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Age problem (1)

 Clock problem (2)

 Work problem (1)
 Probability (permutations, combinations) (5)
 Differential equations (4)

1. Chairperson of PRC- Antoinetta Fortuna-Ibe

2. Chairman of ChE board examination- Lauro Guevarra
3. Definition: Acid test ratio
4. Kinetic energy is a function of – mass and speed
5. Definition of Parabola- locus of points equidistant from - a) focus b)directrix
6. Formed when one of the variable is held constant – curve, sketch, line, trace
7. Determinant of a matrix
8. How many significant figures- 318.0 – a)4 b)3
9. Problem- Balot vendor, how much money does he have (story)
10. Financial analysis- a company will buy a machine worth 100000 which is the best option for payment:
A) pay 13500 for 10 yrs, first payment occurs two years after the receiving the machine
B) pay 15000 for 5 yrs, first payment occurs two years after the receiving the machine
C) initial payment of ____ pay 22000 for 5 yrs, first payment occurs one year after the receiving the machine
D) pay 100000,one year after the receiving the machine

11. Given a 20 ft, 150 lb scaffold with strings attached (in both ends) at the same distance from each end. At what
maximum distance from an end must a 200 lb man should stand (to remain at equilibrium)
12. Equilibrant force
13. Angular acceleration
14. Determine the inflection point of a given equation
15. Light years = in meters
16. Area of a spherical triangle given three angles and radius
17. Determine the diameter of a ball with a volume of 345 cm3
18. Determine the radius of a ball with a volume of 345 cm3
19. Definition- Specification (design)
20. Additional consideration in planning- Environment, Morality,
21. A car initially at rest accelerates uniformly for 8 sec. Then it change it acceleration at half the initial
acceleration for 12 sec. The final velocity is found out to be 40 m/s. Determine the distance traveled.
22. Given combination of values of yield strength, limit threshold, G and E, determine the most resistant to fatigue
23. Stress applied is
A) Proportional to the deformation
B) Inversely proportional to E
C) Proportional to E
D) Inversely proportional to deformation

24. Which is not true about slope

a) Increases from left to right
b) Slope of a vertical line is zero

25. Sign of trigonometric function at angle 90<angle<180

26. Used in comparing worth for different years- annual worth, present worth, capitalized cost
27. Determine the number of months such that an initial amount of ___ doubles at 1% interest rate per month
28. Given a 20-ft ladder leaning against a wall at a distance of 8 ft from the wall, determine the force at the bottom.
29. Chain Rule: Given a function g(x), determine g’(x)
30. Partial derivative: Given a function
31. Related rates: Given r as a function of t, C as a function of r, determine dC/dt
32. Which is a vector quantity- mass, speed. Enthalpy momentum

33. Perfectly elastic collision: Given m1, m2, V1, V2, V1’, determine V2’.
34. Given: slope 1 in 10, constant deceleration 25-5 km/hr, 0.15 kW determine the work done
35. Transformer
36. 5 men can catch 5 fish in 5 minutes, how many fish can 100 men caught in 5 minutes- 5 , 100, 20, 10
37. Six men can dig a land for 6 days and 4 men can fill it in 4 days. How many days can 8 men dig and fill such
38. Find slenderness ratio, given: E and area
39. 900 kg body, constant acceleration, speed- 5m/s. determine the tension
40. Two 3 lbs ball hanging, additional of 3lb ball is added and released. What is the force experienced by the balls.
41. Sound intensity, determine its relationship with source distance
42. Definition of Hertz
43. Find the range of a projectile, given angle= 45 degree and a velocity of 300 m/s
44. Given energy of fuel 30 MJ/ liter, determine the friction required to overcome friction of 1500 N.
45. Given x4= 16, y=36, determine the maximum value of x-y, 2,4,6,8
46. Given containers, one container contains 2 red, another contains 1 white and one contains 1 red and 1 white.
One red ball is drawn, what is the probability that the next ball that will be drawn is red.
47. Find the present worth for a maintenance cost of 100000 and increases at 30000 per year for 5 years at 10%.
48. 100000 are deposited in a bank. The interest rate for the first two years is 5% and for the next two years is 6%.
4 annual withdrawals that increase at 1000 per year are made. Determine the first withdrawal such that the balance
will be depleted.
49. Solving three equations, 3 unknowns
50. log of a negative number- irrational, complex, real
51. Determine the fraction such that the denominator is 3 more than twice the numerator and when 7 is added to
both the numerator and the denominator, the numerator is 8 less than the denominator.
52. b2 – 4ac >0, the roots are- real and unequal
53. the intensity ______ as the length of the medium or source increases : decreases exponentially, decreases
directly, increases exponentially, increases directly
54. Radius of gyration – k
55. Definition of equity.

1. Determine the Normal /Tangent line to the given curve. (daghan in.ani na items)
2. Probability and statistics.. (si maam Itao jud ako madumduman everytimem ag.answer ko ani.. haha.. mga
5 items guro ni)
3. Solve for X .. easy ra unta…shift solve..pero sayop ang given.. so I edit sa ang signs para mugawas ang
answer sa choices.. hehehe..daghan pud in ani na case.
4. Trigonometry. Given sinA, cosA, determine tanA ... not exactly the same question pero more or less ing ani
ang concept.. pero ang answer wala sa choices.. samok.
5. Algebra.. word problem.. . balut vendor problem.. naa sa Flores review.. hehe..
6. Field trip problem… total expenses gi.divide sa total na muapil..then nag.back out ang uban..pila ang
mabayran sa muapil.. hehehe..
7. Mixing Problem..easy lang MASS BALANCE.. hahaha.
8. Calculate the area bounded by a curve.
9. The time required to empty a tank full of water.. tank na naay hole sa bottom..
10. Expand…quantity to the 15th power… makalibat ang choices so extra care is needed. :D
11. Use of remainder theorem!
12. Long division of polynomial. What is the remainder… basic..
13. Arithmetic progression..
14. Number of diagonals.
15. Engineering Economics.. .easier than I expected. Future worth, present worth, annuity lang.. pero sa
reading comprehension maglisod..hehehe.. take it from me. Naglisod ko. :D
16. Strength of materials. Stress and strain. Torsional stress, hollow and solid shaft. Angular deformation…
etc. typo here!
17. Physics!! Physics!! Physics!! Inclined surface, box sliding, calculate the speed of the box at a certain
distance, calculate the distance travelled..things like that.
18. Car na mag change2x ang speed… starting from rest, accelerate, decelerate, stop, ang question ata was
average speed…
19. Volume sa octahedron?? Wala ko ka.memorize sa formula..ehehe..
20. Definition… kinematics ang answer!
BASICALLY BONUS NA ANG 3rd DAY!!! EASY RA… Try solving 1001 Solved Problems in Engineering
Mathematics.. the questions are somewhat the same.. but surely there will be variations.. but the concepts
are just the same.

Day 3 (1 problem- many questions)

-physics ( optics- problem convex mirror; bulb _distance away__ from mirror; required focal distance; image
size; ?)
-strength of materials, dynamics, economy, analytic geom (circle), statistics


Day 3: General Engineering
Topics: Mathematics, Engineering Economy, Physics, Mechanics, Strength of Materials and ChE Laws and
No. of Items: 100
1. Location 1 is 3m away from location 2. Man walks 4m and 40deg to location 3. How far is location 3 to
location 2?
2. Given: focal length=7 cm, distance of object from lens=9 cm and lens = concave mirror. Calculate distance
of the image from the lens.
3. A large fish, 5 kg eat an absent open minded fish, 1 kg at rest. What is the velocity of the large fish after
Choices in m/s: 1/6, 5/6, 1/5, 4/5
4. Integral of 5 secxtanxdx
5. Equivalent of sinx/cosx
6. An inverted T object composed of two identical rectangle with 2" width and 6" length. What is the moment
of inertia about its central axis?
7. Given a coefficient of friction of 0.25 and weight of box=1000N. Angle of 45deg, calculate the horizontal
force that can start the box moving upward.
8. Owen have pipes. First pipe can filled a vat in 3 hrs, second pipe can filled a vat in 4 hrs.
(a) How long can the vat be filled if two pipes are open?
(b) If Owen introduce a third pipe that can filled a vat in 5 hrs. How can the vat be filled if all pipes are open?
(c) The first pipe has a contaminated water. Owen decided to close the first pipe. How long is the delay if the
required rate is when first and second pipes are open?
9. Architect Rommel measures an irregular shape quadrilateral having a total area of 1000m^2. 30+ m in front
(A-B). 30+ m ib left (B-C). 29+ m in the back (C-D). 30+ m in the right (D-A). It is found that an angle in A
is 80.22deg.
(a) length of the diagonal B-D
(b) length of the line perpendicular from B and intersect to D-A
(c) How far is the line from A?
10. Flow Problem: Concentration in= 2 lbs/gal. Initial salt= 5 lbs, initial volume=120 gal and flowrate
in=flowrate out= 6 gal/min.
(a) amount of salt after 10 min
(b) concentration of brine solution after 20 mins
(c) amount of dalt after 3 hrs
11. Given an inverted cone: r=5cm and height is 20cm. At 2 cm3/min, h=8cm.
(a) volume of liquid if the depth is 8 cm
(b) rate of discharge if the depth is....
12. Statistics Problem:
Given population ng different regions then calculate mean average, population standard deviation at number
of variance of mean average
13. Given: 2 boxes at rest in horizontal plane, 20 kN weight of box each, push by a wedge having 30deg
inclination and angle of friction is 15 deg, find:
(a) What horizontal force needed in the wedge to start the boxes moving?
(b) If the boxes have 50 kN weight each, what horizontal force needed?
14. Givn yung diameters of three pulleys, forces and rotation. Find:
(a) resultant momen
(b) moment in middle pulley to have equilibrium
(c) pair forces needed in the middle pullet to have ... resultant
15. Given distance of hinge from the other side of the door which is 1m, determine the torque given force
applied to th door.
16. Truss Problem: figure is not given. Bar(B-D) is parallel to (A-C-E), sloping/fiagonal bar is connecting the
parallel bar measuring 10m with angle of 60deg, srries of equilaterl triangle, given forces acting to B, C and
D, 3000N, 4000N and 5000N, a Warren Truss.
(a) compression force of BD
(b) tension force of CD
(c) compression force of DE
17. Given deltaT of 100degF of composite bar. For aluminum: L=1 ft, A=5 in2, steel: L=2ft, A=1.5in2. Given
din E at alpha ng aluminum at steel. Find:
(a) tensile stress of composite bar
(b) force in Al
(c) force in steel
18. Given mass ng water at ice. Find:
(a) energy produced to condense water
(b) energy needed to melf ice
(c) energy producedz to cool water from 90 to 60 degC
19. Transformer has 10 turns of coil in the primary and 20 turns of coil in the secondary. Given resistance in
the secomdary = 40 ohms and volatage in the primary = 100V.
(a) voltage in the secondary coil, 200V
(b) current in the secondary coil, 5 A
(c) power in the secondary coil, 1000 W
20. Engineering Economy: 2 situational problems with 3 questions each. Involves brrakeven analysis etc.
21. You purcahse a popcorn machine package worth 6900 which consists of 1 kg popcorn kernel (P65/kg)
and cheese powder (P35/200g). These package can make 20 servings, which 75 g each serving and can sell to
P25 each. Packaging material cost is P100/100 pcs
(a) How much is tge marginal profit per 1 kg of popcorn kernel?
(b) How many days will it take to reach the breakeven point?
(c) If you hire one laborer paying P4000/month, how much profit will you make after 30 days?
22. Spring Problem: spring contant, Hookes law, finding frequency
ChE Laws - 5 to 6 questions
Pstat - 4 to 5 questions
Material Science - 4 to 5 questions
Eeco - 4 to 5 questions
This states that "The state shall recognize and protect the rights of yhe indeeneous cultural communies to their
ancentral lands as provided by the constitution."
Answer: Philippine Mining Act

Day 3: General Engineering

1. definition of strength of materials
a. definition of stress (bearing, longitudinal, circumferential, etc.)
b. law related to strength of materials
c. stress-strain relationship
d. calculation of stress
2. power and torsion
3. derivatives and integral
a. find y’ of y = sec(u)tan(u)
b. find  ) cot(u
c. critical points (i.e. maximum and minimum points)
4. imaginary number
a. = 105 i
5. analytic geometry
a. distance formula
b. center and radius of circle given the general formula
c. line of the curve (given the equation and point of curve)
6. economics
a. straight line depreciation
b. deferred annuity
c. compound interest
7. geometry
a. volume and area relationship of circle
8. algebra
a. work and rate problem
9. engineering mechanics and physics
a. study all about motion (linear, rotational, uniform and uniformly accelerated)
b. law of conservation of momentum
c. energy (kinetic and potential energy)
d. resultant forces
e. equilibrium forces with friction
f. buoyancy (BF = ρgV)

Day 3: General Engineering

1. ISO quality management
2. industrial waste definition
3. maximum words for patent abstract
4. breach of contract
5. definition of strength of materials
6. work problems
7. digit problems
8. standard deviation
9. centroid of parabola from Tiong and Roxas
10. Definition of book value and salvage value
11. momentum balance
12. center of mass
13. clock problem
14. hook’s law of spring
15. resistance force
16. torque, power and stress
17. equilibrium force