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Queen Anne School Administrators, members of its Board of Trustees, distinguished

guest, faculty members, the 2018 Senior High School graduating class, beloved parents, ladies
and gentlemen, a pleasant evening!
Today, a new sun rises for me, everything lives, everything animated. Everything
seems to me of my passion, everything invites me to cherish it.
When I was young, the greatest question of life for me was whether I would become
a better person or somebody. I believe, most of us share the same dreams back then. Then
schooling came; and with a little taste of institutionalized education, my dreams changed. A lot of
things changed so did my aspirations. Boys and girls now became men and women who want to
dream big not just for themselves and their families but for a better country.
One may find himself passionate about leadership and so he dreams of a society
where people embrace responsibilities. Others may find themselves passionate about the
environment and so they became active environmentalists. While there are also others who are
passionate in social justice for the common people, and we call them men and women for others,
like us Queenians!
As the first ever graduates of Senior High School, not just proud to be called
Queenians but given the magnitude of the personal and national challenges we all face, we are
humbly taking the challenge being the graduates of Queen Anne School. We do really advocate
for our passions. We have to tend to look at what society or what the school dictates as rewarding
and we should adapt to it. We should be skillful so that society will highly value our worth.
We are called to dream for others, for our communities and for our nation. Our
country is currently experiencing major changes. Today, we see a lot of problems such as of
drugs, abuse of environmental resources, corruption and violations against human rights, etc.
If these are some of the problems that make up life outside the campus, what
response can we make? The most vital resource that one can mobilize in the face of challenges is
that inner dynamism that comes from being a citizen, a professional and a son of God.
As a citizen, our country is the focus of our concern. Our talent and knowledge must
be put at the service of our country, to help build a stable institutions that reflect the moral
concensus of our people.
As a person created by God, our individual integrity and dignity become the focus of
our concern. It is not the power that we might acquire as a citizen, not the wealth that our future
career might bring to us-----that will decide our success in life. But it is who we are as a person,
our honesty and our spirituality in the midst of a materialistic world----these are the factors that
constitute true happiness and fulfillment in our lives.
Fellow graduates, the challenges we face are indeed overwhelming. But nothing
gives greater confidence and courage than the knowledge, that one is not alone in facing the
challenges. And we are not alone! Our people from all walks of life are with us-----in the desire to
have an better and great nation!
All we need is dream within us, wait to unfold and reveal itself. All we have to do is
be still and take the time to seek what is within. Inside each and every one of us is a seed of
greatness--- a deep yearning to grow and contribute and make a difference!
I have looked all my life for my dreams to come true---- then I opened my eyes……
Queen Anne School has helped us realize a mind that is not isolated and a body that
is not wanting in strength. This school has taught us to exist beyond the boundaries of times and
space even as it affords us a hallowed spot where we come in communion with others. It
inculcates in us the beauty of the spiritual over the temporal. It makes us human beings primarily
and well-equipped only secondarily. With these, we wish to express our gratitude to the powerful
Creator, Who in his unbending ways and unlimited ways and unlimited generosity has enabled us
to look forward and pursue our dreams. Indeed, we are Queenians, worthy sons and daughters of
this great institution of learning.
To our teachers, beloved parents, fellow graduates, friends, ladies and gentlemen I
extend my affirmation of loyalty and engrave my praises and thanks to all of you.

Once again, a pleasant evening!

Queen Anne School, Mabuhay and God Bless us all!