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Science - Food Components

1. Make a list of food items eaten during lunch by you. Try to

mention the components of each food item.
Food items taken during lunch - Component of food items
1. Rice - Carbohydrates
2. Cooked red gram - Carbohydrates , proteins , fats, vitamins
3. Sambar - Carbohydrates , proteins , fats, vitamins
minerals , fibre
4. Vegetable curry - Carbohydrates , proteins , fats, vitamins
minerals , fibre
5. Curd - Carbohydrates , proteins , fats, vitamins
6. Banana fruit - Carbohydrates , fats, vitamins
minerals , fibre

2. Manjula eats only bread and omlette daily. Do you think it is a

balanced diet . Why ? Why not ?
A: Bread and omlette cannot be called as balanced diet.
Balanced diet contains all the components everyday in adequate
Diet contain more carbohydrates , proteins with a little fat ,
vitamins , minerals make a balanced diet.
Science - Food Components
3. Make a list of food items that contain all the components of
food ?
A: If a person eats dal , rice , rotis , green leafy vegetables , little
oil and jaggery all the food requirements of the body are fulfilled.
These food items should be cooked in a proper way.
4. Who am I ?
a. I am a component of food that makes paper translucent ?
Ans : Oil makes paper translucent.
b. Put a drop of me on a cut potato . It turns dark blue. Who am I?
Ans : Dilute iodine solution drops on a cut potato turns it blue
Science - Food Components
5. Explain what will happen if we do not include roughages in our
food ?
A: Roughages are a kind of carbohydrates that our body does not
They help in bowel movement easily in the digestive system ,
easier absorption , prevent constipation.
6. If you were invited to the party with many food items in the
menu like rice , roti , puri , idly , dosa , somasa , dal , green salad,
vegetable curry , fruit chat, chicken curry , eggs , gulab jamun.
a. What food items come on to your plate to make your diet a
balanced one.
Ans : A diet contains all the nutrients and other components in
proper proportion is called balanced diet.
So like rice , roti , dal , vegetable curry , fruit chat, chicken curry
would come to my plate.
b. Which food items do you take plenty and adequately ?
Ans : I take the following food items plenty : vegetable curry , fruit
chat, green salad.
I take the following food items adequately : idly , dosa , dal .
Science - Food Components
7. How is water useful to our body ?
A : Water helps
The food to move easily in our digestive system.
To transport of gases and other substances to all the parts of
To carry waste materials from the various parts of body to
excretory organs.
To filter waste materials from the blood.
Prevent the formation of stones in kidneys.
Keeps the blood in liquid form.
So, we must drink plenty of water daily.
8. Observe whether your mother cooks on a high or low flame.
Discuss with your mother and find out the reason.
A: My mother cooks on a low flame.
The reason is the nutritional value of food spoils if it is cooked on
a high flame.
Micronutrients like vitamins , ascorbic acid , folic acid disappears
if food is cooked on high flame.
So, cooking should be done on a low flame.
Science - Food Components
9. How do you test the presence of starch in the food item given
to you?
A: Take a test tube or cup.
Put few drops of iodine solution into it.
Dilute it with water.
It becomes light yellow or brown in colour.
Take a sample of food item in the test tube.
Add few drops of iodine solution to the sample.
If the substance turns dark blue or black , it contain starch.
10. Why should we avoid junk food?
A: If we eat only pizzas and sandwiches daily, our body is being
deprived of other food substances.
Junk food causes damage to our digestive system.
So, it is better to avoid junk food.

Good evening. Dear students , last night I have shared 7,8,9,10

questions and answers. Everyone has to write the above
mentioned question and answers in their Science note books.
In Text Questions
1. Is only favourite food sufficient for you? Why ?
A: Only favourite food is not sufficient for us because it may not
contain all the essential components.
2. What food do you eat every day?
A: I eat food contains carbohydrates ( rice ) , proteins ( dal ) ,
fats ( oil ) , vitamins ( fruits ) , minerals ( common salt ),
roughages ( fruits ) etc everyday. I also drink plenty of water.
3. Do you need energy when we sleep? Why? Why not?
A: We need energy when we sleep because some systems like
circulatory system , respiratory system, digestive system ,
excretory system are functioning while we sleep.
4. Where do you write salt and sugar? Why ?
A: Salt is written in mineral because we get sodium from it. Sugar
is written in carbohydrates because it contain sucrose.
5. What do you find if you add a few drops of iodine solution to
A: It turns into blue or black.
6. What change did you observe in a paper plate, if you keep
vada or upma on a paper plate?
A: It becomes translucent due to the absorption of oil.
Dear students, you have to copy the Science notes tomorrow
( Thursday 18 – 6 –2020)
1. The sting of wasp is basic. How can we treat the sting of wasp?
A: Wasp sting is basic so it can be neutralized with vinegar.
Acetic acid or vinegar may be taken and rubbed on the place
where wasp put its sting.
2. Why are acids not stored in metal container?
A: Because acids react with metals produce metallic salts and
liberate hydrogen gas.
Acids corrode the metal container also.
3. Red litmus is dipped in a solution. It remains red. What is the
nature of the solution. Explain your answer.
A: The nature of solution is acidic.
Take a test tube , pour lemon juice into it.
Test the lemon juice with red litmus paper.
We observe that there is no change in the colour of litmus paper.
As we know that the lemon juice is acidic in nature, the colour of
litmus paper does not change.
4. Correct the statement if it is wrong.
a. Indicators show different colours in acidic and basic solutions.
( Correct )
b. Sodium hydroxide turns blue litmus to red. ( Wrong )
Correct statement : Sodium hydroxide turns red litmus to blue.
c. Tooth decay is caused by the presence of a base. ( Wrong )
Correct statement : Tooth decay is caused by the presence of an

5. When drops of lemon juice are put on blue litmus it turns red.
What will if you put some drops of soap solution