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Insight Magazine

December 2010 -

New Year in style

X-mass Wow
Volume 14 NO.12

around the world factor decorations

Haifa Wehbe
on beauty, love
and 2011 stories
December 2010

The power people of 2010


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Naguib Sawiris, Carlos Slim, Dr. Magdy Yacoub, Khalid El Gibaly, Nawal El Degwi and Paul Antaki

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December Vol.14 No 12

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74 Haifa
On Beauty, love
Hot Lips 18-karat
white gold
ruby ring

80 Interviews Events / Parties
Magdy Yacoub 14 EllE Event
kate moss
In Fur Khalid El Gibaly 18 (in)sight Anniversary Party

Jacket Paul Antaki
Sherif Arafa
Nawal El Degwi
94 Cuisine Simple
48 Lessons in Success Christmas
Christmas Cookie

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62 Best of insight 2010
74 Cover Story 32 Feather & Fur
Haifa Wehbe 34 Leather & Lace
90 Simple Christmas 36 Boots & Blings
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112 Strength In Willpower: 38 Lifestyle slip - Lifestyle fit
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one tops my list of favourites.
Pages upon pages of the best of Insight
The Editor
for the whole year sums up the best of Nina G Yowakim
everything and then some! However, this
issue takes a slightly different route as it’s not 010-102-3105
Managing Director
just about showcasing the most successful Nancy G Yowakim
figures of the year but of those past as well; Editor-in chief
Maged Atteya
be it business profiles, media whizzes and of
course the hottest celebrities.
Bombshell Haifa Wehbe is on the cover Editorial Department
one more time, giving us her most exclusive 016-007-3537
news as well as her personal and career Sub & Managing Editors
achievements and beauty secrets! This hot Maysaa Dika
Nada Barakat
lady is always striking the right notes and is Contributing & Staff Writers
never far from the headlines. Fouad Al Khamy
We’ve also managed to snag interviews with Samantha Sery Fathelbab
Perween Esmat
none other than Dr Magdy Yacoub, Khalid Myrna Emad
Photography by Sharbel Boumansour
exclusively photographed for Insight.

Make up: Najat for Bassam Fattouh

El Gibaly, Nawal El Degwi, Paul Antaki and Contributing Photographers

Sharbel Boumansour
Sherif Arafa – each renowned and highly
On the Cover: Haifa Wehbe

respected in their fields and an inspiration to Art & Design

many. We talk to these inspirational people Senior Graphic Designer
Mohamad Maher
about success, their dreams and what they Graphic Designer
Hair: Andre G.

hope their legacy will be. Osama Gamal

Our 14th Anniversary party was the talk
Advertising Department
of the town as members of the glitterati, 016-587-1115 / 016-587-1116
celebs, friends and guests partied the night
away at Cairo hotspot Tamarai. We’ve Advertising Executive
Ramzi Waheed
got all the pictures and party tid-bits of Yasmin Hany
the beautiful and fabulous who helped us Rana Samir
celebrate another successful year. Here’s to Administration
more parties and anniversaries! Amany Emil
As 2011 is just round the corner, why not 016-007-3537
celebrate by doing something extra special Event Photography
to make those memories forever pleasant? Atef Naguib
We’ve got some amazing travel tips and Khaled El Hawary
suggestions so you can toast the New Year Circulation
in a truly glamorous way. Malak Zaki

Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! Samir Wanees

N. G. Yowakim Editor Shearling

P.74 P.74

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style • world news

What’s Asriana Lima and
the $2 MILLION bra!

Victoria’s Secret
worked with Damiani
to create their most
deluxe and bling-
worthy bra yet!
What was Prince William This year’s

MARC Marc Jacobs’ gold-

tone brass bird
thinking giving Lady D’s Bombshell
Fantasy bra
BY MARC rings are a sweetly ring to his bride-to-be is comprised
of 60 carats
chic adornment.
This delightful
Kate Middleton? white diamonds,
Set Of Two pair sit perfectly
together to play- William and Kate
82 carats topaz
and sapphires with
Gold-Tone fully accent your will become King bedazzled straps push-
up bra.
Bird Rings everyday ensem-
bles. Shown here
William and Queen
Cathering –using Victoria’s Secret
with an Alexander her birth name Angel Adriana Lima
McQueen ring, instead of Prince unveils the $2 million
Christian Louboutin Charles and Queen ‘Bombshell’ fan-
boots, Burberry Camilla – truth or tasy bra at Victoria’s
scarf, dare! They are Secret Soho store on
Vanessa engaged – YES – Wednesday, Oct. 20,
Bruno but are they going 2010 in New York
top and to get married!?
coat, Who knows.
bag and
Vince pants.

Lebanese artist Dolly

Dolly Heidi Klum & Seal

Chahine, who divides
her time between
Beirut and Cairo,
Host The WWO
recently got mar-
ried to Lebanese
producer and
Chahine Foundation Gala
director Bakhos
Alwane. “My Gets Fresh off of her annual Halloween
bash, Heidi Klum switched gears

marriage was a to host the Worldwide Orphans
surprise to every- Foundation Sixth Annual Benefit Gala
body,” Chahine in New York City on Monday evening.
said. “Bakhos and Joined by husband Seal, who provid-
I get along in our pri- vate ed entertainment for the attendees,
and professional lives; he already the couple spoke to the audience,
directed many of my music videos and he will con- which included “Wolverine” actor,
tinue to do that in the future,” she added. Chahine is Hugh Jackman and his lovely wife
set to star in an Egyptian sitcom along with artists Adel Deborra-Lee Furness.
Imam, Sawsan Badr and Sherif Ramzy.

12 insight
style • world news

Courtny Cox And
David Arquette
Getting Divorced?
Nancy On We were really upset last
month when we heard
A High Note Courtney Cox and David
Arquette had split - How
Currently, Lebanese singer could they do this to us?
Nancy Ajram is busy record- They were one of the good
ing her new album; slated to ones. But fear not; a few
be released at the beginning weeks have now passed, the
of summer. Ajram, who has dust has settled and it’s start-
already finished recording six of ing to sound like all’s not lost.
the 12 songs, also sang a duet In fact it’s starting to sound
with Lebanese singer Wael like their separation isn’t a
Kfoury. Meanwhile Ajram permanent thing, they’re def-
confessed in a television initely not filing for divorce
interview that since she was and they’re only on a break.
a child, she worried about Speaking recently to People
her future and finding magazine Courtney - who
stardom did not solve the was spotted wearing her
problem. On the contrary, wedding ring in LA last week
she is more stressed now. - admitted: “I don’t know
Talking about her private what will happen, but this is not like we’re getting divorced. This is
life, she said “family is a separation and I think that takes a lot of courage...” Okay, well
sacred for me”, noting that now we’re confused; one minute you’re not getting divorced, the
her family is very close to next you’re just taking a break and now you’re going on about how
her. “That’s the reason why I much you’ve grown apart. We can’t keep up.
always wanted to get married
and have a family.”

Kate Moss Launches Final

Topshop Collection
Bringing an end to her successful
fashion range, Kate Moss attended
the launch of her final seasonal
collection at Topshop Oxford Circus
in London, England on Monday

Hot Lips
November 1st.
Clad in a sparky black jumpsuit,
the super model greeted the many
attendees who were treated to
cocktails, deejay entertainment and
plenty of shopping offerings. Ruby-embellished lips and
blackened 18-karat white gold
make Solange Azagury-Partridge’s
sparkling ring a playful yet luxurious
cocktail adornment. Wear it to off-
set an all-black ensemble with
inimitable signature glamour.

14 insight
style • events new york event




Magazine 25




The biggest designers in the world gathered at the

Museum of Modern Art for Elle Magazine’s 25th anni-
versary party. Top talents from the magazine such as

editor-in-chief Robbie Myers and creative director


Joe Zee mingled on the red carpet with celebrities

like Padma Lakshmi, designers Diane von Furstenberg,
Patricia Field, Catherine Malandrino, Phillip Lim, Thom
Browne, Rachel Roy (who designs a jewelry collection
with Estelle) and Vera Wang, as well as Katie Cassidy
and Matthew Settle from “Gossip Girl”.

16 insight
style • events La event

Ashlee Simpson and Anne Jagger

Jennifer Morrison

Rose McGowen

Charlotte Ross

Megan Martin
Cassie Scerbo

Denim event
Cameron Silver and Joely Fisher


The ever-dapper stylist to the stars and

owner of high-end and couture vin-
tage stores Decades and Decades
Two; Cameron Silver, celebrated the
launch party of his own denim line with
Angelique Soave; Decades Denim. The
fete was hosted at the Beverly Hills home
of Julia Sorkin and drew a crowd of some
of L.A.’s most fashionable ladies, both on
Radha Mitchell

and off the screen. Ashlee Simpson chan-

Monet Mazur

neled Edie Sedgwick with the debut of

Ali Landry

Shiva Rose

her new blond pixie cut, big dangly ear-

rings and a mod black mini-dress. With
Cameron Silver involved, it was obviously
a very tasteful and chic event.

18 insight
site • parties

celebs & more...

party guests

tamer hagras and

sherif farahat
peter farag
& nancy
adam mowafi and friend

ZARIF AND ashwak baouca

party guest

All night celebrations

menna farouk, friend, dina naeem,

iman mekky, mai aly, friend, mohga
bakir and ekram zaki

Insight Magazine held their anniversary party last month at Tamarai,

marking Insight’s 14 years of success in celebration of its clients’s up port
and loyalty. The event also marked the release of the 6th edition of the
Best Of Cairo Guide 2011.
Guests were dressed up in formal black tie and red dresses, as the
theme was such to match the season’s festivities. The combination
of the magazine’s favoured guests dressed to the nines, gathered at
the hottest place in town brought off the absolute success to a great
celebration. nina george

20 insight
site • parties

22 insight