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Ariam’s Arabic alphabet

Teacher Liz, July 2020

Ariam, you have shown an interest in letters

lately, as have your peers, this has in-
formed our group planning around literacy.
I love that you recognised your own learn-
ing goal and had a strategy to achieve it,
then you worked independently. . Previous-
ly you have completed the ABC and then
practiced it repeatedly. We know that this is
how young children learn through repeti-
tion. Today you decided to take on a bigger
challenge and complete the Arabic alpha-
bet puzzle. This puzzle is certainly harder
than the ABC puzzle! Some letters even
look the same, with the only difference in the
macrons above or below each letter! You
had matching colours on the board to help
you match up the letters. Suzan has been
singing Arabic alphabet a lot lately! I love
how amazing your brain is that you can
learn easily two languages at the same
time! ABC in English & Arabic help to you
learn the sounds of each language and the
phonetics of each letter.
Well done Araim, you set yourself a difficult
task and I’m sure that you will take the time
to complete the puzzle over and over again.
I can see that you are a problem solver and
with focussed repetition you will inde-
pendently achieve.
We will be adding lots of rich literacy expe-
riences for you to continue to explore. Ari-
am, you set your own goal, and then you
were proud of yourself and wanted to share
your achievement with me.