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More Mecha
This brief sequel to Future: 13 Mecha ABOUT THE AUTHOR
Devices does nothing more than expand on the
Philip Reed has been working professional-
mecha equipment lists found in the futuristic
ly in the roleplaying game industry since
SRD. Rather than waste any space explaining
1995. In that time he has worked for such
this PDF to you, I’m gonna just get to work
companies as West End Games, Privateer
and let you guys figure out what you want to
Press, and Steve Jackson Games. Today Philip
do with this stuff.
spends his days at home running Ronin Arts,
As always, more mecha rules and equip- writing and designing new games, and reading
ment can be found in Ronin Arts’ Future: whatever books interest him at the time. To
Datastream. learn more about Philip Reed – and Ronin Arts
OPEN GAME CONTENT – please visit and www.ron-
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by Philip Reed
Mecha Types Medium mecha cannot be made armless.
SIX-LEGGED MECHA (PL 5) A Large armless mecha has 9 equipment
Before quadrupedal mecha were deployed, slots instead of 7, gaining an extra slot in each
engineers worked with six-legged mecha “arm.”
designs. A six-legged mecha sacrifices equip- A Huge armless mecha has 13 equipment
ment slots for added stability and a decreased slots instead of 11, gaining an extra slot in
base purchase DC. Six-legged mecha gain a each “arm,” which now have 3 slots each (the
+6 stability bonus on checks made to resist hand slots being absorbed into the mecha’s
bull rush and trip attempts and have their base “arm”).
purchase DC reduced by 4.
A Gargantuan armless mecha has 21 equip-
Six-legged mecha have the exact same ment slots instead of 17, gaining two extra
number – and location – of equipment slots as slots in each “arm,” which now have 4 slots
quadrupedal mecha. Medium mecha may not each (the hand slots being absorbed into the
be made six-legged. mecha’s “arm”).
A Colossal armless mecha has 29 equip-
ARMLESS MECHA (PL 6) ment slots instead of 29, gaining two extra
Mecha can be built without arms, mounting slots in each “arm,” which now have 5 slots
weapon pods in place of the standard arms. An each (the hand slots being absorbed into the
armless mecha gains equipment slots but sacri- mecha’s “arm”).
fices its arms and hands – and all that that implies.

defense Systems Equipment Slots: 1, must be arm.

DEFENDER ENERGY SHIELD (PL 8) Activation: None, or move action (see
The Defender energy shield is a retractable text).
metal frame that emits a field of energy, form- Range: Touch.
ing a large shield that grants the mecha a +10
Target: You.
equipment bonus to Defense and electricity
and fire resistance 10. Duration: Persistent, see text.
When not deployed, the Defender energy Saving Throw: None.
shield retracts into the mecha’s arm. Purchase DC: 12 + one-quarter the
Deploying or retracting the shield is a move mecha’s base purchase DC.
action. Restriction: Licensed (+1).

Weapons An SEM-Q4 fired at an object does not
SEM-Q4 QUAKE MISSILE complete its programming. Instead, the attack
LAUNCHER (PL 7) deals 1d6 points of damage and the missile is
The SEM-Q4 is an unusual weapon, otherwise useless.
designed to fire “quake” missiles not at other The SEM-Q4 carries two quake missiles.
mecha or vehicles but, rather, at the ground Equipment Slots: 1 for the launcher, must
near enemy combatants. A quake missile, be hand (or arm if Large), arm, or shoulders; 1
when it impacts with the ground, burrows for each two-missile pack.
three feet into the ground where it slowly Activation: Attack action.
extends a thin, metal shaft deep into the earth. Range: 400 ft.
After six rounds, a small nuclear device is Area: 100-ft. radius burst, see text.
implanted deep beneath the surface that deto- Duration: Instantaneous.
nates, causing a minor seismic event that Saving Throw: Reflex (DC 25), see text.
affects the ground in a 100 ft. radius around
Purchase DC: 30 for the launcher and two
the impact site.
missiles, 16 per additional two-missile pack.
This sudden earthquake cracks the ground
Restriction: Military (+3).
immediately surrounding the impact site, cre-
Damage: Special, see text.
ating a 10 ft. deep crater than extends outward
20 ft. from the impact site. Any characters or Critical: –.
creatures caught in this zone are knocked Damage Type: Special, see text.
prone for 2d4 rounds and suffer 1d6+1 points Range Increment: –.
of damage from the sudden fall. Characters Rate of Fire: Single.
outside of the immediate crater zone, but with- Magazine: 2 int.
in the 100 ft. range of the minor quake, must Size: Huge.
make a successful Reflex save (DC 25) or fall Weight: 80 lb.
prone for 1d4+1 rounds.

Miscellaneous Equipment A mecha’s extinguisher tank holds a num-

FIRE-FIGHTING GEAR (PL 5) ber of shots of chemical spray based on the
A system of hoses mounted to the mecha’s mecha’s frame size: Medium-size 4, Large 8,
main body and arms, tied into a series of tanks Huge 16, Gargantuan 32, Colossal 64.
loaded with fire retardant chemicals, gives the A mecha equipped with fire-fighting gear
mecha excellent fire-fighting capabilities. loses one equipment slot.
When activated, the system ejects enough Equipment Slots: 1, equivalent.
extinguishing chemicals during a move action
Activation: Attack action.
to put out a fire in the squares immediately
taken up by the mecha and all adjacent Range: See text.
squares. Target: Mecha and all adjacent squares,
see text.

Duration: See text. deactivating the device requires an attack
Saving Throw: None. action. This device is otherwise identical to
Purchase DC: 5 + one-quarter the mecha’s the grappling tether personal equipment found
base purchase DC. in the futuristic SRD.
Restriction: None. Equipment Slots: 1, must be shoulder or
GRAPPLE LAUNCHER, MECHA Activation: Attack action.
Range: 400 ft., see text.
(PL 5) Target: See text.
A mecha grapple launcher is actually a Duration: See text.
series of four launchers mounted in the Saving Throw: None.
mecha’s shoulders or arms that are designed to Purchase DC: 12.
fire a heavy-duty grappler tag, a small disc
Restriction: None.
that functions exactly like the PL 5 personal
gear of the same name (only a full foot in
diameter). Each grappler tag is secured to the SWIMMERS (PL 5)
mecha with duracable, a steel cable that’s as Consisting of a series of propellers, minia-
flexible as rubber and 200 ft. in length. turized maneuvering fins, and directed thrust
When fired at a solid surface, requiring a engines, the swimmer package – which can
successful attack roll, the heavy-duty grappler only be mounted on a mecha equipped with a
tag attaches to the surface by magnetism (if life support system – boosts the mecha’s speed
the surface is ferrous) or by an array of nearly in water by +10 ft. A swimmer system is so
microscopic metal barbs (if not). The tag can small and light that it requires a negligible
then be used as an anchor for climbing, amount of space in a mecha and may be added
pulling, or any other purpose. As an attack to any existing mecha design.
action the device can be disengaged, releasing When activated, the swimmer system
the grappler tag’s hold. extends out from the mecha’s hull. When
Equipment Slots: 1, must be shoulder or deactivated a swimmer system lies flat against
arm. the mecha and is difficult – DC 25 Spot check
Activation: Attack action. – to see.
Range: 200 ft., see text. Equipment Slots: 0.
Target: See text. Activation: Free action.
Duration: See text. Range: Personal.
Saving Throw: None. Target: You.
Purchase DC: 8. Duration: See text.
Restriction: None. Saving Throw: None.
Purchase DC: 10.
GRAPPLING TETHER, MECHA (PL 7) Restriction: None.
Functioning in almost the exact same man-
ner as the PL 5 grapple launcher, the grappling MAGNETIC FEET (PL 6)
tether fires a series of anchors at a nearby The mecha’s feet are equipped with elec-
object, only the anchor is attached to the tromagnetic grippers that allow it to cling to
mecha by a beam of pure gravity energy that ferrous surfaces, including iron and steel. By
may be up to 400 ft. in length. Activating or activating the electromagnetic grippers –

requiring a move action – a mecha using its Purchase DC: 2 + one-quarter the mecha’s
magnetic feet increases its climb speed by +10 base purchase DC.
feet and need not make Climb checks to scale Restriction: None.
ferrous surfaces.
Magnetic feet are most frequently found on TELESCOPIC ARMS (PL 6)
mecha that are constructed for use in space,
Designed to extend a mecha’s base reach,
where the mecha may find itself clinging to
telescopic arms replace a mecha’s standard
the side of an allied – or, at time, enemy – star-
arms with extendable versions that increase a
mecha’s reach by +5 ft. Extending or retract-
Equipment Slots: 0. ing a mecha’s arms is near-instantaneous,
Activation: None, or move action (see requiring a move action. When retracted it is
text). impossible to see any change to the mecha’s
Range: Personal. arms, making telescopic arms a wonderful sur-
Target: You. prise when a mecha is involved in melee com-
Duration: See text. bat.
Saving Throw: None. When extended, the mecha is slightly off
Purchase DC: 6 + one-quarter the mecha’s balance, imposing a –2 penalty on all
base purchase DC. Dexterity checks and Reflex saves.
Restriction: None. A mecha equipped with telescopic arms
loses one equipment slot.
STABILIZATION SPIKES (PL 6) Equipment Slots: 1, equivalent.
Each of the mecha’s feet is equipped with a Activation: None or move action (see
telescoping spike that, when activated, drills text).
into the ground where a series of grippers Range: Personal.
extend outward and secure the mecha on its Target: You.
feet. When activated, a mecha equipped with Duration: See text.
stabilization spikes cannot be knocked prone. Saving Throw: None.
Stabilization spikes work in rock, earth, Purchase DC: 5 + one-quarter the mecha’s
and all but the hardest (hardness 40) of metals base purchase DC.
and armors. The system is equipped with a Restriction: None.
fail-safe device that immediately shuts down
the system if it’s used in a location that would
damage the spikes; in such an event, the spikes
remain retracted when activated. (PL 7)
A mecha equipped with stabilization spikes This large hangar – designed specifically to
loses one equipment slot. carry one medium-sized robot – may only be
Equipment Slots: 1, equivalent. mounted within the torso or back of a gargan-
Activation: None, or move action (see tuan or colossal mecha. This bay requires an
text). attack action to open or close, the bay doors
Range: Personal. located on the back or chest of the mecha
Target: You. (decided when the mecha is designed), the
door completely open or closed on the turn
Duration: See text.
following the activation. The bay includes a
Saving Throw: None. rejuvenation chamber that cuts the rejuvena-

tion period by 50% of any robot kept within grants an equipment bonus on attack rolls (+1
the bay. A mecha could, if it has enough avail- to +5) when using the stabilized weapon.
able equipment slots, carry more than one bay. Unlike a targeting system, the bonus cannot be
A more advanced model (PL 8, requiring 1 switched between the mecha’s weapons – it
more equipment slot, and with a purchase DC applies only to the stabilized weapon.
of 22) includes a robot repair unit that repairs The weapon stabilizer comes in five differ-
a robot that is held within the bay. ent categories (denoted Mark I through Mark
Equipment Slots: 2, 3 for the advanced V). The purchase DC – and number of equip-
model. ment slots required – varies depending upon
Activation: Attack action. the equipment bonus conferred.
Range: Personal. Equipment Slots: 1 (Mark I, Mark II, and
Target: You. Mark III systems) or 2 (Mark IV and Mark V
Duration: Persistent. systems), must be in the same location as the
stabilized weapon.
Saving Throw: None.
Activation: None.
Purchase DC: 19, 22 for the advanced
model. Range: Personal.
Restriction: None. Target: You.
Duration: Persistent.
WEAPON STABILIZER (PL 7) Saving Throw: None.
Purchase DC: 15 for Mark I (+1), 17 for
A computer-controlled stabilization sys-
Mark II (+2), 19 for Mark III (+3), 21 for mark
tem, specially constructed for a specific
IV (+4), 23 for Mark V (+5).
weapon, increases the weapon’s accuracy dur-
Restriction: Licensed (+1).
ing intense combat situations. The system

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