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English Exercise 9º_____

Name: _________________________ Date: __________________________________

Professor : Damian Camaño Lockwood Average : 20 pts Score: ___/20

I. Complete each conversation. Circle the correct letter.

1.A: I ________ a large family.

B: Oh, really?

a. doesn’t have b. haven’t c. don’t have

2. A: Carlos ___________ in Mexico City.

B: That’s great ¡ It’s a beautiful country.

a. lives b. live c. don’t live

3. A: ___________ you see your grandparents ?

B: About once a week.

a. How does b. How often do c. Where does

4. A: Do Nicole and Nathalie play flag on weekends ?

B: No, they __________

a. do b. doesn’t c. don’t

5. A: My aunt ___________________ in the White House

B: Oh, that’s interesting !

a. work b. don’t c. works

6.A: Does Sara have uncles ?

B: yes, ______________

a. she does b. she doesn’t c. she has

7. A: Does your father work in an office ?

B: No. He _______________ in an office. He works in a factory.

a. don’t work b. works c. doesn’t work

8. A: ______________ any brothers and sisters ?

B: Yes, I have 2 sisters and one brother

a. Do you b. You have c. Do you have

9 A : _________________ a car ?

B: yes, he does

a. He has b. Do he have c. Does he has d. Does he have

10. A: ___________ your cousins play tennis?

B: No, Not at all

a. Does b. Are c. D

11. A: ___________ do you usually buy your clothes?

B: I buy them at Albrook Mall.

a. Why b. when c. where d. what

II. Complete the sentences. Use the simple present or the present continuous of the

verbs in parentheses. ( 9 pts)

1. Right now I (look)________________________________________at Nathalie.

She (look)__________________ angry. I wonder what’s the matter.

She (have)___________________________a frown on her face.

She certainly (have, not ) ____________________________any fun right now.

2. Look! It ( begin) _______________________ to rain. Unfortunately,

I ( have, not ) __________________ my umbrella with me.

I ( own, not )__________________ an umbrella.

Andrea is lucky. She ( wear ) __________________________ a raincoat right


I ( wear )____________________________ a waterproof hat on rainy days.