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Nadeen can count every thing

Written by teacher Suzan, June/2020

Welcome Nadeen again it is time for back to school

after a long lockdown. l hope you have spent happy
times with your family Nadeen. I missed you so much
in this period and l am happy to see your smile face
again. l think you have learned more things from your
parents and you have now lots of new skills and
experiences. Today has been a big day for you we
learnt many games together. One of those games l
thought it would be difficult for you and it is about
collect similar images. And you did it easily also you
named every image right.
After that l suggested to you what about
counting all the similar images alone again
you did it easily you counted from one to ten
perfectly. The whole time I was very excited
and continued to encourage you with good
words and applause until you finished all the
images. it was Really big, funny and hard work
And I was fascinated by how you did that. Surely, thanks to your parents and their
interest in developing your skills day after day. Also thanks for teachers who are
doing their best to increase your knowledge. Now Nadeen you are ready to learn
simple math like addition and subtraction. It will help you in working life such as
buying and knowing times, etc. Importantly, this will help your skills grow up like
increased imagination, self-reliance, and accuracy. So l will teach you simple count
like addition and subtraction by funny ways and games also teach time in the clock. l
am proud of you Nadeen and when your parent read this they will also be proud of
you. Well done Nadeen Masha Allah.