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1. I am not able to login to Greythr Mobile App?

Ensure that the User Id and password are same as the one inputted in Greythr Payroll System. In
case you are not able to login, reset the password via Forgot Password option.

2. I am not able to mark attendance inside the branch?

Ensure that the Greythr app has been provided with the required permission and the GPS has
been enabled in your mobile. The Geo-Fencing has been enabled as per the location of your
branch. Kindly mark the attendance from a better network coverage area of your branch.

In case you are seeing the above error, you are advised to check the GPS signal within your branch
as well as the open space outside your branch. Kindly try marking the attendance within a radius
of 50 mtrs from your branch location

3. My Branch Team members are able to mark attendance from the app, but I am not able to
mark attendance from the app

Kindly get your mobile checked to ensure GPS signal is received properly and mark attendance
from your mobile app
4. None of my Branch Team members are able to mark attendance inside the branch nor from the
open space outside branch.

The Branch manager is advised to download the “Greythr Office Locator” app from the Play store
and check the location coordinates and send across the screenshot of the same to Global Help
Desk for reverification of location details. Meanwhile, the daily attendance needs to be reported
to the respective reporting officer. (In time as well as Out time).

Note: The employees who are unable to mark their attendance on specific dates via Greythr Mobile
app have to get their attendance regularized via Attendance regularisation function detailed out
in SOP- Manual Override of Attendance and get the same approved from respective reporting
office, failing which it will be treated as absent and considered for LOP in salary calculation.

5. Do I need to login the app and sign-out at the time of leaving the branch?

Yes, in case the officer has not signed out for any specific day and has just signed on in the
morning, the same will be considered as Absent for the specific day.

6. Can I sign in from the laptop as my battery had drained?

Attendance marking from the laptops/ desktops have been disabled completely. It would be
strictly accepted only from the Mobile.

7. I am not using Mobile phone and hence cannot mark the attendance from the app

As per Board Approved Mobile policy, the cost of Mobile handset can be claimed as per the

You are advised to purchase a mobile and start marking attendance or the same will be considered
as absent.
8. I had come to the branch in the morning and signed in but I have to leave for field activity and
would be engaged in the same till day end.

You are advised to ensure that you sign out from the app while leaving the office premises, the
attendance will be calculated as Half day for salary / No pay which can be regularised by
attendance regularisation function in Greythr and getting the same approved by your reporting

9. I could not sign in from the branch premises in the morning as I had to visit the PMG office
and was engaged there the whole day.

You can apply for attendance regularisation in Greythr for the specific date and get it approved
by your respective reporting officer

10. There is no network coverage in my branch premises.

Please switch to the network operator through which the Micro ATM is operating in your
respective branch premises and mark the attendance.

Note: For any Work for Home / Work in field by employees, the attendance for the specific date
needs to be regularised by Attendance Regularisation function as detailed in SOP- Manual
Attendance Marking