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Magnetic dis-

July 2020 Teacher Liz
Shadid, you have an amazing mind!
Today I watched you as you constructed with the magnetic block
You built with purpose, you knew what you wanted to create. I
couldn't quite see your vision, but it totally didn't matter! I no-
ticed as you were building that you noticed that you had to turn
some of the blocks around so they would attach, you went
about this quietly & independently. You were focused and con-
tent. As you shape continued to form it became clear to me that
you had built a maze for the balls to follow! How creative!
Once you had finished building you played with the balls for a
little while. It didn't go quite as expected did it? As the balls are
magnetic to they stuck to the sides of your maze!
Shadid, today I saw you taking an interest, having a creative
idea and working on it. You were focussed and purposeful. You
discovered that magnets can both attract and repel. You
learned the scientific language that accompanies magnets.
You were creative and focussed, you had a plan in mind.
Shadid, it was a lovely moment to observe you today thank you
for the opportunity to watch your amazing mind at work, and
share some new language
with you as you discovered
how magnets worked. I cant
wait to see what happens
next when we have the mag-
nets out!