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Khaled cycling on his own

Khaled you grew up day after day as your skills

continue improving.
I remember when you were trying to ride the bike
and it was so difficult for you to push your legs.
So I encouraged you by helping
you how you can use your strong
legs to push the paddles to move
the bike. I tried teach you and
you improved a little. But the big
surprise was after 2 weeks
holidays, you came back with
your mum to the centre and you
rode the bike and moved it so easy on your own. I was so
happy, proud of you and so was your mum.
I think your parents helped you at home with a bike and they really wanted you to
learn how to ride a bike. So when your mum saw you riding a bike easily at An-
Nur she was so happy. It was a happy day and your mum was very excited as she
took many photos and videos when you were cycling, it will be a happy memory.
Thanks for your efforts and willingness to develop your skills. Because cycling is
important and useful activity for kid’s bodies. Through cycling you were
developing strength, balance and over all fitness, strengthening your heart, lungs,
and lower body muscles and bones and developing and strengthening the
muscles surrounding the knees without impact.
So I am going to help you to improve your
cycling's skills until you are able to cycle without
training wheels. Good work Khaled, we are so
happy and proud of you.
Written by – Teacher Suzan, July, 2020