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Old MacDonald

had a farm
Teacher Liz 9/7/20
Cham, every time we have a mat time or
singing session, you always request Old
MacDonald had a farm. Today I noticed
you also taking an interest in playing with
the farm animals and the farm house (that
had been painted by the children)
You were fully engaged for an extended period of time in dramatic play with
your friend Zacharia and the animals.
Cham I have noticed recently that your English language is growing and grow-
ing! Your comprehension is also increasing. At the moment your favourite word
is “NO!” sometimes you don't understand what your responding to and no mat-
ter what we say, you say “NO!”
I wonder if your interest in animals is about language too, as I heard you nam-
ing them all and making animal noises and sometimes singing Old MacDonald
had a farm.
Cham, through engaging your interest in animals you are growing your vocabu-
lary and comprehension. You are developing the sounds needed to speak
clearly in Arabic and English. You love social and dramatic play and the in-
crease in language will help you communicate within a group more effectively.
I loved seeing that you are enjoying making sounds for the animals and enjoy-
ing singing and experiencing language in a playful and meaningful way.
I wonder if next time we sing Old MacDonald, we can incorporate some ani-
mals you might not know yet? Or maybe Old MacDonald could have a zoo,
aquarium or even a terrarium! Tat would turn my brain on as well!