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Friday 30th July 2010 17th Sha’baan 1431

Issue 7
The Winner (and SOLE entrant)
of the last Trivia ‘l HUDA Quiz
Farman Ali
Well Done! :D

r S o cc e r T o u r na m ent
Ind oo r 2010
Sports Office
By Ahmad AlRisi—MUSA
Soccer Tournament
he Annual MUSA Indoor

T took place on a wonderfu

day, the 25th of July, at
lly clear and sunny Sun-
the Edgar Sports Centre
South Dunedin. A
took part, and the
groups of 6. Group A co

Resistance, Omanooz, Inte

div ide
into 2
nsisted of Iraqi
rr--Islam, Ar-
Indoor Soccer Tourna
ment 1
lly are a Islam Awareness Week
gentina (mashaA llah , we rea
ity), BSA
lti-ethnic Muslim commun
multi- Living to Die? Or Dying
s. Group B was to Live? 2
stingers and Saudi falcon
, Bahrain, All
comprised of Indomitable Morality Test...
Stars, UN (of course this
team had to 3
pital T's and
draw all their games), Ca Simply Reality
ch of the se 2 groups,
Somalis. From ea
Trivia ‘l HUDA: Quiz
7 3
Sisters: Poverty and Isl
am 4
only the top two teams wo
qualify for the semii--fina
the group matches. Fir st
“aTllhyetogame was... exception-
the captains of each tea
m u
ugh…[but] penalt
were informed and bri efe d
kicks left Somali y
with the basic rules of in- s emerging
door soccer, to make cer
tain as the winners.
the tournament would
smoothly without any has
or misunderstandings.
sles ” Da’wah cour
this weeken
se continues
d enshaAllah
e M U S
k th
Please chec e
or th e poster in th
website d etai ls ...
r for
mosque foye

Continued in
extra time—
I mean over
the page...
was obviously intended tha

uld the
by making
-cut before
lves be as friendly, and
me s

with as few fouls as possib

P ag e 1
istance and Oman
Group A, Iraqi Res
F ro m went on to the semii-
-final, while from
malis advanced. Th
e first
Indomitable and So sec on d ga me
z vs. Somalis and the
game was Omanoo
was Indomitable vs.
Iraqi resista nce . Both ga mes proved ISLAM AWAREN
highly competitive, an
d ended with penalty
kicks to decide
Iraqi Resistance
rs. The Final hosted Mon
the respective winne tionally tough, nday 2nd –
me was indeed excep Sunday 8t
and Somalis. The ga 2--2 draw. Finally, pe
n- h August
) ended with a 2
and (surprise surprise ers. Th e Ch am -
emerging as the winn “Prophe
alty kicks left Somalis Co ng rat ula - t MuHAM
SA soccer tournament. Merc y t MA
pions of this year’s MU o all Ma D SAWS:
tions, and well done! nk i nd”
Chec eck out the post
er in the mosque
foyer or on our
website for a de
timetable of the tailed
weeks events!!

2010 Indoor Soccer

Tournament Champion

IV I N G o r DY I N G
to Sheikh 'Alee bin Hassan Al-Halabee

Death is a harsh and fearful reality,

tion. No one has the power to
one around a dying person hav
thing that happens every mom
enced by the young and the old,
faced by all Crea-
avoid it, nor does any-
e the ability prevent it. It is
ent and it is something that
the rich and the poor,

strong and
wit hout any
Y ou claim to love the Prophet SAWS; yet you
abandon his Sunnah (guidance and teach-
ings). You claim to love Paradise; yet you do
not work and strive for it. You claim to fear
the Hellfire; yet you do not stop sinning and following your whims.
You say: 'Indeed death is true'; yet you have not prepared for it. You
busy yourself with the faults of others; yet you do not look at your
e in that they are
the weak. They are all the sam sion , and no way to post- own faults. You eat the sustenance that Allah SWT provides for you; yet you
ns of interces
means of escaping death, no mea are not grateful to Him. And you bury your dead; yet you do not take heed from
its lesson.'
pone or delay it.
which you So this is the reality which must be firmly established in one's heart; the reality
s: 'Say: Indeed, the death from
Allah SWT, the Exalted, say sent back to Alla h, All--
the All that life in this world is limited, finite and has a predetermined end, only
you will be
flee will surely meet you, then wh at you
seen. And He will then tell you known to Allah SWT.
Knower of the unseen and the The righteous will die;
used to do.' (62:8) you with evil And the wicked will die.
And we shall make a trial of
'Every soul shall taste death. 34-
34 -35) The warriors who fight Jihad will die;
l be returned.' (21:
and with good and to Us you wil ’s actions And those who sit at home will die.
fear in the souls, yet with it, one
Indeed it is death which causes frig htening. Those who busy themselves with correct beliefs will die;
r it is even more fearful and
are sealed, and what comes afte unc omf orta ble sur- And those who treat people as their slaves will die.
pe from the tight and
Who would not long to esca of us kno ws whe re he The brave who reject injustice will die;
ed, not a single one
roundings of the grave? But inde is like the hea ven s and the And the vile who seek to cling to this worldly life will die.
e whose width
will end up. Will it be Paradis The people of lofty-goals and ambitions will die;
whose fuel is of men and stones?
earth, or will it be the Hellfire e: 'Call upon And the wretched people who live for cheap enjoyment will die.
) RA was asked about the vers
Ibraaheem ibn Adham (d.160H to him : 'We call So keep in mind the trial of death, and of one's passing on to the next life – the
.' (40:60) The people said
Me, and I will respond to you perpetual life in the Hereafter – the number of sins that one has committed and
not answer us.'
upon Allah SWT, but He does You recite
w Alla h SW T; yet you do not obey Him. the small amount of good that one has done. Think of the good that you would
So he said: 'You kno Shaytaan; yet earnestly like to do one day – then rather than procrastinate, simply do it to-
according to it. You know the
the Quran; yet you do not act day. And think of all those traits, morals, or attitudes which you would desire
you continue to follow him. to clear yourself of - then clear yourself from them now.
Provided by Abdullah Ali
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bu Qulabah narrated:
The Prophet SAWS dispel

A of the Prophet led man's misconcepti

"Some of the Com pan ions on e who renounced the on that
ish the wor ld, for- Al lah world and commemorat
SAWS dec ided to reli nqu SW T in the wilderness became clo ed
and bec ome like monks. nie d tha t tru sest to Allah. He de-
sake thei r wiv es, e fellowship with Allah con
rity, People be- mit. On the contrary, sisted in being a her-
The Prophet told them with aspe ticis m; it consists of participa
ting in the
their asce affairs of the world as
fore you perished because of unt il a ru ler, ma gistra te, ar
themselves mander, police inspec my com-
they made excessive demands on ted by tor, businessman, ind
ips on them ." (Re por lab ou rer or rialist,
Allah brought hardsh hir) .
whatever field in a wa
y that conforms to
Jarir, and Ibn al-M und the tru e mo
Abdur Razzaq, Ibn rality of Islam as tau
ght by the Prophet
s an important SAWS and as practised
The Prophet SAWS’s call bear the by the Co mp anions and their
ality is not pious successors. In thi
message for us, which is that mor n- s wa y, the Pr op het SAWS re-
ctised in mo trieved morality and
preserve of the monks, to be pra be spirituality from the res
mystics, to of monasticism and bro trictions
asteries, nor the privilege of the Mo - ught them into all sph
cinc ts of shr ines . pr act ica l eres of
observed within the pre in all
life. He enforced mora
lity and spirituality in
ctic al app lica tion eco no mi c,
rality is meant for pra social and political affair
s and in the conduct
S taught us of peace or war, est
spheres of life. The Prophet SAW d the abl ish ing the supremacy of the
SAWS exhorte righteous moral code in
this in a practical manner. He hon esty all these fields of life.
and practise
businessman to fear Allah SWT Provided by Abd
sact ions . He taught the police-
in his dealings and tran ullah Ali
man and the soldiers piety and rest

1. Who lifted the Prophet SAWS as a child and invoked Allah for rain
Answers t
o and the rain started falling?
Quiz 6: 2. What was AlFudoul Agreement before the Prophethood ?
rrying a 3. How did the Prophet SAWS indicate that Abu Bakr RAA should lead
1) A donkey ca
load the Ummah after him?
2) Ibn Abbas RA 4. How long did Ahl AlKahf (the people of the cave) spend in their cave?
3) Umar RA A
; 39 years,
4) Jim Leighton nd 5. Consider the following sequence: -1, 0, 3, 8, 15, 24, 35, 48, X ; what is
o tla
10 months; Sc3 thus, the pattern and what should be in place of X?
is N ;
5) Pattern Answers can be emailed directly to: or written on a separate
X=343 paper (Suduko square must be copied and completed), along with Name, Contact Number Number,, and
Email Address, into the labelled box in the mosque foyer
foyer;; no later than Thursday 5th August.
Winners will be notified by email/text and announced after Juma’a on Friday 6th August
The Winner* receives a $20 Whitcoulls Gift Voucher, along with a Certificate.
*ALL Questions must be answered correctly
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Issue 7

By Shahirah

ee when Allah SWT
created the Universe
each and every one of He had a plan for everyth
SAWS said: ing, for
Prophet Muhammad
us and how amazing
those who are fortun is it
ate to help the ones wh that part of that plan is for
eases because
"Wealth never decr
where faith and Islam o are less fortunate. So
erty. The act of giving cha comes into the picture this is
No. 2588)).. with regards to alleviat
of charity." (Muslim
rity and alms giving kno ing pov-
help those who are in wn as ‘zakat’ is what Isla
need. m prescribes to
In Surah Al-
Al-Baqarah, Allah swt say
which you have earned s: “O you who believe!
Give [in charity] from the

(honourably and legally good
gue I was sitting have Produced for you ) and of the fruits of the
uring last year’s Interfaith Dialo .” (Holy Qur’an, 2:266) Earth which We
the hall and I overheard “Truly those who believe
somewhere at the back of and do righteous deeds
behi nd me spea king . One of them said, lar charity, they and establish regular pra
2 people wil yers and regu-
estin g.” Then the other said, them shall be no fear nor l have their reward with
“Oh look this should be inter d relig- shall they grieve.” (Holy
Qur’an, 2:276)
their Lord: on
I don’ t know . Even the wor
“Yeahh… but
ion makes me go ughh.”
Faith is commonly perceived as
vant in peop le’s lives thes e days
“ Muslims a
helping ot
ctually ha
hers as an the privilege of
So what is ‘Zakat’?
It is compulsory charity which is col-
I wish that it was not. I wish peo
ple wou ld just realis e that faith has act of wor lected and distributed amongst the
a lot to do with why we’re here
day. In fact, in Islam we belie
everything to do with our purpose

it has
in life.
on Earth is to worship and
what he or she has saved in a ” poor in the community. When a Muslim
pays Zakat he or she is giving giving 2.5 % of
year. It is not only in the form of monetary
wealth as there are rules on how to pay Zakat on each type of possession, such as gold,
As a Muslim, I belie ve my purp animals, crops, shares and so on. Note that the Zakat is taken from the excess wealth of a
man y ways of doing that.
please my Creator and there are person - wealth that has accumulated and has been in their possession for over a year. It is
ame ntals of our faith – state
The 5 pillars of Islam – the fund of Muslims.
not paid on income. Therefore, people who are not able to save anything after covering
hip that are requ ired their expenses with their income do not pay Zakat, and in fact may be eligible to receive it.
the main acts wors
worship except the The Zakat is distributed amongst people of 8 categories:
1. Testifying that none is worthyic) ofand Prophet Muham-
one and only Allah (God in Arab er.
1) The Destitute: Those who do not have material possessions or means of livelihood.
n Him is His Mess eng
mad Peace Be Upo 2) The Poor: Those with insufficient means of livelihood to meet their basic needs.
2. Establishing the 5 daily prayers. 3) The Indebted: Those who are in debt and have difficulty repaying it.
This is called the Zakat. 4) The Stranded Traveller: The traveler who does not have enough money to complete their
3. Alms giving or giving in charity. journey.
4. Fasting in the month of Ramadh 5) Slaves: Zakat money is to be used to purchase slaves and free them.
one is able to do so) 6) New Muslims: Those who are new to Islam.
5. Performing the Hajj pilgrimage (if
Muslims actually have the 7) Anyone or anything who works In the Path of Allah: Zakat money can also be spent in the
Do you know what this means? path of Allah. This can include many things, basically any project that helps Muslims or Is-
rs as an act of worship.
privilege of helping othe lamic causes.
have app ortioned among them
Allah the Almighty says: "We
wor and raised some of
ld, 8) Zakat Workers: Those whose job it is to collect and re re--distribute Zakat money get their
their livelihood in the life of the
in rank so that some of them may take salary from the Zakat money.
them above others
43:3 2)
labour from others." (Holy Qur’an,

May Allah SW
T grant us th
of Ramadan e fasting
...and protect
the severe Du us from Muslim Universi
ty Students’ Associ
nedin winter! Dunedin, New Zea

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