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See me ride a bike!

June 2020

Teacher Liz

Miriam, you are amazing! You have mastered riding a run-

ner bike all by yourself! That shows me how driven you are
to achieve. You must have been watching the other chil-
dren learn too. You continue to build on your physical de-
velopment and will be practicing so many skills whilst on
the bikes, I will continue to support you in setting and
achieving your own physical challenges.
While riding the bikes you will be gaining:
 Strong muscles to push yourself around
 Balance
 Crossing midlines
 Spatial awareness—of where the bike will & wont fit.
How to move your body to balance
 Force & motion working theories—just like how you
discovered that its faster on a slope
 Sharing and other relationship skills
 Dramatic play scenes– negotiation of rules, commu-
nication, making links to adults world
 Independence
 Determination
 Achievement
 Assessing your own development—being proud of
your achievement, showing us what is important to
Miriam, I’m glad you enjoyed the bikes today, just look how
much fun you had, that’s what childhood is all about!