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Study the statement carefully and identify what is being described or defined.

Choose your answer from the words below.

Long Nose Pliers Circuit Breaker Hammer

Electrician’s Knife Utility box Portable Electric Drill
Philips Screw Driver Connectors Wire Stripper
Male Plug Fuse Combination Pliers Junction Box
Stubby Screw Driver Conduits

______________1. This is used for griping, holding, cutting electrical wires and cables
and even small nails. Usually used by linemen in doing heavy tasks.
______________2. Used for cutting and holding fine wires. This can reach tight space or
small opening where other pliers cannot reach and also used in making terminal loops of
copper wires.
______________3. This has a cross tip resembling a positive (+) sign. It is used to drive
screws with cross slot heads.
______________4. This is tools used in driving or pounding and pulling out nails.
______________5. A tool used for removing insulation of medium sized wires ranging from gauge #10 to
gauge #16.
______________6. A small drilling machine with a chuck capacity of ¼‖ to 3/8‖. It is used
in making holes on metal sheets and concrete walls.
______________7. Comes in either Standard or Philips screw driver with short shank or
blade and shorted handle used to turn screws in tight space where standard screw driver
cannot be used.
______________8. Used by linemen to remove insulation of wire and cables in low and high voltage
transmission lines.
______________9. Is a device inserted to a convenience outlet to conduct electric
current. A flat cord is attached to it on one end and the other end is connected to a current
consuming instrument or appliance.
______________10. This is a circuit protective device that automatically blows and cut the current when an
over load or short circuit happens.
______________11. This is a rectangular shaped metallic or plastic (PVC) material in which flush type
convenience outlet and switch are attached.
______________12. Are electrical materials used as the passage of wires for protection and Insulation.
______________13.Are used to attach metallic or non-metallic conduit to the junction or utility boxes.
______________14. This is a protective device used to automatically cut off the current when trouble in the
circuit such as short circuit or over load occurs.
______________15. Is an octagonal shaped electrical material where the connections or
joints of wires are being done. It is also where the flush type lamp holder is
Definition of Terms:
Ampere - a unit of measure of electric current
Circuit - the path of electric current from the source to the components and goes
back to the source
Kilowatt - a unit of power which is equivalent to 1000w
Conductor - a wire or a cord which provides path for current flow
Resistance - the quality of electric current measured in ohms that resist the flow of
Hot wire - a wire through which current flows
Insulator – material used to cover electric wires which may be made from plastic,
rubber, or asbestos.
Tools - are implements used to modify raw materials for human use
Corrugated plastic conduit (CPC) - commonly known as flexible non-metallic
conduit or the “moldflex”
Metallic Conduits- usually fabricated of steel, which metal raceways that encloses electrical wiring,
thereby protecting the wiring from outside damage. Metal raceways are classified into four; rigid steel
(RSC), intermediate metallic conduit or tubing (IMC or IMT), electrical metallic
conduit or tubing (EMC or EMT) and the flexible metallic conduit (FMC)
Non-metallic conduits- plastic conduits or raceways designed to be a channel of
wire that are classified as; rigid non-metallic conduit or the PVC, the flexible nonmetallic
or CPC, and the surface plastic molding
Connectors and Adapters - accessories that are used to connect from boxes to
conduits or raceways to the other boxes in the electrical system