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IWY Project

Interwar Years Project

1. Create a powerpoint/slide show.

This should be ready THREE days before your lesson. This means if your lesson is
Friday all of your material should be ready for me on Tuesday. Your group will meet
with me and present what you’ve got. I will work with you to improve the powerpoint
in our meeting. This meeting will take about 20 minutes.​ ​It will be your responsibility
to email me and set up a time to talk ​Powerpoint: 7-10 slides, enough content to last
25 minutes, tells the story in a clear way, keep text to a minimum,
graphs/charts/maps all encouraged.
25 points.

2. Create a homework assignment

Email it to me THREE days before your lesson (the same day we meet). Homework
should take between 25-45 minutes to complete. Remember: use good sources (no:
wikipedia, sparknotes--though you can use these sources as your background
reading) (yes: academic articles, chapters from books, interviews with experts, maps,
primary source documents) You will have to come up with guiding questions/activity.
25 points.

3. Co-teach a 25 minute lesson

We will meet as a class for each of these lessons. We will walk through the
powerpoint together and you will answer questions that the class has. Each person
in the group must be able to answer questions posed by class/Mr. Moscow
25 points.

4. Make a 10 question quiz

Based on the information from your lesson/powerpoint. Email this quiz (with
answers) to me at the same time you submit your homework assignment. At the end
of the unit I will make an exam based on the questions all of the groups create.
25 points.
General information

Primary source documents



Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution
Choices Reading and Activity Packet
The Russian Revolution: A Very Short Introduction by S.A. Smith (Book)

Treaty of Versailles
Peacemakers: Six Months That Changed the World by Margaret MacMillan (Book, in
Italian Fascism

Fascists by Michael Mann (Book)
Excerpt from “The Lion and the Unicorn” by George Orwell (good explanation of fascism
and fascism vs. socialism)
Italian Futurism

Great Depression

Rise of Nazis/ Collapse of Weimar

Japanese Militarism
Spanish Civil War,6191,395635,00.html
The Spanish Civil War: A Very Short Introduction by Helen Graham

Weimar and Rise of the Nazis

The Consolidation of Nazi Power 1933-38: Nuremberg Laws Through Anschluss

The Coming of the Third Reich by Richard J. Evans
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer

Munich, 1938: Appeasement and World War II by David Faber