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Here is what I have on Lucian Kellogg:

WAYNE L. KELLOGG, one of the settlers of Rock County of 1854, and a leading farmer of
Plymouth Township, residing on section 10, is a native of the Empire State, having been born in 1824.
He is the second in a family of seven children, whose parents were RALPH and CLARISSA
(GRIDLEY) KELLOGG, and but three of that number are yet living: LUCINDA, the eldest, is now
deceased; Wayne is the next in order of birth; Adelina makes her home with our subject; Sarah and
Semore have also passed away; George died in the year 1840, and Chancey, who for some time was
Judge of the Surrogate Court, twelve miles from Junction City, is now engaged in farming in
connection with our subject.

Wayne KELLOGG was reared to manhood in his native State, and there continued to reside until
thirty years of age, when he resolved to try his fortune in the West. In 1854 he left his Eastern home
and came to Rock County, Wis., and the following spring purchased a farm in Plymouth township,
which continues to be his home. It comprises 152-1/2 acres of land. The many fine improvements are
all due to his efforts, and in connection with his other labors he has engaged quite extensively in stock-
raising, making a specialty of the breeding of fine horses, in which he has been quite successful. He is
one of the self-made men of the county, having started out in life with no capital, yet continuing good
business ability with industry and enterprise, has become one of the well-to-do men of the community.
He has shared in the trials and privations of frontier life, when conveniences were few, markets far
distant, and the implements of farming were very rude in comparison with the highly improved
machinery of today. He has mowed his whole farm with a scythe, mowing twenty acres per week.

ADELINE KELLOGG, now Mrs. PENTECOST, the sister of our subject, is keeping house for her
brother. She
was born on the 6th day of January, 1823, in the State of New York, and was married April 17, 1860,
becoming the wife of Philip PENTECOST, who was a native of England.

Five children were born of their union, four of whom are now living:

LUCIAN KELLOGG, who resides in Oto, Woodbury Co., Iowa, married OLIVE SMITH, by whom he
has five children;

IDA B. KELLOGG is special agent of the Pennsylvania Mutual Life Insurance Company, with
headquarters at 143 LaSalle Street, Chicago, Ill.

Clara A. KELLOGG married Almon NEWTON, a resident of Beloit Township;

Hattie M. KELLOGG is still with her mother;

Harriet Byron KELLOGG died in Beloit in 1863.

In his political views Mr. KELLOGG is in sympathy with the Republican party. He is a
public-spirited man, but has never sought office, choosing rather to attend strictly to his private affairs.
He is of a genial and pleasant disposition, and is held in high regard by his friends and acquaintances.
Taken from "The Portrait and Biographical Album of Rock County, Wis." (c)1889, p. 920


Lucian was born either in New York City or Rock County, Wisconsin.

If he was born in New York City:

Lucius Avery Kellogg b. 25 Oct 1842 Paris, Oneida Co., New York, USA has Lucius Avery Kellogg, born 25 October 1842 in Paris, Oneida County,
New York. He is the son of Leander Kellogg and Melinda Deborah Kellogg. Leander was born 4
February 1817 in Paris, Oneida County, New York, the son of Daniel Kellogg and Demares Baldwin.
Melinda was born about 1819 in Paris, the daughter of Horace Kellogg and Deborah Dean.

I have found a Lucian F. Kellogg in the Massachusetts infantry.
******************************************************** In the 1960 census, Lucian
Kellogg was NOT with Adeline
Louise Kellogg.

I have never found him with Charles Edwin Philip Pentecost and have concluded he is not Lucian's

Because Lucian has the last name Kellogg, I suspect he was born out of wedlock to either Adeline
Louise Kellogg or one of her sisters or brothers.

A few days ago I requested a copy of Lucian's marriage license from Rock County. That may show his
parents' names. When it arrives, I will forward you a copy.

Wisconsin does not have good birth records for 1848/49.

The 1860 Footville, Rock County, Wisconsin, USA census:

census household includes Luciene age 12, Ralph Kellogg 65, Adelia Pyres age 1, Sarah J. Pyres age
30, Clarisa Kellogg age 64, Wayne Kellogg age 26; Is Luciene age 12 the same as Lucien Kellogg? I
think it may be.

The 1860 Little Sioux, Woodbury, Iowa census:

Household: Lucian KELLOGG Self M Male W 32 WI Farmer NY NY; O.L.Kellogg, wife,30, WI
Keeping house NY NY; Hattie, dau, 8, IA WI NY; Ellie, dau, 6, WI, WI, NY; George, son, 4, KS WI
NY; Allie, dau, 2 KS WI NY; H. Cook, other, 27, pharmist MD VA MD.

This shows he was born in Wisconsin and his parents were born in New York.

Lucian's ancestry remains a mystery to me but I continue to research it.