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Asian Institute of Management & Technology


Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 100

Answer any FIVE Questions
All Questions carry equal marks

1. A hydraulic lift consists of a 25 cm diameter ram which slides in a 25.015 cm diameter

cylinder, the annular space being ¯lled with oil having a kinematic viscosity of 0.025
cm2=sec and speci¯c gravity of 0.85. if the rate of travel of the ram is 9.15 m/min, ¯nd
the frictional resistance when 3.0m of the ram is engaged in the cylinder.
2. (a) De¯ne and distinguish between stream lines, streak lines and path line. When do
these three lines coincide?
(b) A u-tube di®erential manometer has been arranged to measure the pressure
di®erence between two points A and B in a sloping pipeline conveying water. The point
B lies 20 cm higher than point A. If the di®erence in the level of mercury in limbs of U-
tube is 60 cm, calculate the pressure di®erence (pA ¡ pB).
3. (a) Derive the Darcy-weisbach equation for friction head loss in a pipe.
(b) Water is °owing through a horizontal pipe line 1500m long and 200mm in diameter.
Pressures at the two ends of the pope line are respectively 12Kpa and 2Kpa. If f = 0.015,
determine the discharge through the pipe in litres per minute. Consider only frictional
loss. [8+8]
4. (a) Derive the expressions for force and work done per second by the jet when it strikes
a °at vertical plate moving in the direction of the jet and away from the jet.
(b) A jet of water of 75mm diameter strikes a curved vane at its center with a velocity of
20m/sec. The curved vane is moving with a velocity of 8m/sec in the direction of jet.
Find the force exerted on the plate in the direction of the jet power and e±ciency of the
jet. Assume the plate to be smooth. [8+8]
5. (a) List and write elaborately about the elements of Hydroelectric station with neat
sketches .
(b) The head and discharge of a hydro electric plant are 28m and 330m3=sec
respectively. The installed turbine works with an e±ciency of 86%. Find the power
developed. [10+6]
6. (a) How does the energy convert from water to runner in tangential °ow turbine?
Explain with a neat diagram and derive the equation for work done.
(b) A Pelton wheel has to produce 9000 Kw under a head of 300 m and with a speed of
800 rpm. If the overall e±ciency is 80% determine the diameters of the wheel and nozzle.
The coe±cient of velocity Cv = 0.9 and Speed ratio Ku = 0.45. [8+8]
7. (a) Explain how the performance of same class of turbines be compared ? Derive the
expressions for unit power and unit discharge.
(b) A Kaplan turbine develops a power of 8000 Kw with ´m = 0:9; ´º = 0:92 and ´h = 0:87
. The head and speed of the turbine are 200m and 150 rpm. Calculate all the unit
quantities. Find the power when head reduces to 40%. [8+8]
8. (a) Di®erentiate between rotodynamic pumps and positive displacement pumps.
Explain the working of a positive displacement pump with a neat sketch.
(b) De¯ne and explain how manometric head of a centrifugal pump is measured ?
Compare this with totalhead, suction head and delivery head of a centrifugal pump. [8+8]