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Week of January 18, 2011

Homework Assignments
Spelling Words Monday:
Your child’s spelling list is  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day—Please take a few minutes this week
highlighted. They will only to talk with your child about who Martin Luther King, Jr. was and
take one list, NOT both. why he was important to our nation’s history.
Red list Blue list  Math—Practice your math flashcards!
1. whe 1. where  Spelling – Spelling- Use the new tic-tac-toe board to make 3
n 2. which selections during this week to study your Spelling Words. You need
2. whi 3. whine to do at least 3 activities on the sheet creating 3 in a row, up and
p 4. whisk down, across, or diagonal. It’s your choice which 3 to do!
3. wha 5. whiff  Reading and Comprehension Pages-Read the story, “Sam is Sad”
le 6. check and answer the questions SKILL: Summarizing
4. wh 7. child  DMR assessment for Week 14 is tomorrow review!
y 8. chunk Wednesday:
5. whi 9. chart  Read word wall words.
te 10. chick  Math—Fraction practice sheet (Pracitce19-4)
6. che  Spelling-Choose another activity to complete from your tic-tac-toe
Bonus Words
1. whiteout board.
2. chapter  Spelling –choose a third activity. Be sure to make a tic-tac-toe,
Dictation Sentence three in a row. Our test is tomorrow!
When the white whale hit  Read word wall words. I’ll be listening to you read your words!
his chin, he was sad.  Math-Practice your math flashcards
(Your child will be expected to write
this sentence on the spelling test.) Friday Assessments:
If your child has been working
on a different word list he or she • Spelling Test Citizenship
needs to continue to work on all • Daily Oral Language and Grade
words we all need to practice all Conventions Assessment
words please!
A+ A A-
Word Wall Words
**These are review words. **No word wall test B+ B B-

this week, we will be C+ C C-

* what * other reviewing words!
* could * there F
* many * which
Parent Signature _____________________________________________
** Donations needed- We are in need of Baby wipes and Disinfectant wipes to clean off tables and other areas that can
become germy in our classroom! If you can help just send some in Thank you **
By the way, your
children have been
doing GREAT in
Indiana Academic Standards for the Week: Special classes
Reading – Individual Guided Reading Groups are working on a variety of genres. and they received
Phonetic Skill—Middle vowel sounds and digraphs ch and wh a compliment
Writing –MLK jr writing and using sequence words and descriptive words in writing.
from the “guest
Math –Review all Math facts/ Middle of the year assessment 100 problems in 5 minutes.
Fractions, and congruent shapes continued. teacher” on
We will be assessing fractions and congruence this week. Thursday
afternoon. I
LOVE bragging! (227-1221)