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Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. – Perhaps Fronting for Chinese Globalists [Part I]

What started as an effort to probe available info regarding Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. yielded lots of
curious info as I “followed the rabbit”; I’m displeased with what emerged, as is provided here in
segments, for it seems he was in a position to have prevented/ameliorated the widespread USA-
component of the Covid-19 pandemic that his NIAID seems to have funded in Wuhan, China.

Action-items that could appeal to non-Conservatives emerge from this painstakingly

documented survey of his career, interventions that The Donald can make ASAP to convert what
is known about the origins/manifestations of the Covid-19 pandemic into an “overlay” battle-
plan; because I purposely have “shown my homework,” the reader is invited to deduce
additional pursuits.

As an internist/medical oncologist/hematologist/independent-medical-examiner who has not

treated these patients, I have not delved herein into the medical aspects of the management of
this infection, except to note ongoing (politicized) resistance to using Plaquenil; the goal is to
tether Fauci to ongoing events and to note outcome measures that inescapably emerge.

This information is conveyed in seven-paragraph segments (Introduction, Prodrome, Deceit,

Fauci’s Proclamations, Sports Analogies Abound, Therapeutic/Conspiratorial Controversies, and
Vaccination); tentative Conclusions are then explicitly articulated.

Because I want Trump to be re-elected (if for no other reason than to ensure ongoing opposition
to Beijing), assuredly these suggestions are incomplete due to my ignorance of what animates
Fox News contributors *Michael Pillsbury* and *Gordon Chang*; nevertheless, they are linked
IMHO to myriad issues (including the survival of Eretz Yisrael).

For the reader who wishes to skim, the ‘graph structure is intended to convey a thought and a
derivative concept following a semi-colon; for the reader who wishes to vet, it is replete with

This has been divided into five sections, each < 1000 words in length; I do not apologize for the
“tight” style, for there’s a tremendous amount of info that has been proverbially left on the pixel


Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. has emerged as a political lightning rod during the past ½-year, and it’s
desirable to provide perspective as to why I’ve been looking askance at him for ⅓-century; he’s
obviously a Dem, but his world seems to exemplify the all-government Deep State that has
developed quietly during the modern era and that seems to stem from the ominous *Event

I have not addressed the Covid-19 pandemic (despite having accrued pages of hyperlinks)
because the goal has been to focus upon what has been under-reported/under-scrutinized; it is
with that mindset that news/views of his activities are summarized herein, recognizing that this
is necessarily a somewhat lengthy compilation of primary-data regarding his public mien AND
that it seems to parallel the non-Fauci “Covid-19” narratives that have emerged during recent

I’ve never been a “fan,” even before learning of how he adored Hillary (and had given her a
$1200 donation); that Trump talks infrequently with Task Force Members (and Fauci) is an
appropriate endpoint to his wide-ranging/wildly-contradictory assertions (viewed over time) as
he “deviated from his lane” (such as when he advised that people can take risks using hook-up
apps like Tinder and Grindr).

Indeed, although scientifically bombarded by friends/colleagues on both sides of the “masks”

controversy, I’ve simply felt that an “either/or” proposition seemed apt (i.e., masks in public if
social distancing couldn’t be maintained) for potential mutual-protection; regardless of whether
one would view acquisition of herd immunity as desirable on a “macro” level, this practical
posture would seem desirable to reduce person-to-person dissemination on a “micro” level.

That The Donald was subject early-on to “simple declarative statements” by both Fauci/Birx and
the Surgeon General masks they didn’t matter (as they were quietly trying to preserve them for
healthcare workers) illustrates why he was duped; that Trump now has assumed control over
the database within the White House appears to reflect recognition that it’s necessary for all
info to be integrated and articulated “from the top” (ASAP and ongoing).

{A disclaimer, here, is warranted, because there is an ambient allegation on the “dark web” that
the FDA/CDC/NIH are a component of the Deep State, for the FDA has opposed vaping, the CDC
has become the Breastfeeding Police, and the NIH has fought racism and obesity; I note pot-
shots delivered by former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb regarding what Trump has been
doing as I recall dismay at how I had written essays condemning his having condemned *vaping*
despite its proven capacity to serve as a risk-reduction methodology.}

While harboring this mindset, background and updated info are pondered herein; the goal is to
corroborate the wisdom of what Trump has done to “put Fauci into his place” (and to keep him
there) because Indie-voters must become convinced that The Donald has now risen to emulate
Odysseus as he tacks between Scylla (a public health tsunami) and Charybdis (an economic
disaster) to save lives while also protecting livelihoods.

{to be continued}

Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. – Perhaps Fronting for Chinese Globalists [Part II]

You have read of the scope of what is to be presented as well as my baseline mindset regarding
Dr. Fauci’s involvement therein; this segues, unfortunately, from providing a historical
perspective to pinpointing a certain deceit in his delivery.


What’s the truth about Fauci? Is he the “Silver Fox” of the NIH or an anti-Trump alarmist? Can
he be trusted or is he simply delusional? Is he a fearmonger or a buffoon? Was his In Style
profile a lib-revelation or was his having teamed up (accompanied by colleagues) with Julia
Roberts and other celebs to promote a global response to Covid-19 a sincere initiative? Was his
opening baseball pitch a reflection of his ability to flatten the curve or did it demonstrate his
social distancing prowess? Is it revelatory that, while he was caught not social distancing and
having his mask down (literally/figuratively) after the failed first pitch, the New York Times
attacked Dr. Birx?

As a young physician-observer in the 1980s, I first noticed Fauci when feeling discomfiture when
he had unjustifiably incessantly lobbied for America’s Bob Gallo to win the Nobel Medicine Prize
despite the fact that the HIV had first been discovered by the French; per an unsolicited
comment by a colleague, “Gallo’s behavior in the early years of AIDS was shameful, for my best
friend (who worked in his lab at [the] NIH and was mentioned in Gallo’s book) averred he had
sought credit and glory, more than results.”

Under Obama, he took a more measured approach when H1N1 hit (from April 2009 to April
2010) than he has currently been espousing, supportive of the same drugs of which he is now
skeptical; he had allegedly promulgated the HIV Ponzi scheme concealing the Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome epidemic.

More recently, an FBI investigation had allegedly targeted Fauci because his career had been
dotted with ethics and safety controversies inside the NIH, before Comey had pulled the plug;
Dr. Judy Mikovits had claimed Fauci was a workplace tyrant who had swiped scientific research,
broken federal spending law and rules, covered up tainted vaccines, and doled out lucrative
federal grants to feckless cronies.

Fauci allegedly broke U.S. law and regulations when he continued to fund the Wuhan lab doing
“crazy” Covid-19 research that was banned in the USA in 2014; this may explain why he
dismissed the theory (supported by 17 U.S. spy agencies) that Covid-19 had originated in that
Wuhan lab.

As a prelude to the current epidemic, whatever “blame” that exists regarding the lack of
preparedness (recalling how Trump ripped the CDC and blamed Obama for the slow response to
Covid-19) must include Fauci’s NIAID; suddenly, The Donald had to create lotsa
testing/reporting/analysis structures from absolute nothingness.

Wizened/brilliant bureaucrat that he has been to have survived within the NIH, Fauci knows
what he’s doing (just as I feel Mueller’s befuddled testimony was an “act”); awareness of this
perception undoubtedly prompted Shiva Ayyadurai (who, when he ran against Sen. Warren in
2018 as an independent, had garnered 3.4% of the vote) to have called for his firing and Trump
to have retweeted this suggestion by former congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine.
Yet, Rush Limbaugh concurs with Trump that Fauci is an untouchable due to his four-decade
track-record, but Rush feels The Donald will NOT empower scientists to render “reopening”
decisions; perhaps recalling the Godfather adage that one must “Keep your friends close, but
your enemies closer,” however, Trump has felt free to voice “total” disagreement with Fauci on
school reopenings while downplaying any White House feud with Fauci.


Fauci considered it a “game” to have been asked whether he and his colleagues regretted having
*lied* about the potential utility of masks, downplaying their efficacy to ensure they would be
available to providers; he and the New England Journal of Medicine consider their use to be
“symbolic” because he later said “we don’t know” how less likely people are to transmit Covid-
19 when wearing a mask.

Fauci provided *proof* that he can’t be trusted when he destroyed his credibility after claiming
New York had done it “correctly”; by praising the state with the highest death toll that had such
an obvious nursing home scandal, he even validated the Cuomo cover-up that had occurred
when New York admitted it had deliberately undercounted nursing home deaths after quietly
changing reporting rules.

After Trump claimed Fauci had “made a lot of mistakes,” the NY Times falsely alleged that Fauci
has been a target of the Far Right because he has corrected Trump; in response, Fauci
demanded the media stop trying to create a rift between himself and Trump.

In thinly veiled responses, however, Fauci has acknowledged decreased TV time, fewer 1:1
interviews (including with CBS), and being blocked from appearing before the sequel of the
(treasonous) Dem House impeachment committee; furthermore, Trump mildly rebuked Navarro
for slamming Fauci (“He Shouldn’t Be Doing That”), as Dems defended Fauci following issuance
by the White House of a list of his (deadly) Covod-19 mistakes.

Fauci has erred, was mistaken, and/or articulated self-contradictions, yielding compilations that
include devastation of the US economy based on a “garbage” model (vide infra) and his *worst*
mistake of delaying herd immunity while destroying the US Economy; through it all, Trump fears
another Great Depression (c/o of Dems).

This undercurrent culminated publicly when a face-to-face confrontation occurred with Sen.
Rand Paul, who accused him of “Fatal Conceit”; he called out Fauci over his ignorance of the
economy and climaxed his accusations against Fauci and “Faustian Warnings” by exclaiming, “I
Don’t Think You’re the End-All.”

This exchange was among the six big points that emerged during these hearings, after Chairman
Lamar Alexander had opened them by calling on Trump to wear a mask, certainly not the most
pressing issue before the committee; of greater import, for example, was the need to probe

what was being done after having recognized what both Trump/Fauci had ID’ed as problematic,
namely, that the Black community was getting hit “very, very hard.”

{to be continued}

Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. – Perhaps Fronting for Chinese Globalists [Part III]

You have read the set-up and my “issues” with how Fauci has handled these issues; the
consternation he has (unnecessarily) provoked is now explored.

Fauci’s Proclamations

On 1/21/2020, Fauci said Covid-19 was “not a major threat“ to America despite this damning
timeline; thereafter, he squandered the time that could have been gained when Trump closed
the border to China on *1/31/2020*.

On 2/29/2020, he said that there was no need for concern and a lifestyle change wasn’t
necessary; as late as on *3/26/2020*, Fauci wrote in the New England  Journal  of Medicine that
“the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe
seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%).”

It’s subsequent pronouncements such as that on 4/7/2020 (when he prematurely asserted “We
Should start to see the beginning of a turnaround” beyond that week) that prompted Adm. Brett
Giroir to openly challenge his recommendations; also, under-reported by the media was the fact
that thousands of doctors and scientists have come out against Fauci’s lockdowns (including a
Nobel Prize-Winning biophysicist).

Fauci/Birx (“The Scarf”) had used the Imperial College Model to persuade Trump (through
issuance of “buffoonish projections from clownish investigators”) to lock down and then to
crash the entire US Economy; impromptu “peer reviewers” considered it to have been a
complete fraud.

When he projected 100,000-200,000 deaths, Fauci concurred with the CDC when it projected
deaths would be “much, much lower“ than previously calculated; this placed him more in the
line of initial critics who claimed that initial catastrophic mortality rates sold to the public by the
WHO and Fauci/Birx were a huge scam.

It’s obviously worth a separate essay to detail how Fauci bought easily-diagnosed (by Trump et
al) lies c/o the WHO and IHME noting, for example, the latest international study showing the
Covid-19 mortality rate to be 0.2% (not 3.4%); yet, it’s Fauci/Birx “modeling” errors that
triggered the panic over ventilators, but anyone challenging Fauci’s claim that institutional
racism is afoot risks being labeled a “racist.”

Such overt politicization has been inevitable, perhaps, but should have been eschewed; instead,
Fauci said he wouldn’t attend a Trump Rally absent a comparable personalized condemnation of
the protesters/rioters.

Sports Analogies Abound

In many respects, Trumpsters welcomed Fauci’s prediction that sports will not happen this year
due to the need to isolate players, noting all the endorsements of “Black Lives Matter” (the
Marxist organization, if not the concept) that have surfaced; nevertheless, he noted that
baseball’s ability to start with social distancing would be difficult to emulate by the NFL “unless
players are in a bubble.”

More globally, speaking as a true elitist, Fauci warned of “anti-science bias” being a problem in
America; because he feels America is still “knee-deep in the first wave” of Covid-19, he has
concluded the country is headed in the wrong direction (a key electoral indicator) as Trump
pledged control ASAP.

Bowing to awareness of the boss’s perspective, Fauci has suggested there is no need for a
second “absolute” lockdown, for staying closed for too long could cause “irreparable damage”;
yet, while accepting “reopening,” Fauci warned lockdown protesters that reopening too quickly
will “backfire.”

And adopting the boss’s rhetorical reverberation technique, he first warned “we need to keep
our eye on” a new Chinese virus and then changed his tune, saying a second COVID-19 wave
may never occur; frustration with his aggregated commentaries prompted Texas Lt. Governor
Dan Patrick to lambast Fauci by concluding, “He has been wrong every time, on every issue.”

Note his overnight transformation, after his Saturday rambling interview with Trump-friendly
Jesse Watters: The ChiComs were “saying first [that Covid-19] was only going from an animal to
a human, and then when there were human to human cases, that it was inefficient …. When it
became clear it is not only is transmitted efficiently from human to human, but that it is very,
very contagious .... and carries a high degree of morbidity and mortality, it became clear we
were in for a problem …. Early on we did not get correct information …. The incorrect
information was propagated from the beginning.”

Strange what a weekend nap will yield, for he uttered a faux pas scapegoating Trump to a
Trump-unfriendly Sunday talking-head show, resulting from his careless claim there had been
internal resistance to his warnings (date purposely unspecified); furthermore, he uttered what
many would perceive in any other context as a truism (“lives could have been saved if mitigation
had started earlier”).

Earlier diagnosis intuitively yields a better prognosis, and this concept could easily have been
ascribed to the ChiComs (again, recalling their deceit); that’s why, the next day, knowing he was
on thin/melting ice, his bureaucratic side emerged, prompting him to backtrack “voluntarily” by
averring The Donald had adopted the “formal” recommendation by himself/Scarf (ignoring
reference to his prior public reassurances throughout, vide supra).

{to be continued}

Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. – Perhaps Fronting for Chinese Globalists [Part IV]

If nothing else than for “completeness,” it’s necessary to include “observations accrued along
the way” as this macro-essay was being composed; placing information into context is desirable
as long as it doesn’t undermine what is incontrovertible.

Therapeutic/Conspiratorial Controversies

Trump has famously touted the potential efficacy of Plaquenil, which was *supported* by a
study published by Henry Ford Health Systems (where I spent my three years of
internship/residency); Plaquenil had been attacked by The Lancet in a transparently poor study
(that I immediately diagnosed and others subsequently detected, voiced during a weekly tele-
conference of Nazareth Hospital Medical Staff), forcing that august publication to issue a

The British article detailed a large observational study that linked use of the anti-malarial drug
hydroxychloroquine with an increased death risk in Covid-19 patients; more than 100 scientists
and medical professionals had issued an open letter listing 10 major concerns about the integrity
of statistical analysis and data integrity in the study. 

In this regard, it’s necessary again to “fact-check the fact-checkers after it was claimed that Fauci
“has known since 2005 that chloroquine (a cousin of hydroxychloroquine, Plaquenil) is an
effective inhibitor of coronaviruses (SARS)”; this “conspiracy theory” claim was deemed to be
false because, “While some early research suggests hydroxychloroquine could treat COVID-19
symptoms, other studies have found no discernible effect.”

This flimsy rationale for a “false” designation is worth pondering when recalling how Fauci pops
up in current/past events related to Covid-19; recall that, as he had been exiting one of Trump’s
“improv” White House briefings, Fauci had signaled approval of ABC’s Jonathan Karl (current
rotating head of the White House Correspondents Association) who had opined that Trump
attacks the press for the “applause” because it’s a “performance.” 

Karl had invited a ChiCom reporter (who had asked Trump a “nasty” question) to attend this
event; Trump had smoked-out the fact that her employer, Phoenix Media, may be based in
Hong Kong/Cayman Islands, but it’s  is owned in large part by the Chinese Communist Party
(CCP) and by a former CCP propaganda officer.

So an ABC News reporter and his ChiCom “journalist” attack The Donald with Fauci’s covert
approval, and it then emerges that Remdesivir was first used in the USA in January with the
ChiComs (via a Soros-linked company) mass producing the drug a fortnight hence; the firm

Gilead Sciences and Fauci may be In the middle, noting that Remdesivir costs $9/dose and will
be sold at $3,000/treatment.

I don’t know what to believe, except to note that “fear pornographer” Fauci was allegedly
debunked when a “mysterious inflammatory condition” in children was found to be typical
every year in 13/100,000 children in this study; these observations have been widely noted to
have supported the use of anti-inflammatories such as steroids in the adjunct treatment of


Thus far, it has been concluded that Fauci has developed a career-long globalist perspective that
seems to have precluded the ability to plan for a pandemic; recall that Trump had to tool-up
centralized reporting mechanisms of rapidly evolving testing procedures for Americans who
incessantly prove that demand always exceeds supply.

Furthermore, it has been shown that the one concrete move made by The Donald—which Fauci
hadn’t endorsed and the public had ridiculed—was not “racist” when he barred Chinese from
traveling to the USA in January; lotsa back-and-forth, predictions-and-reassurances later,
Trump’s actions remain unassailable (recognizing federalism by honoring states’ rights, in

Since that time, Fauci has attacked The Donald claiming, for example, that it’s a false-narrative
to take comfort in a lower death rate (which directly contradicts his prior “flatten the curve”
mantra); these observations have prompted pieces probing FDA vaccine fraud, Fauci, and bad

It is ominous that elitist Bill Gates warned the U.S. could lose her global leadership role under
Trump by claiming that putting America first also means “giving a damn about the rest of the
world”; thus, it has been argued that Trump is locked into an intense power struggle with Gates,
who is pushing his vaccines and that Fauci, being “cautiously optimistic,” had set the stage for
mandatory (lucrative) testing/vaccines.

Meanwhile, lotsa Dems (and ObamaDon’tCare author, Ezekiel Emanuel) claim, “We cannot
return to normal until there’s a vaccine,” even if it takes 12-18 months; this, of course, recalls
Samuel Beckett’s 1953 play “Waiting for Godot” portending preordained suspended animation.

Fauci served on the scientific board of Grand Challenges in Global Health; this organization is a
public-private partnership funded by the Gates Foundation, the Foundation of the National
Institutes of Health, the Wellcome Trust and the Canadian Institute of Health Research working
to identify "critical scientific challenges in global health and [to] increase research on diseases
that cause millions of deaths in the developing world."

After having culled-through these primary data, my “verdict” is that Fauci is not a sinister force
and, frankly, that his superficial contradictions mirror those that have allegedly emerged from
the lips of The Donald; whereas Fauci is advocating strictly from the public health perspective
(recognizing his prior prevention failures), Trump is consolidating his input with that of the

economists/psychologists/sociologists who warn of the dangers of obeisance to “science” that is
vulnerable to reasonable challenge.

{to be continued}

Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. – Perhaps Fronting for Chinese Globalists [Part V]

All relevant info has been digested and presented as cogently as possible; for “extra credit,”
consult a unique orientation that structures key-concepts in a Covid-19 Roundtable and then
contrast this somewhat offbeat set of opinions with the overtly conspiratorial How They Pulled
Off The “Pandemic.” I find some claims in the former to be problematic and I certainly find some
in the latter well-produced animated “short” to be unabashedly incorrect (e.g., “more people
died from the global lockdown than did from Covid-19”); someday the specific points teased out
from these two presentations will be explored but, for now, it’s simply necessary for The Donald
(and y’all, dear readers, for having persevered through this distillation) to appreciate the
urgency of what Fauci seems to represent and that the Internet is replete with info that varies
dramatically in quality.


Although I continue to harbor “doubts” about the extracurricular behaviors of Fauci over the
decades (dating back to HIV), his professional behavior has been responsible; the exception,
here, is that he should have ensured America could withstand a pandemic, particularly noting
his having funded the Wuhan Laboratory (culprit-origin of Covid-19) and having failed to
manage the risk of pandemics to ensure readiness to protect lives/livelihoods across the
global/American economy.

As a member of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board [page 42], he seemingly failed to
EMERGENCIES”; those who are in a better position than I to adjudge what happened following
the “Event 201” pandemic exercise conducted on October 18, 2019 would have to explore what
did/didn’t occur.

In any case, The Donald should discover what has been happening with these activities that
seem to be obliquely linked to Gates and Soros and to discern their import; he should then
strategize/implement his plan (including, in particular, to Africa) through an N.G.O. other than
the China-poisoned W.H.O. (and recognizing, for example, how the nascent China-Iran Strategic
Accord has changed the calculus for Israel).

Domestically, he must ensure his daily informational 5:00 p.m. E.D.T. press conferences become
must-see-TV; he must continue to spearhead messaging accompanied by key players, but he

must also “invite” open exploration of issues raised herein (and thereat) regarding “how we got

The subset of players should include Pence’s Task Force, which meshes medical/economic
forces; but it should also involve guests including, for example Bill Gates and his trusted

Geopolitically, he must re-nationalize all major (non-toy) manufacturing from China ASAP, even
if it must be offshored to such countries as India and Vietnam; he must ensure Pompeo’s quiet
efforts to re-establish “SEATO” (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization) are formalized ASAP.

Although I hate to admit it after having devoted two dozen (~1500 word) essays to ObamaGate,
it is a higher priority for Trump to marshal all available info/resources in the public sphere c/o
(for example) Stephen K. Bannon ‘s War Room and Dan Bongino’s podcast; steady dosages of
prudently delivered info should help the electorate (outside of the conservative echo-chamber)
recognize the true dangers of a POTUS Biden (notwithstanding the radical-socialists having
aided/abetted the Dems-on-Dems pet “civil war”) who, if nothing else, would not become
engaged in this epochal battle.