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Liproll sample

Because that is what we are gonna watch today

Because napom and zero does some liprolls.

Well napom does.

But zero incorporates them to his routines as well together with crazy combos with his btks and lip

Zero vs Napom guys!

Like, I love napom. He played a big role which got me into beatboxing.

And right now, we are gonna watch the battle between napom and zero.

This was the grand beatbox battle online.

This is no joke. This is from swissbeatbox.

I'll go put the original video link down below so you could go check more of their videos and SUBSCRIBE
to them if you still haven't.

Okay so we are gonna go to the video but before we do that, if you're new here my name is christian
and I do some beatbox covers but mostly reactions, and if u want to check more of my videos please
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And without any further adue!

Let us go the video.