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You are expected to travel only if you find telephony, video conferencing or such other means of
long distance communication inadequate for the purpose. We will do our best to make sure your
travel and stay is safe and comfortable. We also trust you will be prudent in incurring costs while

×he ×ravel Desks will take care of your travel and accommodation requirements. You need to
raise a travel request through the portal. ×he path is:        


 for domestic travel. for international travel. for hotel and guest house bookings.

While you might have to make arrangements on your own in certain exigencies, such bookings
need to be regularised by the ×ravel Desk for you to claim reimbursement.

  " # 
×ravel  $% from a Dr. Reddy's office is considered within the purview of  
  , and any travel beyond 60kms comes under  
. Its entitlements are:

"  &

Role Band Air Rail / Bus Conveyance
MC members Economy Class AC I Class A/C ×axi
R6 and above Economy Class AC I Class A/C ×axi C-segment
R4 and R5 Economy Class AC 2 ×ier
R3A and R3B Economy Class AC 2 ×ier A/C ×axi B-segment
R2A and R2B Economy Class AC 2 ×ier
R1A and R1B Only on Special Approval AC 2 ×ier Local public taxi
R0A,R0B, Workmen Only on Special Approval AC 3 ×ier ×hree-wheeler

If you are a trainee your travel entitlement will be as per the entitlements of the role band you are
eligible to be confirmed in.
×he Domestic Boarding (B) & Lodging (L) Entitlement Grid: excluding taxes, in INR per day,
they are:

Category A Class Cities B Class Cities C Class Cities

(   #
R4 to R6 10,000 1,500 6,000 1,000 4,500 750
R3A & R3B 8,000 1,250 4,500 800 3,500 550
R2A & R2B 6,000 1,000 3,500 600 2,500 400
R1A & R1B 4,000 800 2,500 450 2,000 350
R0A,R0B 2,000 500 1,500 350 1,500 300

If you are a trainee your boarding and lodging entitlements will be as per the entitlements of the
role band you are eligible to be confirmed in.

A Class B Class C Class
Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, All State Capitals, Ahmedabad, All other cities not included
Kolkata, Bangalore Kochi, Pune, Baroda in A Class or B Class

When you are travelling with a senior for an assignment to the same destination, your
entitlements for boarding and lodging will be as of his/ hers.

We do not support such expenses, unless incurred while entertaining business employees. ×hese
expenses need approvals from the+ ,À -   #  $  #
. Details
of such expenses including the names and organisations of the business employees entertained
should be a part of your reimbursement statement.

./ /*   )*  
You can claim expenses such as tips, portage, official phone calls and use of business centres,
whenever incurred. ×hey can be filed under the0   category. You can claim laundry
expenses if your tour is for more than four days.
·   '   )*  
When you are on tour, please avoid making S×D and ISD calls from hotels since they charge a
premium. You can use your corporate credit card for all expenses if you are at role band R3A or
above. ×his facility can also be extended to others if the role so demands and is approved by a
À ,+ -   #  $  #

If you do not have a corporate credit card, you can request for a 

 up to Rs.
10,000/- when you raise a travel request via portal while raising a travel request. If your tour
takes you to an area which may not easily accept credit cards, you may ask for a travel advance
even if you have a corporate credit card.


When you go on tour, do inform and discuss it with your supervisor before you instruct the
travel desk to book your tickets and accommodation.

You will need the prior approval of your supervisor, if you are at role band R3B or below.
Others may self-approve their air travel.

We would expect that travel is well planned and cancellations are minimal. Since the company
forfeits money with every cancellation, you need to explain why a travel plan has to be aborted,
and get the cancellation approved from a + ,1-   #  $  #


You can directly book your tickets and claim reimbursement. 
! does not handle train

If the company has to bear the cost for a guest's economy class air travel, then the requisition
needs to be approved by the+  - at  #  2  #
. For Business Class
travel, the concerned #  needs to approve.

You can submit claims via the expense report option on the portal. ×he path is: 
   *  ")*  

Whether you have taken a travel advance or are using the *      , please clarify
your expenses in the expense statement, and submit it with original bills, receipts and the credit
card statement to the& # À 3 
 4&À35 within 15 working days of your return
from a tour, or before you leave for another tour whichever is earlier. You can reach them at
Reasonable expenses such as tips, portage at stations and other out-of-pocket expenses, which
may not have formal bills or receipts need an explanation from you to be approved.


Fast ×rack, self approved reimbursements Require approvals prior to reimbursements
without scrutiny
1. ×ravel expense statements can be routed 1. If travel/ tour is not pre-approved.
through this channel if your travel is pre- 2. If your expenses have crossed entitlement
approved and your claims are within entitlement limits.
limits supported with bills and receipts. 3. Other reimbursement claims that are not
supported by bills.
2. Local auto and meter taxi expenses. 4. All international travel.
5. Reimbursement of business calls made
from a personal phone.
×o combine costs with convenience, we have a few guidelines for local conveyance expenses.

- Restrict the hire of private taxis as they have to be paid by the day, and unless a must, please
do not keep them for overnight stays.
- If you have a company car, please use it for local commute instead of hiring taxis.
- If you are using your own car or the company provided car for local commutes, we reimburse
costs @ Rs 7.00 per km (this is for role bands R2A to R4) and @ Rs 3.50 per km for two-
wheelers for others.

If you have to hire a private taxi for official travel for yourself or company guests, you can make
a requisition via portal. ×he path is:      #  

You can also email your request to For this if you are at role band R2B or
below, you need an approval from your   * 
   #  7  #
. For
others, it is self approved.

All your daily expenses apart from boarding and lodging such as food and beverages, local
conveyance, tips, portage, telephone expenses, etc. are permitted on actuals. Please keep
expenses to the essential minimum. Boarding and lodging costs are as per the !  

"  Grid at the beginning of this chapter.
º5 0  #  0      , 
No, we reimburse boarding and lodging expenses only against bills.

75 0#   )   :

Only if other travel arrangements are not suitable or available. When you know there will be
long waiting periods between meetings, or that you just need a drop to the airport, or to a
meeting place, please consider using metered taxi services that charge only for point A to point
B travel. ×hey are more convenient and economical.

;5 0  )*      #

Yes, but keep them within a reasonable range, and submit them with necessary explanations
when you make your claims.

25 0#        :

Please do not. All bookings should be routed through the
!  since we have company
level alliances with hotel chains that offer us competitive rates. In case you do not go through
! , your reimbursement claims will only be accepted after the &À3, certifies it on
an exception basis.

$5  **  )*   * #  :

You need to record the deviations when you fill in the
 )*     via portal. If
approved by your supervisor, the claim will be settled. Remember to put in this claim via the

(5 0
# 0   #  9À:
Yes, if it is essential for business and your+  ,1- at  #  $  #

gives an approval for it.

<5 0           &      

#         :
We've created the&   assuming you will be careful with your claims since
reimbursements are fast tracked without scrutiny. In case, it is proved that yours has been a
genuine mistake, your case will be considered for reimbursement. If, however, we find that this
trust is misplaced, we will take it up for an appropriate disciplinary action including exit from
the organization.

  * *
   0#   )    
You cannot book taxis for local conveyance, unless there is a mechanical breakdown or a
9%5 0#  
Not unless you are visiting the Miryalguda plant, which is outside the city limits of Hyderabad.
For this you can book a vehicle via the portal. ×he path is:     #
   ×hose of you at role band R3A or above who have a leased / company car can use it
and claim reimbursement, or you can request for a vehicle to be hired, in case, business guests
are to be entertained.

995  *     

Please provide complete details of the places visited, the starting and closing time, the closing
reading of the odometer and sign the ledger/ slip available with the chauffeur before you relieve
the vehicle

" # 
    You need not make any     

or stay arrangements on your own. ×he International ×ravel Desk at will take care of it for you. You can requisition for travel
via the portal. ×he path is:       


Your international travel requisition needs to be approved by the  #  concerned. And
approvals relating to international travel expenses are needed from your    * 
     #  2

You can request for an advance when you raise your travel requisition. You are automatically
covered by travel insurance if you are travelling abroad for the company.

Your overseas travel arrangements are made in accordance with set maximum limits for daily
hotel expenses, and cover all reasonable expenses on room rent, car parking and official phone

Other expenses such as local conveyance, food, tips and portage, airport arrival and departure
taxes, visa charges, excess baggage charges, laundry, international telephone calls, entertainment
of guests, corporate gifts, medical expenses, expenses on self driven cars or on taxis can be
claimed on actuals with relevant bills, vouchers and cash memos. Please exercise maximum
prudence, and where possible, minimise expenses while you are abroad.

  )       )*  

Role Band Category A Category B Category C
Japan, United States, Rest of Africa and CIS, Korea,
Rest of Asia
United Kingdom, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Australia
Pacific &
Europe, Russia, & New Zealand, South Africa, UAE,
Ukraine, South America Nigeria, Bahrain
R6 to R8 US $ 300 US $ 250 US $ 160
R3A to R5 US $ 250 US $ 200 US $ 140
R2B &
US $ 175 US $ 150 US $ 110

If you are at #  ; 2 and are travelling overseas, you may opt for Business Class
whenever the direct flight haul is more than six hours.

If you are at role band $  #

, you may fly Business Class on international sectors.
Employees at a role band 7À  #  fly Coach/Economy class.

When members from all role bands are travelling together, seniors are expected to travel
Coach/Economy class with the rest of the team.

Since this is an avoidable expenditure, please take care while booking for international travel. In
case, your travel has to be cancelled, this request needs a valid explanation and has to be
approved by the+ ,1-   #  $  #

- *  )*  
Please restrict special corporate gifting, entertainment and liquor expenses only to customer
interactions. Ideally, when you plan your international tours, do anticipate such occasions and
get them cleared in advance by your * 
   #  $  #

! / /  )*  
You will be given a corporate credit card for daily expenses. If required, you can draw a cash
advance of up to USD 1000 to meet reasonable incidental cash requirements. You can request
for an advance when you make your travel requisition itself.

We do not typically encourage long international stays. But in case you have to stay at a location
for over two weeks, you are entitled to a weekly allowance of USD 75 to meet your sundry
expenses. You do not need to produce bills to claim this allowance.

Please submit your claims  92  after return from a trip. ×he travel expense
statement is on the portal. ×he path is:     *  ")*  .

×his expense statement has to be filled and submitted with original bills, credit card statements
and receipts via the Red Channel since it needs approvals from supervisors per the Delegation of
Authority guidelines.

×he travel insurance covers Accidental Death, Permanent Disablement, Emergency Medical
Expenses, Loss of Baggage and Personal Documents, Checked-in Baggage Loss, Baggage
Delay, Emergency ×ravel Benefits, Personal Liability, Hijacking, etc. Further details are
outlined in the travel insurance certificate. Coverage terms and conditions are shared with you
by the
!     before you leave.

º5 0  #      

Based on business requirements, reasonable expenses on beverages may be permitted for
employees at role band R3A or above with approval from a supervisor at #    

75 0  

  )*      )  :
Yes, only if it is a commonly accepted international currency such as USD, GBP or Euro. If you
are returning from a country that does not use these currencies, please return or exchange the
native currency into any of the above before you leave that country.