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LESSON PLAN in Technology and Livelihood Education

Wellness Massage – Grade 10
October 2, 2019

I. Objectives
Content Standard The learner demonstrates understanding the skills and
knowledge required to consult with client/s and select and
sequence a range of wellness massage techniques as a program.
Performance Standard: The learner independently recognizes core competencies.
Learning Competency: Provide pre-services to clients.
Objective: Perform the steps in booking a client in a vendor fair
Code: TLE_HEWM10WCIIa-j -2

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Wellness Massage Services
Duration: 1 hour
Reference: K to 12 Basic Education Program TECHNOLOGY AND LIVELIHOOD
EDUCATION HOME ECONOMICS Wellness Massage Learner’s
Material Grade 10
Resources: Computer, Projector, Manila Paper, Pentel Pen, Tape, Prizes

III. Preliminary Activities

1. Prayer
2. Greeting
3. Checking of attendance
4. Classroom Management
5. Review of previous lesson

IV. Learning Activities

A. Activity (Motivation)
Let the students watch successful videos of massage spa business from three different
countries (New Zealand, USA, Philippines).

B. Analysis (Establishing a purpose of the lesson)

1. Did their stories inspire you?
2. Why do you think I let you watch these videos?
3. What do you think is the key in successful massage spa business?

C. Abstraction (Presentations)
Got a vendor fair to go to?
Don ‘t waste the time and money just getting a few more names on your email list. You
really don ‘t need more names. You need customers! Using this simple technique, you can
use the same 2-3 hours to get actual confirmed appointments!

Here ‘s how to get customers to book right there on your table.

STEP 1: Prepare appointment cards (do this exactly). Each card represents an appointment
STEP 2: Prepare the Collection Box
STEP 3: Prepare the Instructions
STEP 4: Getting the Appointments
D. Application. Group Activity
a. Divide the class into three (3) groups.
b. The three groups will have a draw lots to know who will present first, second, third
and what they are going to present.
c. To challenge the students in their performance, each group will perform according
to what they have pick following the four steps in booking a client in a fair.
(Create, Act, Sing)
 Create an appointment card, box and present it to the class.
 Perform a two (2) minutes’ stage play on what are usually happening in an
vendor fair and book a client following the four steps.
 Make a one (1) minute yell connected to the four steps in booking a client.
d. Provide students with the necessary materials they need.
e. Activity should be limited for 20 minutes only.
f. Each group will present their output.

Organization of presentation (30%)
Time allocation (10%)
Contribution of work (10%)
Presentation Skills/Volume (20%)
(yell/sing/dance/act/performannce, etc.)
TOTAL (100%)

V. Evaluation
Classify the following according to what steps it belongs:
1. Cut and paste the following into Word.
2. Set up all your brochures and fliers on the tabletop as usual.
3. Your name, concern, email, phone number and time slot.
4. Find or make an attractive, professional looking bag or box with an opening on the top.
5. Adjust the wording as needed to suit your own business and special offering. Make it eye-
6. Using a paperclip, clip the paired cards and the forms together so that you have 15
matching sets.
7. Getting the Appointments.
8. Prepare appointment cards.
9. Prepare the Instructions.
10. Prepare the Collection Box.

VI. Assignment
Research on how to book a client online.

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Subject Teacher Rater