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Thank you for responding to this questionnaire. This document will be used only for
academic purposes.

Name: ____________________ Address: _________________________________

Below is given a series of features found in most food and grocery stores. Keeping your
FAVOURITE STORE in mind please indicate how you rate your store on various
features. Please note that 1 indicates that you strongly disagree with the statement
while 7 indicates that you strongly agree with the statement.
Statement 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
The ads of this store are frequently seen by you
This store has good quality products
This store has a well organized layout
This store sells fresh products
This store stocks well known brands
This store’s own products are of good quality
This store has low prices
This store offers very good schemes & sales
This store has a very convenient location
This store has helpful salesman
This store has good service
In this store it is easy to return purchases
This store has a vast variety of products
Spacious Store
This store is clean
This store has fast checkout
This store has good displays
In this store it is easy to search items
This store has attractive loyalty schemes

This store has good parking facilities
This store offers option to pay by credit/debit card
This store offers everything under one roof
This store has good air-conditioning
Questions related to Store Loyalty
I think myself as a loyal customer of this store
I recommend this store to my family and friends
I make a special effort to shop at this store
A large majority of my grocery purchases are
from this store.

Please indicate what best describes your shopping behavior when shopping for food &

• How do you prefer to shop:(Tick the right option)

Alone With-someone Sometimes alone, sometimes with someone

• Please indicate the number of visits per month you normally make while
shopping for food and grocery products:

• Age: ____________________

• Gender: Male Female

• How much do you spend on food & grocery shopping per month (Rs):


• Occupation: Businessperson Self employed professional

Service Homemaker Student Retired

• Approximate Monthly Household Income: ______________________________

• Education: Undergraduate Graduate Post Graduate

• Marital Status: Single Married

• In order of preference please name the top three stores and location from
where you regularly purchase food and groceries:

S. No. Store name Location (Area)


Thanks for your response.