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Khaled‘s Determination

Khaled you are an amazing boy and your confidence keeps growing. You are showing keen
interest in more meaningful learning activities. Today when your mum dropped you, you
went straight to the Montessori activity shelf. You focussed on the pegboard and picked up
the tray with your two hands and sat at the table. You were trying to put one peg over the
other instead of setting it side by side in rows. Khaled, you were sitting with this activity for
a long time oblivious to the surroundings, determined to make a tower as long as possible.
You sat there stretched your hand to connect each piece on the top of the other. When you
couldn’t reach, you stood on your toes in order to reach the top of the tower. Khaled, it was
amazing observing you, the expression on your face, and how desperately you tried to make
your tower taller than the tallest tower. Masha Allah your determination and enthusiasm
will facilitate further to bring more success in your life.
Learning happening:

 Improving concentration,
 Increasing hand, eye, co-ordination
 Developing imagination
 Strengthening had muscles.
With this particular learning equipment, it has many different learning capabilities, for
instance: colour recognition, names of the colours, language skills, math skills eg; counting,
sorting, measuring and making patterns etc. InshaAllah we will ensure that you get more
opportunities to develop all these skills soon.

Written by Teacher Fauzia

June, 2020