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Wonders not only increase the tourism growth rates and benefit the local economy, but also

reflect one country’s culture and history. Despite their importance, they seem not to be well-
preserved. Many of both man-made and natural wonders are in urgent danger and need
preserving. In my opinion, people’s awareness is the most important. Therefore, we should
firstly increase public attention to the need of preserving the wonders. For instance, we
should help people understand the importance of natural wonders now and in the future.
Without our conservation, the wonders may disappear and the future generations will lose a
chance to see them. Equally importantly, strict laws should be imposed by the
government in the place of wonders in order to relieve the pressure of overtourism. For
example, visitors dropping litter will be heavily fined or the one damaging the wonders on
purpose will be put in prison. The law can help to solve part of environmental issues as well
as reduce the chance of damaging or stealing valuable things belong to wonders. Finally,
young people can contribute to preserving process by doing volunteer work. We can
donate our time, our work to help clean the environment around the wonders. Besides, we can
hold a campaign to raise money to help with restoring process. In conclusion, if people’s
awareness is raised, strict rules are imposed, volunteer work becomes popular, the
wonders will exist longer and are always our country’s pride.