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Yusuf, on the bus goes

chat, chat, chat, all day long!

Usually when we take the children out and about, all they talk about is
getting the bus! So today we decide to go on a really long bus trip.
We hopped on the bus just outside An-Nur and then through town all the
way right to the end of North East Valley and then the bus turned around
and brought us all the way back.
The whole time Yusuf, you chatted happily as we counted cars, noticed
the colours, stopped at the traffic lights, stopped to let people on & off.
We even had a sing a long on the way which of course featured the
wheels on the bus, ABC and as the driver had a short break we watched
Bismillah on you tube.
Yusuf, you really enjoyed the bus trip and I can see how much your lan-
guage and comprehension has increased! You told as the bus went over
a bump that it felt like an “earthquake!” we saw “diggers, Buses and
trucks” you chatted away the whole time! But Shadid beside you was to-
tally silent as he watched the world go by out the window.
You noticed “schools, supermarket, shops and chipmunks” you pointed
out the way to your house up pine hill and said “Aisha’s school”
Its so nice to see your enjoyment in our trip today, and see your confi-
dence increasing. You are able to clearly express your thoughts and ide-
as. And you understand what other people are asking or talking about. I
can remember not that long ago you didn't understand and you would re-
peat questions back to us, now look how you learned!
Our group planning is building literacy, I know that you have new lan-
guage, know lets see what you can do with it! I hope that our focus on
literacy sees you develop a love and interest for books and songs, these
will help you to continue developing your language and phonics and
Mashallah Yusuf, you are learning and growing!