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Smart Pole Technical Specifications

LED Light power : 30W 90W

Flux : 3600 10800lm
Protection Grade : IP67
Smart LED Lighting Working Temperature : -200C ~ + 550C
Hybrid Working : Both battery & AC
Intelligent Dimming Controls
Multilevel Energy Savings
Motion Sensor Dimming Controls
MPPT based Solar charging
Solar Panel : 150W 1000W
Battery Voltage : 24V
Battery capacity : 150Ah 800Ah
Battery chemistry:- Lead acid, Li-ion, LiFePO4 etc.
Solar Charging 3 Level charging
Short circuit protection
Night leakage protection
Reverse Polarity Protection
Overcharge/ Deep discharge protection
& many more

Input Voltage : 110V 230VDC

Hybrid AC charging / changeover Frequency : 45 65Hz
AC Charging Enable : Battery <50%
Load Switch Over to grid : Battery <50%
AC Disable : Battery >75%

High Definition LED Display

LED Display Billboard Constant current driver
High brightness level
Payment based advertisement
Wifi Hotspot Wifi module to broadcast internet in that area
With payment based data allocation
PTZ Dome/Bullet Camera
HD camera
HD CCTV camera 1.3 MP HD camera
Max Power 18W
Day Night IR camera
Intercom based Connection
Each Pole connected to Control Room
2 Way Audio One speaker, Microphone on each pole
One touch button to connect to control room
Panic button
Communication MODBUS RS485/ PLC for power management
RFID for personal management
E vehicle Charger 1KW Electric AC /Solar Charging
Working Voltage : 220VAC
Output Current : 10A - 30A Max
Output Voltage: 24V 110V.
AutoDetect battery voltage
As per detection provide charging voltage
Payment Card Compatibility