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LifeSize® Video Center

LifeSize Video Center delivers powerful

one button HD streaming, recording and
auto-publishing, all in one single appliance

Experience a New Era in HD Video Capturing

LifeSize® Video Center is the most powerful one button HD streaming, LifeSize Video Center
recording and auto-publishing solution on the market today. Key Features
Share knowledge and communicate business-critical information via video,
Push Button Record and auto-publish
audio and data streaming. This single appliance solution ensures that videos from LifeSize endpoints with
are easily accessible, live and on demand, in immersive high definition. one button

Easy Accessibility Auto-Publish Organize content automati-

Capability cally via recording keys
The network administrator can easily add users and create recording keys so
that authors can auto-publish content independently. With its one button
record, ‘choose your view’ functionality, and no-wait streaming, the LifeSize User Controlled Easily switch between
Layout layouts during playback
Video Center delivers unmatched flexibility and performance. The intuitive UI
also ensures that users can quickly share and view critical knowledge.
Record and stream, either in-
Flexibility call or out-of-call
Superior Performance
LifeSize Video Center is capable of supporting an unrivaled number of
concurrent recordings, on demand streams, and simultaneous live streams, all Intelligent View the portal; Content
Management automatically customized
in 720p30 HD video. based on user permission

The First and Only Single Appliance HD Solution Seamless Capture content in True HD
LifeSize Video Center supports streaming and recording, all in one device. Integration with no transcode delay

Tight integration with LifeSize 220 endpoints ensures a no-hassle deployment

and seamless user experience. Unrivaled Supports unmatched
Performance number of live and
on demand streams
LifeSize® Video Center. Be Everywhere. Live…or On Demand.
Set-up, access and monitor ef-
Administrator fectively through an intuitive,
Control centralized UI
Product Specifications LifeSize® Video Center
System Components
Performance and Capacity*
LifeSize Video Center appliance
Rack mounting hardware Bit Rate Resolution Hours of Concurrent Live Viewers On-Demand
Locking faceplate bezel Storage Recordings Viewers
Faceplate key
Power cord 768 Kbps 720p30 2,600 20 1000 350
400 Kbps 480p30 5,200 40 2000 400
Record from any LifeSize 220 series endpoint with 4.6 270 Kbps 360p30 7,800 50+ 2500 450
or later software
Playback on Windows®-based, Linux®-based and Mac® Streaming Capabilities User Access Control
computers Live and on demand streaming (Unicast) Security-based profiles include administrator, content
Web browsers supported: Up to 1000 live 720p30 HD viewers creator, authorized viewer, and anonymous viewer
• IE 7, Firefox 3.5, Chrome 1.2 or later Up to 350 on demand 720p30 HD viewers Define video access by individual user and group
On demand videos are instantly available after Users only see videos they have privileges to access
Supported Uses recording is completed Recording key prevents unauthorized recordings
Record/stream outside of a call Locking faceplate bezel
Record/stream point to point or multipoint calls Video and Audio Format
Capture all call participants High Definition, 16:9 aspect ratio System Management
Independently capture both primary and secondary H.264 video, AAC-LC audio FTP backup to network storage
video Incremental backup tool
Single button, ad-hoc recording Flash Video Player System restore capability
Live streaming and on demand playback Dynamic user controlled playback layout: Firmware update tool
Recording and archiving • Side by side, Picture in picture, Video focus, Data Enable/disable video download capability
focus Enable/disable user comments
Recording Capabilities Synchronized video, audio, and data playback Enable/disable user recording keys
Records audio, video (up to 720p30), and data Play, pause, forward, rewind, volume, full screen Create users and groups
Dynamically captures video and data, no pre-
configuring is required Content Management Power
Capture all participants in a call (both near and far end) Organize content by channels AC Voltage: 100-240V, 50-60 Hz, 5A max
Auto-publishing support with a recording key Video metadata includes:
Recording indicator overlay is only visible during the • Title, Description, Author, Tags, Date, Video Hardware Configuration
live call, not present in the recorded video thumbnail Rack mountable (1U)
Recent and featured videos Dimensions: 17.2”W x 1.7”H x 19.8”D
Recording Keys Featured videos carousel Dual GigE Network Adapters, 2 X RJ-45
Prevents unauthorized use of the system and enables Video download for offline playback Redundant hard drives, RAID 1
Auto-publish capabilities User comments
Support for thousands of recording keys, each carrying
Environmental Data
specific attributes for the videos created: Content Publisher Tools Operating temperature:
• Title, Description, Channel, Author, Tags, Access Video dashboard: • 10°C (50°F) to 35°C (95°F)
Permissions, Video Quality, Bit rate • Modify video properties Operating humidity:
Create, modify, and delete recording Keys • Delete video • 20% to 95%, non-condensing
Administrator option to enable/disable recording keys Comments dashboard: Storage temperature:
Configurable key length, 3-10 digits • Notification of new comments • -40°C (-40°F) to 70°C (158°F)
• Add, Delete, or Reply to comments Storage humidity:
View/create/modify recording keys • 5% to 95%, non-condensing
Automatically titles and tags recordings, files them
Manage profile Weight:
to the proper channel, assigns access privileges and
• 17.2 kg (38 lbs)
publishes it to the web
Advanced Search Tool
Searches for both exact matches and variants of the Brand and Model Number: LifeSize® Video Center 2200
search form and returns results by relevance and date
Searches Titles, Authors, Tags, and Descriptions * Note on Performance and Capacity table:
1. Each of the above concurrent recordings/ live viewers/
on-demand viewers are independent numbers
2. Presentation stream was not part of the recorded
stream tested for concurrent recordings / live viewers /
on demand viewers
3. Based on LifeSize internal testing

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