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Knitting Traditions

Stories, Projects & Techniques
8 A Kaleidoscope of Color: Latvian Fingerless Mitts—
Beth Brown-Reinsel
12 The Needles’ Music: Handknitters of the Dales—
Sue Leighton-White
18 Two-Color Knitting of Norway—Nancy Bush
21 Fancy Dress for Hands: Rosesaum Mittens of Norway—
Veronica Patterson 37
Rosesaum Mittens—Nancy Bush and Jane Fournier
24 Fishtail Mittens Decorated with Embroidery—Nancy Bush and Annemor Sundbø
28 Safe Return—Catherine Dexter Safe Return Mittens—Robin Hansen
32 Colorwork Mittens from Paistu, Estonia—Nancy Bush
34 Lithuania’s Knitting Tradition—Donna Druchunas
37 All Buttoned Up: A Colorful Child’s Cardigan—Pam Allen 46
41 Andean Figure Purses: Monederos for Your Money—Cynthia LeCount Samaké
Andean Figure Purse Elements—Ann Budd
46 A Traveler’s Pocket with Medieval Motifs—Nancy Bush
48 Armenian Knitting—Meg Swansen and Joyce Williams
An Armenian Circle Hat—Meg Swansen
51 The Oldest Knitted Stockings—Chris Laning
56 A Glimpse of Color: Amish Wedding
Stockings—Galer Britton Barnes
Vividly Colorful Amish Stockings—Nancy Bush


21 59
59 1890s Stockings with Fancy Tops—Nancy Bush
64 Annichen Sibbern Bøhn: Preserver of Norway’s 73
Knitting History & Wartime Resistance Fighter—
Terri Shea
68 Knitted Carpet Masterpieces of the Holy Roman
Empire—Janet Johnson Stephens

70 70 A Matter of Fashion: Bead-Knitted Bags of the Civil War Era— 105
Galer Britton Barnes
A Step Back in Time: A Bead-Knitted Bag—Barbara Scoville
73 A Moroccan-Inspired Felted and Embroidered Backpack—
Leigh Radford
76 From Africa: A Bushoong Zigzag Bag—Vicki Square
79 An Appalachian Gathering Basket—Gina Wilde 108
82 The Fisher Man’s Lover—Jane Galer
Polperro-Inspired Gloves—Nancy Bush
86 Shagged Wooly Bear Mittens—Robin Hansen
90 The Fluted Banister Pattern on Victorian Cuffs—Carol Huebscher Rhoades
92 Comfort and Good Looks: Sweaters and Scarves as Fashion Essentials—Susan Strawn
96 Fancy Socks for a Girl—Nancy Bush
98 The Portuguese Style of Knitting—Andrea Wong
102 The Warner House Bedspread—Joyce Volk
105 My Tiny Treasure—Jacqueline Fee
108 Before Knitting There Was Nålbinding—Nancy Bush
Nålbind a Möbius Scarf—Rudy Amann

111 LACE
111 A Tribute to a Lace-Knitting Legend—Galina A. Khmeleva
115 The Lace Knitting of Haapsalu—Nancy Bush
118 Leaf and Cable Lace Socks—Ann Budd
120 Hilda A. Erickson: Utah Pioneer, Physician, Lace Knitter—Jude Daurelle
123 Some Arizona Outlaws and Their Knitting—Nancy Nehring and Mary Seubold Cahill
130 Scalloped Lace Edging—Pat Shannon
126 Lydia Scott and Her Household Column—Barbara Clemens
128 A Collection of Knitted Lace Edgings—Nancie M. Wiseman
130 Trimmings: A Sampling of Vintage Patterns

4 From the Editor 139 Sources for Supplies
134 Techniques 140 Abbreviations