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Story writting
What is story writting? Explain the parts of story with the help of a moral
Story writting
Story is something that is represents the past events, experiences or memories. The remembrance of
past which we tale to someone is called story. The work on story writting is started from many of the years
ago. Every story have its starting middle and end . There’s must be a sequence in story. Too much moral
stories are their and they give us a useful way. The events of someone special is also secure in the form of
writing for moral lessons and remembrance of their great work. For example: Shaikh Abdul Qaddr Gilani.
There are some stories which do not have any realities but gives a much better way for spending someone
Every person in his life has stories. When he or she told his old remembrance of his childhood it is also
called a story. Some special persons write their life experiences. And then it become the story of their life.
A story can be narrated or real imaginary of life. stories are always written in the form of past tenses.
Types of Story:
There are two types of story.
 Fiction
 Non-Fiction
Fiction Story:
 Fiction story is a story that is not true and based on imagination.
 Example:
 Frankenstein, Harry Potter, Jannat ky Patty, etc.

Non-Fiction Story:
 Non-Fiction Story is a story that is based on facts and reality.
Eartugal ghazi

Parts of story
I discuss parts of story by using two examples 1 the wood cutter and his axe and 2 romeo and joulet

1: character
1: the woodcuter and his axe are the protagonist. The conflict is where woodcuter axe slapped from his
2: Romeo and juliet are the protagonist. There conflict is with their parents wish her to marry someone else.

In the story the wood cutter and his axe man and angel is protagonist.
And in the 2nd story romeo and joult are protagonist

Parents of romeo and joult are antagonist because are were against romeo and joult.

Point of view
In the story the wood cutter and his axe the writer use the third person perspective. Means he describe the
character as he, she .
In the romeo and joult story writer also use third person perspective .

1: the wood cutter cut wood of a tree near the river.
2: Romeo and juliet is set I Verona Italy.

Plot has the following steps:
Beginning: where the problem introduce in the story
Rising action: where problem become more complicated
Climax: turning point
Failing action: resolution or ending to the story
Resolution: it is the end .it shows how turn out story

1: Beginning: woodcuter axe slipped out of his hand and fall into the river.
Rising action: the river was so deep he become a very worried thinking how he will be able to earn his
earning nnow
Climax: the woodcuter prayed sincerely so the Goddess appeared in front of him and asked what is the
problem my son? The woodcuter explains the problem and requested the Goddessto get his axe back.
Falling action: when the Goddess put her hand deep into the river and took out a silver axe. The woodcuter
said no this is not mine. The Goddess put again his hand and brought a golden axe. The woodcuter again
refused to take it.
End: the Goddess finally put her hand into the water and took out his iron axe . Then woodcuter said yes
this is mine. The Goddess version impressed and gave him all the axes gor his honesty.

2: Beginning: romeo and juliet families are enemies, but romeo and juliet meet at a party and like each

Rising action: romeo visits juliet on a balcony one night and then she sents amessage. They wed each
other without the awareness of their families. Romeo also kills the cousin of juliet, juliet face her death
sending a message to romeo to let him know but he hears of her death and doesn’t gets the message romeo
kill himself .

Climax: romeo kill himself when joult see ho also kill herself
Failing action: the two families mourn Romeo and juliet
End: romeo and juliet death have ended their families feud and their peace in Verona.

4: Conflict
1: woodcuter conflict that his axe slipped from his hand and fall into the deep river.
2: Romeo and juliet conflict is that their families are in a feud and they are not allowed to be with each

5: theme
1: for woodcuter his own axe is everything. He wished only earn his living not to have too much money.
2: Romeo and juliet are not just about love but you could state as
Love overcomes hate.
Romeo and juliet sacrifice everything even their lives for their friendship/love. On the other hand we are
lame friends of each other. We just think about yourself not other. We may listen lesson from them.