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‘Thai Massage, MANUAL | Natural therapy for (flexibility, relaxation - and energy balance MARIA MERCATI s It has treated people for over 1,000 years 7 g ay relaxed and healthy through the healing power of touch! One of most ancient healing arts Thai massage has worked wonders centuries. By pressing, pulling, stretching, and manipulai you'll affect both the joints and the soft tissues, improve flexibility, alleviate pain, increase vitality, and offer a completely pleasurable, relaxing experience, And you will enjoy it as much as the recipient. In fact, no other type of massage provides a more powerful combina tion of two people’s energies ‘Thai Massage Manual + Here are sequences for every part of the body ~ ‘over 150 of them — demonstrated by qualified experts + Set your body's natural bealing powers into motion — with every touch, you'll feel energy course through your system, restoring and refreshing you. + Strengthen the bond between you and your partner ‘is technique facilates closeness and provides a swarm and intimate experience for bob of you. + The exquisite yogartive stretches of That elena sre ar ae eebnicalusration ofthe boty mutes are superimpased on model for you to identify their locations easly ABOUT THE AUTHOR Maria Mercati bas tained extensively throughout Asia to become one of the world’s acknowledged teachers and therapists in traditional Thai massage, Tui Na, acupuncture and Indonesian massage. selling author has created a unique whole body Thai ‘massage which is shown here for the first time. This best ISBN 0-80b9-1755-5 | | eo0n0> 1s9 17559) | New York Gaver photography by Su Atkinson (ver ilastation by foam Cameron i S. Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. IM 97; Thai Massage MANUAL Natural therapy jor flexibility, relaxation and energy balance MARIA MERCATI Photography by Sue Atkinson Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.