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Date and place of birth: Venezuela.1977.

Address: Nara Prefecture. Yoshino Cho,Tachino 326.
Postal Code 639-3112

Cel: 080 4875 0905


Bachelor in Arts.
Universidad Central de Venezuela. 2006

Classic Guitar, Harmony, counterpoint, music theory.

Escuela de Música Lino Gallardo. Caracas, Venezuela. 2000-

Creative  Manager with experience in multimedia artistic projects, fusing plastic
arts, photography, design and music. Experienced in sales and advertising
management, and customers relationship. Team building for creative environments
in records and multimedia companies.


Kato Ryokan.Yoshino Cho, Nara Prefecture, Japan. 2018-

 Maintenance and customer service supervisor.
Maintenance of structure of buildings and gardens. Customer service to
english/spanish speaking tourists.

School of Rock c.a. Caracas,Venezuela. 2009-2012.

Colegio Humboldt Caracas, Venezuela. 2015-2017.
Instituto Universitario Monseñor de Talavera, Caracas Venezuela. 2016-2017.
 Arts and Music Teacher.
Develop creative workshops for children, youth and adults, where the
creative personal expression was managed with formal artistic elements
such as music and drawings.

Museum of Arts and Crafts. Caracas, Venezuela.  2009-2017

 Sound Designer.
Creation of soundscapes for museums, exhibitions in art galleries and works
in conjunction with visual artists.

Adrenalina Deportes de Montaña C.A. Caracas Venezuela.2008 -2009.

 Sales and advertising manager of outdoor sports equipment
manufacturing company. In charge of customers and providers

 Sound Designer for sponsor spaces, music design for the company videos
and sponsor outdoor sports products.

Tiendas Acadia C.A.  Caracas, Venezuela. 2005-2008

 Store Manager for an extreme sports equipment store. Develop
marketing and product sales strategies. Customer management service
and support. Administrative and operative management of the company.
Cash and inventory management and control.

 Communication and team working skills.
 Computers ( Windows Office.Microsoft, Live Ableton, Cubase, Pro Tools,
Adobe Illustrator)

 English (fluency)
 Spanish (native)
 Japanese (basic)

Painting, poetry, writing about music, society and art. Fishing and outdoors sports.