assist the customer decision making process. The employees make sure that the

prospects get to know the product, its price and technical information they need to make a

decision. The employees show the demo of using the products to the prospects.

Apple makes sure that it selects the right candidates with influencing qualities and good

sales experience. Once selected, the employees are properly trained on the features of all the

products. They have to undergo role playing exercises to understand the etiquettes of interacting

with the customers. They are trained on how to greet the customers from the point they enter the

store, how to acknowledge their problems, etc. they are trained on how to showcase the

technology and how to display empathy to the customers as they have to deal with angry or

worried customers all day long. Apple trusts its employees and strongly believes in the referral

system. And the workers who complete their five year term are acknowledged and given a

plaque signed by Tim Cook.


Apple is providing educational programs to its supplier employees like App development

and swift courses. The company has launched Apple Supplier EHS Academy to improve

employee health and safety in the industry. Apple had already reached equal pay to male and

female employees in 2016 and strives to employ more people from underrepresented groups of

the society. Apple already exceeds ENERGY STAR guidelines and is committed to bring 4GW

of renewable power online by 2020. It also offers recycling programs in 99% of the countries.

Apple has constantly been reducing its carbon footprints. It has launched a health program for its

female employees.

Apple has been accused of purposely slowing down the iPhones so that customers can

buy new phones. On the top of this, Apple was caught infringing on the customers’ privacy

rights by using their locations data. Apple’s tax practices have been criticized by many. Another

issue is that its website shows the social responsibilities it undertakes, but never addresses the

impact that those initiatives have made. Apple can be more socially responsible if it addresses

these issues.


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