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Mode Of Study

In age of modern technology increasingly challenging this, people need equipping self by

various knowledge to increase life quality. In developed countries, Out Campus Learning

(OCL) is not new term. OCL's system had received worldwide as legal education and

acknowledged is comparable to other form of education. OCL's progress very important

because this system give education options to human group want to obtain knowledge

with different modes of formal education. Considering that student demand to institutions

of higher learning either public higher learning institution or private getting a lot of

response and be among those who yet run for study, then OCL is one alternative for them

continue that noble goal.


Considering that student demand to institutions of higher learning either public higher

learning institution or private getting a lot of response and be among those who yet run

for study, then OCL is one alternative for them continue that noble goal. See to need this

is then we agreed to study what concept and aspect which contribute direction system

development and growth OCL. This caused this OCL system was one unique learning

method where his students is constitute they have worked and had different

responsibilities should be borne. Nevertheless effort to seek a roll of Diploma or Degree

is becoming objective to the first.


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There are some aspects had contributed to growth directions and OCL's development of


• Support Facility
Support facility very needed so that learning can be done perfectly. Between those

facilities intended was counseling services to OCL student. Counseling to OCL

student is necessary to help students to settle in with OCL's methodology of

education and give advisory service of planning and learning strategy. It also

aimed to deal any problems faced either shaped problem academic or personal so

that it is not sustainable and affect learning performance.

• New communication development like computer, video, telefax etc.

OCL is education system press to self education concept, so here communication

very must to launch again this process. Computer for example is information

presentation media exponential used by worldwide high learning institution.

Computer has various functions, main is as sign communicate, interact and to

process information. It are also used as tool at making coordination effectively on

information achieved. For OCL's system, computer is an option to bridge live

isolation gap between students with students and student with lecturer. Video

generally may serve as basis to increase student involvement in class. When

student watch their video can connect what sight by what studied in class. With

this way able student question information source achieved and encourage

students to analyze information given and further able to increase performance of

BLE 1022
3.1 Second Chance To Students
Important social development and economy to be sure easy standard of living for people

of one country. With development that is achieved now, found like investor invest in

Malaysia. This are because workforce here mostly trained, responsible and

knowledgeable. This was one encouragement to attract investor coming to this country.

Therefore, with are this OCL's programme it can provide opportunity to them work to

increase qualification, skill and knowledge. This need can ensure healthy knowledge

development for economic growth, social and rapid politics. Hence OCL important

because this programme will increase knowledgeable people. This in keeping with public

and private sector development where her responsibility is increasingly larger and

complex. Therefore, this sector required of them capable, dedicated and knowledgeable

to be sure work quality and service continue to increase optimum effectiveness to the

level. Indeed the education important and should make as an activity continuum in human


3.2 Media Facility

To ensure OCL's system run smoothly, media facility was provided either in form of

printed media or electronic media. In OCL's system key ingredient used was print media.

This not printed material such as storybook but it has modified in own form. This means

this instructional material is was devised so that it capable of delivering education and

encourage student learning. Other Media-media also used such as videotape, television


In most developed nation like America and United Kingdom, most of OCL institution


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use information presentation multimedia like radio, television ,video, inside computer

and satellite effort to further improve quality of teaching, learning and performance of

students. All equipment to communicate like telephone, facsimile and E-mail widely

used. Each this information presentation media give different effects to student learning

process. Technology used should influenced by student and cost terms of reference

necessarily low. Here cost played important role where this type learning is in bearing by

one myself student. However with are information presentation multimedia, this will

increase interest and student motivation to continue learn and further will increase their

education quality.

4.1 Minimum Interaction
Irrefutable again that more commodious live distance in OCL's relationship, increasingly

complex and challenge lecturer role in using all communication media source be to

convey information to students. OCL student relatively average student having minimum
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interaction not only with lecturer, but also with same lecture partner. Share mind and idea

among same lecture partner was one healthy and beneficial activity in learning process.

For some OCL student lucky to have office partner or close friend same lecture to them,

then could form small group for study but were also those unlucky to make that. This will

be problems to OCL student. Learning process in atmosphere isolation was one unhealthy


To bridge this isolation gap must exist initiative among all involved party especially

OCL's institution, own lecturer and OCL student. Of course beneficial if OCL student

take effort to hold small group to talk on all learning information. This method named

‘peer tutoring' namely same lecture student take effort to aid between one same other. To

get in the a student education must own motivation for study and implement educational

There are some proposals so that system long distance studies feasible with more

effectiveness and further intriguing those who have worked to bail knowledge and obtain

qualification, approval, skill and knowledge.

a) Tax exemption and unrecorded leave

Congress of the workers union in public service (CUEPACS) had demanded to state to be


MATRIC NO : 122176
giving some privileges to government staff including teachers as encouragement for them

further education through OCL’s programme. The privilege should be accorded was

annual tax relief and leave without record to attend incentive course provided by

university. This case as most of the government staff already married also possess child is

justified tax relief given to they. Operating expenditure and salary deduction for house

purchase etc, undeniably become a burden to this group. Apart from that OCL student

also should pay study fees between RM1000 to RM4000 was one burden. Hence tax

exemption should given on study fees are paid by OCL student to disappear financial

burden bourne by them.

(b) Financial Resources

Financial resource become a major factor for OCL student. This are because they forced

divide those financial be adequately. If study fees between RM1000 to RM4000, this case

many emerging problem to them. Here very important government role in providing

financial resource to OCL student so that they can learn calmly and comfortable.

Financial resource intended was shaped scholarships or loan. Apart from that employer

could also provide shaped financial resource loan from fund etc to support his employee

follow this OCL's programme beside increase his employee motivation to continue learn

and finally can rise their work performance better to the level.

(d) Role of community

OCL was one new education system especially in Asian region. Still plentiful doubtful

will this effectiveness and system quality. Case that because Asian community still

stressing regular education. Change to something new often become question mark

because dearth of information. As such populace should understand what OCL, how his
BLE 1022
implementation, how his way for study as OCL student.

The conclusion is OCL's system open wide opportunity for them work to bail knowledge.

Although they work and have the responsibility to families, they still can learn. indeed

skilled, trained and knowledgeable workforce will benefit country. This skill important to

ensure economic growth and social healthy ones. Inside success what matter even would

not exist without oneself sweat point. So too with they OCL student wherever success in

determine by various factors such as initiative, discipline and family support. OCL

student successfully go through all inside test and challenge education is special, dynamic

and capable students group.


MATRIC NO : 122176