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Read Does IBM's Watson Have a Future in Business? in Chapter 11.

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Watson online. Explain Watson’s capabilities for knowledge management and decision making

According to Rouse, Margaret (2016), Watson is an IBM supercomputer that combines artificial
intelligence (AI) and sophisticated analytical software for optimal performance as a “question answering”
machine. Watson was named after its founder, Thomas J. Watson. IBM Watson is utilized in fields like
finance, health care, retail, entertainment and connecting businesses better with their customers.
According to Laudon Kenneth & Laudon Jane (2018), IBM terms Watson’s ability to interpret speech and
text, rapidly mine large volumes of data, answer questions, draw conclusions, and learn from its mistakes
cognitive computing. When dealing with - related issues, Watson can instantly search its vast database to
identify literature pertinent to the patient potential analysis and treatment options when dealing with
health care in about 15 minutes.
Watson is the AI platform for professionals. It is very well used in knowledge management and decision
Watson is an innovative technology that can be used with deep analytics and research by processing the
information and making it more user friendly for people by because it has the capability of understanding
natural language; therefore, it can act as a decision support system. IBM Watson has three capabilities, as
an Explorer, Discovery Advisor or Engagement Adviser. According to Tsumura, M., Cheung, M., & Lee,
M. (2014, November), the Watson Engagement advisor helps business know, engage, and empower their
customers. Watson Explorer helps users understand the information needed to create better, more
confident decisions to work more efficiently, and Watson Discover Advisor is designed to expedite the
discovery process, making everyone in the organization an expert.
Watson gives the businesses distinct advantages. Beyond optimizing the tasks already done, IBM Watson
enables new ways of doing business. Here are some powerful ways Watson can improve the way
organization runs:
1) Accelerate research and discovery so that businesses spend less time looking for the information they
need and more time acting on it.
2)It enriches interactions reducing response times, increases the number of transactions, and makes every
interaction meaningful and productive.
3)It anticipates and preempts the disruption.
4) It scales expertise and learning.
5) It detects liabilities and mitigates risks.
6) Allows IBM Watson enables the organization to have a sustainable competitive advantage over its
competitors because it has enormous amounts of data
I do see disadvantages with Watson. The maintenance is expensive because you will have limited people
who will know how to integrate the data which will take time to fully organize.

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