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1. Name of the Project: Strengthening & Capacity Building of Institute of Management Sciences.

2. Location: Hayatabad Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan

3. Authority responsible for:

• Sponsoring: Higher Education Commission (HEC) Government of Pakistan

• Execution : Institute of Management Sciences
• Operation and Maintenance : Institute of Management Sciences
• Concerned Federal Ministry: Ministry of Education, Govt. of Pakistan, Islamabad.

4. Plan Provision: This project is medium term/five year plan. for strengthening the educational
institutions to not only to increase the student enrollment but also improve the quality of education
and research in institutions in Pakistan, this proposal aims at achieving both objectives through
upgrading the existing facilities. The Higher Education Commission has committed itself to sponsor
such development projects that are related with the improvement of Academic Infrastructure in

5. Project objectives and its relationship with Sect-oral objectives: OBJECTIVES:

The project is designed to achieve the following objectives.

1. Makeup the Institute of Management Sciences, with a latest technology so as to provide improved
facilities for quality teaching and research.

2. Strengthening the development effort and research through purchase of new modern instruments
(systems) for attractive the capacity of research and development activates of both the faculty and
students of imsciences.

3. Strengthening the existing faculty through training, seminars and conferences opportunities at the
national and international level, hiring of new faculty members who are professional in their field.

Relationship with Sect-oral Objectives:

Management sciences is not only education about the management of organizations or firms, it is also
about the management process of the country due to the quality of education student will able to run
their country in more effective way. There for we believe that promotion of quality education will not
only help to attract most talented students but also develop and strengthening the Faculty of

At the end of project Imsciences will become modern management sciences education and research
center in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to generate more educated, well behave, skilled and trained human
resource to increase efforts of national government.
6. Description, justification and technical parameters:


To achieve the above mentioned objectives, new inventiveness will be introduced.

Strengthening the R & D Facilities:

The institute have existing R & D lab in working order but there is a need to further strengthen the
lab and equipment facilities for practical and applied researches for students and Faculty Staff. Due to
this project we propose to obtain state-of-the art lab and field research equipment to start R&D
activities on issues of national and international importance which will contribute to the overall goals
of enhancing quality education/research.

Strengthening and Capacity Building of Faculty:

The faculty members are full of activity (busy in teaching) and find no time for research and field
work activities. As a result the research students are serious suffering because of little supervision
and guidance input from the overloaded faculty staff. Hence there is a serious need to cover up the
gaps and shortfall through hiring of new faculty positions for teaching purpose to undergraduate and
postgraduate students so that senior faculty members have sufficient time for doing and supervision
of research and development activities to produce quality products in line with the market demands.

Strengthening library & other infrastructure facilities:

Library should be rich form up to date books journals and latest systems so student can download
eBooks of their interest. Student should have access of digital library not only inside the institute.
Educate student in way they don’t feel like they are entering in to prison instead of library.

No class and exams are arrange in lab, make lab free any time, so students are able to use system
according to their needs.


In 1999 the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa declared the institute autonomous through
notification No. So (UE) 1-47/98 on the 12-6-199 as the institute of Management sciences.

In 2002 the status as a legal entity was granted through the promulgation of the institute of
management sciences ordinance 2002 by the governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

In 2005 the Imsciences issue its own degree s to fuel academic growth and determine its own
strategic priorities.

Institute of Management Sciences is the foremost management school of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and
its recognition has been extended beyond the frontier. Today Imsciences offer degree programs for
Business administration, Information technology, Economics, Development studies and Public health
and offer morning and evening classes. As such student enrollment has been increased while the
teaching and research infrastructure facilities remained the same.
Therefore there is an urgent need to strengthen and upgrade the necessary teaching, research and
other academic infrastructure facilities at the IMSciences in line with existing education policy for
providing scientific and technological education.

7. Capital Cost Estimates: The total estimated capital costs of the proposed project are Pak. Rs. 3

8. Annual operating and maintenance cost after Completion of the project: The annual operation
& maintenance costs will be generate by the institute from its own resources and annual budget.
Therefore, no O&M costs will be required from the project fund during and after completion of the

9. Demand and supply analysis: The student enrollment in the Management Sciences has increased
which directly reflect the market demands for Management Graduates. The current infrastructure
research and academic facilities needs to be upgraded with latest scientific equipments and teaching

The strengthening and capacity enhancement of this institute will positively supply the increased
market demands for Management sciences Graduates.

10. Financial Plan and Mode of financing: Sponsoring Agency. The proposed project will be
financed by the Federal Govt. through the Higher Education Commission (HEC) during the CFY

Other Sources: Nil

11. Project benefits and analysis

i. Financial: The proposed project is basically aimed to enhance the quality of education and
research in an Academic institution and therefore may not produce any direct financial benefit to the
public. However with improvement in the quality of education and research will produce quality
faculty and researcher which will have overall positive impact on the national productivity and
growth of the economy.

ii. Social benefits with Indicators: The proposed project is expected to improved standard of
education and research facilities and hence will fulfill one of the basic social needs for having access
to quality education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The education will definitely bring a positive social
change in the attitude and behaviors of the peoples of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The major social indicators for measuring the benefits of the proposed project is the number of
student enrollment in Postgraduate programs or the increase in production of Ms/ Ph.D students from
the department.

iii. Employment generation: This project will generate employment hiring of new faculty for
graduate and postgraduate classes. Also it is expected that improvement in the standard and quality of
education will definitely increase the chances of better employment opportunities in the market.

iv. Environmental impact: The project will have positive impact on the overall environment as the
outgoing graduates will act as advocates for protection of environment and play role in changing the
attitudes and behavior of the masses and society as a whole towards environment security.
v. Impact of delays on project cost & viability: The project assessment has been done on the basis
of current market prices. However delays if any may increase the feasibility of the project costs
particularly systematic equipment because of increased market prices and inflation of Rupees against
international currencies. Therefore the project shall be implemented according to schedule in which
the price fluctuation if any has already been taken care off.

12. Implementation schedule: The project will be completed in a period of two years i.e. 24 months.
If approved, detail work plan will be prepared and work on the project will begin in July 2010 and
finish by June 2012.

13. a) Management of Project: The project will be implemented with help of the existing staff. The
Director, Project Manager and will be responsible for overall implementation and financial allowance
to the project as per approved work plan. Progress report will be submitted to the HEC and Ministry
of Education Islamabad.

b) Manpower requirement: For execution of the project new faculty staff will be hired from the
open market to fill up the gaps and shortage of teaching positions for undergraduate and postgraduate
classes for a period of two years.

14. Additional decisions required Not Applicable. to maximize socio- economic benefits.

15. Certificate: Certified that the project proposal has been prepared as per instructions of the
Planning Commission regarding preparation of PC-1 for Social Sector projects.

Prepared by:
Institute of Management Sciences
Hayatabad Peshawar.

Checked by
Institute of Management Sciences
Hayatabad Peshawar.

Approved by
Institute of Management Sciences
Hayatabad Peshawar.
2. Abstract of Estimated Costs of Project.

S.No. Description of Items Total Cost

(Pak Rs)
1 Hiring of Faculty Staff and Training1.00 M
for Existing Staff
2. Purchase of Books, Journals & other1.00 M
Reading Materials for Library
3 R & D lab and equipment for it 1.00 M

Total 3.0 M