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Ace Consultancy Pte Ltd.

SkillsFuture Work-Study Certificate (WSCert) Leading to Part-time
Diploma in Business Practice (Administration & Management)

Industry Practicum
Version Control Record
Version Effective Date Changes Author
Version 1 20 April 2020 Initial version Ace Consultancy Pte Ltd
Job Designation: Department:
Accounts Assistant Accounts
Module: Total tasks: Total OJT Hours
Industry Practicum 6 60 Hours
S/N Main Tasks OJT Hours
1 Manage Accounts Receivables 10
 Maintain timesheet/ disbursement ledgers
 Ensure correct invoice template is used
 Prepare invoices to be sent out in a timely manner
 Check accuracy of incoming payments
 Process incoming payments by recording and issuing
2 Main Task 2 10
 Task Element 2.1
 Task Element 2.2
 Task Element 2.3
 Task Element 2.4

3 Main Task 3 10
 Task Element 3.1
 Task Element 3.2
 Task Element 3.3
 Task Element 3.4

Total Practicum Hours for Semester One: 30

4 Main Task 4 10
 Task Element 4.1
 Task Element 4.2
 Task Element 4.3
 Task Element 4.4

5 Main Task 5 10
 Task Element 5.1
 Task Element 5.2
 Task Element 5.3
 Task Element 5.4

6 Main Task 6 10
 Task Element 6.1
 Task Element 6.2
 Task Element 6.3
 Task Element 6.4

Total practicum hours for Semester Two: 30

1. Main Tasks: Describe the main activities of the Job using the Task Analysis.
2. OJT hours: Provides the estimated time needed for training each task.
Job Designation: Accounts Assistant Department: Accounts
Module: Industry Practicum Total tasks: 6
S/N Main Tasks Task elements Key point Task Standard Skills & Training/Trainer OJT
Knowledge Guidelines Hours
1. Manage 1. Ensure correct 1. Ensure follow 1. 100% accuracy in Knowledge: Explain: 10
Accounts invoice template is up of payments verifying all clients’  General  Importance of
Receivable used with customers invoices accounting following SOPs when
before due dates procedures & handling accounts
2. Prepare invoices to 2. Accurate accounting receivable
be sent out within a 2. Identify late documentation and principles  Principles of debit and
day after the payment entry with no errors  Regulatory credit
goods/services are standards and  Understanding of
supplied 3. An email to 3. Submissions and compliance when to charge GST
notify recordings of related requirements
3. Check that sales customer/clients accounting records  MYOB Premier
pricing and credit that invoice is past are ensured on a  Indirect Demonstrate:
terms are correct due should be weekly basis Taxes: GST  How to prepare
sent immediately invoice and the types
after identification Skills: of invoice
4. Check accuracy of
of late payment  Analytical skills  How to resolve
incoming payments,
by matching the  Problem- discrepancies with
customer payment solving skills customers or sales
 Effective manager
details to that of the
AR ledger communication  How to process
s skills incoming payments by
 Time recording and issuing
5. Resolve receipts
discrepancies with the management
customer or sales skills
manager if payment is Practice & Feedback
still not received after Attitude:  Complete 3 Accounts
1 month  Meticulous receivable
 Analytical transactions
6. Process incoming  Cautious  Provide feedback on
payments by  Alert learner’s accuracy and
recording and issuing  Independent following SOPs
receipts on MYOB
S/N Main Tasks Task elements Key point Task Standard Skills & Training/Trainer OJT
Knowledge Guidelines Hours
2. Process Bank 1. Check company 1. Maintain 1. System and Knowledge: Explain: 10
Reconciliation records with accounting bank/cash are  Understand  Understanding of
bank’s record records and the correctly balanced basic bank statements and
(bank statement) process of monthly accounting software balances
and apply matching the principles  Basic concepts of
reconciliation balances of cash 2. 100% accuracy  How to use reconciliation using
methods accounts when recording daily MYOB Premier excel method
(unpresented bank and petty cash accounting
cheques, 2. Be familiar with transactions software Demonstrate:
deposits-in-transit the steps in  Company guidelines
and banks errors) recording bank 3. Reconciled Skills: and SOPs on
to match the two and petty cash balance and  Able to record performing bank
balances reconciliation statement end all information reconciliation
2. Request and balance is always data accurately  Use of excel
maintain sufficient equal after rectifying  Problem- effectively
funds in petty all discrepancies solving skills
cash every period  Critical-thinking Practice & Feedback:
(period depends skills  Use of MYOB
on company)  Cautious when Premier accounting
3. Ensure monthly handling software to process
bank statements accounts bank reconciliation
are intact  Provide feedback on
 Strong
4. Record all bank learner’s competency
and petty cash using the software
transactions on
daily basis with
matching system
and bank/cash
 Take initiative
5. Rectify any
discrepancies  Meticulous
upon coming  Responsible
across the issue  Disciplined
 Sense of
Module: Training Date
Industry Practicum 20 April 2020 to 19 April
Set-up Requirement

Resources Quantity Tick Comments

List the materials required for the OJT. For example
(i) Organisational procedures, guideline and forms;
(ii) Documents, Tools; and
(iii) Equipment and stationery

Personal computer 1 ✓
Shared printers 1 ✓
Papers and stationeries 1 ✓
Company’s Intranet for shared 1
documents such as reports and ✓
MYOB Premier (Accounting 1 ✓
Companies’ Act 1 ✓
Internet access to ACRA, IRAS, 1
Companies’ Act, corporate web
page and social media sites, ✓
Company Handbook 1 ✓

Prepared by / Designation Signature

Name / Accounts Assistant Liam
Liam Goh
Endorsed by / Designation Contact
Name / Senior Manager
6363 6798 (Liam’s)
David Lim
LEARNER’S NAME Charlotte Tan LEARNER’S I finished training for main task 1. Extra
REFLECTION training is not required as I was able to
DESIGNATION Accounts Assistant OF TASK maintain timesheet, disbursement ledger,
(MANDATORY) preparing invoice and the types of invoice
SECTION Accounts and receipt for incoming payment.
However, I have been reminded to be
more careful in my work and to ensure
that I do not skip steps so that I can avoid
making mistakes.
I have finished main task 2 training. I did
not require any more training as I was
able to demonstrate the Company’s
guidelines and SOPs on performing bank
reconciliation as well as the use of excel
effectively. I had some difficulty grasping
this concept initially but through practice I
have become more confident in this



INSTRUCTOR’S NAME Liam Ng TRAINER’S Charlotte is expected to be able to

FEEDBACK ON manage Accounts Receivable after the
DESIGNATION Accounts Manager LEARNER’S training. She has to learn the importance
PERFORMANCE of following SOPs when handling
SECTION Accounts
(MANDATORY) accounts receivable, Principles of debit
and credit, understanding of
disbursements in a legal firm context and
understanding of when to charge GST
She is competent to our company
standard after testing. However, naturally,
she still will make mistakes on step 4.
Which is checking the accuracy on
incoming payment. It is the only part
where she will have to take note in the
future and may need some supervision
on actual work.
Charlotte is expected to be able to
Process Bank Reconciliation after the
training. She has to have an
understanding of bank statements,
software balances and basic concepts of
reconciliation using the excel method.
Charlotte is very competent in this area.
She is able to complete the task with a
high standard and without mistakes. I
would trust to let her complete the task
without any supervision.
APPROVED BY# David Lim COMMENTS Charlotte although fairly new but has been
(MANDATORY) very hardworking. Though she has made a
DESIGNATION fair share of careless mistakes in the start,
Director she learnt to overcome the difficulties and
has been able to reduce the number of
mistakes made over time. Overall, she has
a positive attitude and is eager to learn.

DATE 8/4/2021 SIGNATURE David

*Performance rating (PR): C – Competent NYC – Not Yet Competent
#Approval must be made by a management representative of the Participating Company
Semester 1
S/N Main Tasks Training Date Total Hours PR* Signature
Learner Instructor Mentor
1 Manage Accounts 1/11/2020 10 C Benjamin Liam Emma

2 Process Bank 3/11/2020 10 C Benjamin Liam Emma


3 Financial Closing 10/11/2020 10 C Benjamin Liam Emma



*Performance Rating (PR): C - Competent NYC - Not Yet Competent

Semester 2
S/N Main Tasks Training Date Total Hours PR* Signature
Learner Instructor Mentor
4 Main Task 4 19/10/2021 10 C Benjamin Liam Emma
5 Main Task 5 26/10/2021 10 C Benjamin Liam Emma
6 Main Task 6 2/11/2021 10 C Benjamin Liam Emma

*Performance Rating (PR): C - Competent NYC - Not Yet Competent