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Children feel comfortable with the routines,

customs and regular events.

July 2020, Teacher Liz

Raghad, you are becoming comfortable with lots new routines & people at An-nur.
You settle easily when Mum or Dad leave you in the morning, you like to be settled at
the table with an activity beside your friend Rawan , you are always ecstatic when
your family arrives in the afternoon! You are a discovering all An-Nur environments
big class and outdoors. You are now ready to explore some of the experiences we have too,
including making friendships with other children. You have coped well with the change
and are adapting quickly. You are getting to know the teachers (&we are getting to
know you!) and other children. You are able to let or show the teachers what you would
like by pointing and taking a teachers hand & you are beginning to make choices
about what interests you, and I see you paying close at-
tention to those around you. You love helping to tidy up!
Long may that last!
You are an observer, quietly noticing what everyone is do-
ing and then when there is space and time for you, you
join in, I can see your confidence increasing.
We have mat times before lunch, you are observing us
happily, but I know it wont be long till you are joining in
with actions. Welcome to An-Nur!