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…and we can order FREE Delivery for

tons of educational Seniors & those with restricted
stuff for kids!
mobility, as well as those
who are self-isolating
Call for more info
Office Supplies (250)378-6882
Printing & Engraving (250)378-6808
1951 Garcia St., Merritt, BC 2037 Quilchena Avenue, Merritt BC 250-378-2155


News, opinion, community events since 1996! Box 2199, Merritt, BC V1K 1B8
Tel: (250) 378-5717 Fax: (250) 378-2025 Email:

this week Celebration of Life Multiple counts of
100% Canadian aa/aaa sexual misconduct PUB OPEN
BarOn Of Beef rOasts
Full time, wage negotiable with level of experience. Merritt resident Skylar McLeod, 24, is Wed - Sat 12noon - 2am
View full posting on our facebook page. Please drop charged with 1 count of sexual interfer-
resume off in person at 2051 Voght St. or email it to us at
Come check us out!
ence and 2 counts of assault involving an RESTAURANT 10am-10pm, closed Mon unspecified number of children.
Police say the incidents are alleged
to have occurred over the long weekend
LIQUOR STORE Daily 9am-11pm
while McLeod was drunk, Aug. 2 at the
Claybanks RV Park in Merritt. SENIORS’ DAY
He also faces 3 counts of failing to
comply with a probation order, one spe-
Thursday 1-5pm
cifically related to interaction with chil- Food & drink specials
Eva Nagy dren. Anyone with info who has not yet
spoken to police is asked to call Merritt
2350 Voght St., Merritt • 250 378-2254
August 10,1964 - March 6, 2020 RCMP at 250-378-4262.

A Celebration will be held at Eva’s
9:00-11:00 FOR&WALK-INS
2:00-4:00 PM son’s place, 2545 Kinvig St., Lower
9:00-11:00 AM & •2:00-4:00
Work Clothing &PM
9:00-11:00 AM & 2:00-4:00 PM
• Resumes & Cover Letters Gear Nicola, Saturday & Sunday, August 8 Shortened hours at City Hall
• Resumes & Cover Letters • Work Clothing & Gear
• Current Job Postings
• Current Job Postings
• Government Funding
• Government Funding
& 9, 2020 starting at 1pm. Due to the overwhelming adoption
Donations & flowers may be brought
Bob Dempster
• Career
• Resumes & Planning
Cover Letters •• Disability
• Work Supports
Clothing & Gear
• Career Planning Disability Supports
of online payments, and the July 31st
• 1• on
• Current1Job 1 Workshops
on 1Postings
Workshops •• Self Employment
• Government Funding
Self Employment
on the day of the Celebration. Please early payment discount date for resi-
• Skills Training Programs
• Skills Training
• Career Planning • Disability Supports help Eva’s family celebrate her life. dential utilities, City Hall will have re-
• 1 on 1 Workshops • Self Employment Programs 250-378-7169 7 days a week
duced opening hours for cash and debit
• Wage Subsidies for Employers areavailable
Website comment
• Wage Subsidies for Employers are
• Skills Training
payments. Until Sep. 4, the hours will be
Re: ‘At the Bridge’
• ASETS is now located in our office
• ASETS is now located in our office Text or Talk 11:00am - 11:00pm
• Wage Subsidies for Employers are available
________________________________________ 10am to 12noon Mon-Fri. The reduced
WorkBC is now
offers FREElocated
FREE in &&
PROGRAMS our office
and 1-1 assistance with an Employment Advisor. Just ordered At The Bridge from Am- hours will provide City Hall staff ad- Merritt’s DELIVER ANYTHING
and 1-1 assistance with an Employment Advisor.
azon. My wife was born at Shackan, 14 ditional time to respond to phone and professional
WorkBC offers FREE
ANYTIME FOR INFO PM& SERVICES, email inquiries. Residents can phone
MONDAY-FRIDAY 8:30 AM-4:30 miles from Bridge, 71 years ago.
and 1-1 assistance
AM-4:30 PM Advisor. 250-378-4224 and schedule a meeting
Thank the creator we have people like
on Facebook & Twitter
FOR &INFO this author. — James Bergh with a City employee or the Mayor.

Experience NV
@workbcmerritt on Facebook
Smart Step bike registration M/W/F 8:30-11:00am & Tues./Thurs. 6:30-8:00pm
250-378-5151 Smart Step Youth Summer program is Central Park Sports Box 
@workbcmerritt on Facebook & Twitter gets shout-out from registering bike serial numbers, so that
you will be able to have records of your
Drop-ins welcome. Demo paddles and instructions avail-
2099 Quilchena Avenue, Merritt, BC able.  FMI  call Gary 250-280-0105 or Ayton  250-378-5691
bike. Registration is on Saturday Aug. 8,
“Many BC communities are stuck in 2-5pm in Spirit Square. All you need is
limbo, waiting for their tourism associa- your bike.
tions to provide solutions regarding the Farmers’ market
drop as a result of COVID-19. In response The NV Farmers Market is on every
to this situation, a group of locals and vol- Saturday 9:30am-1pm ‘til Thanksgiving.
unteers in Merritt have taken matters into They have honey, meat, baked goods and
their own hands with a new awareness seasonal produce, soaps, grooming & well-
campaign, Experience Nicola Valley. The ness products, jewellery & children’s ac-
program provides small communities cessories! Parking lot next to Baillie House,
real-time tools, platforms, and training on Voght St. Still accepting vendor appli-
sessions—enabling locals to create quali- cations for local makers/bakers/growers.
ty authentic stories and experiences via a Conayt’s Memorial project
(250) 378-5575
2052B Quilchena Ave. 250-378-5575 “Living” website, blog site, and live talk
show. To date, the program has created
The call for Nicola Valley artists design
contest is for a memorial project that will over 180+ blogs, 60+ website pages, 4 so- serve to honour the lives and legacies of
cial media channels, and 8 live talk show Murdered and Missing Indigenous Wom-
episodes featuring tourism activities, small en and Girls, and LGBTQ2S individuals.
businesses, nonprofits, events, and more. All artistic designs, mediums and sizes are
In doing so, they have captured over 600+ encouraged to be submitted, from an indi-
SPACE FOR YOUR AD new top 10 search results on Google for top vidual artist or a team of artists. Deadline
TEL 378-5717 - FAX 378-4700 community and regional keyword phras- for submissions is Aug 14, review & selec-
es. This volunteer community engagement tion will be Aug 31. Completion deadline
MARKET@UNISERVE.COM effort has brought the community together is Nov 30. FMI womenswellness@conayt.
to ensure a better, stronger future.” com or 250-378-5701.
I asked my wife, “If he refuses to sleep during nap time, is our son... guilty of resisting a rest?”
Pay Mistakes One day, an employee received an unusually large check. She decided not to say
anything about it. The following week, her check was less that the normal amount, and she con-
fronted her boss. “How come,” the supervisor inquired, “you didn’t say anything when you were
overpaid?” Unperturbed, the employee replied,
A R T S H O W at the C O U R T H O U S E A R T S G A L L E R Y

GARAGE SALES - AUG 7 & 8 “Well, I can overlook 1 mistake, but not 2 in a row!”
1 Baillie House flea market , daily 10am-12pm & 2-4pm.
2 3390 Grimmett St, SAT 8am-2 pm. Moving sale
Merritt’s Auto Glass 2001
Specialists INC.
3 1849 Pineridge Dr., SAT & SUN 9am-4pm.  Moving:
Furniture, books, movies, baby, kitchen
ICBC Claims
The Bee Show
4 1716 Granite Ave. SAT. 9am-2pm. •Commercial •Residential
A Community Exhibition
Driveway Sale: vintage & antiques, 3 •Automotive •Industrial
of Art and Beekeeping Displays bass guitar amp, etc. 2663 Granite Ave. (next to Fountain Tire)
5 Fall Fair Bldg, 319 Lindley Crk 378-4531
Rd, SAT 9am-2pm. Donations
accepted at the door, FMI
July 17-
Cliff, Martha 378-2303
August 22, 2020
Reg. Hours: Thurs to Sat, 12-6pm
6 2582 Coutlee Ave. SAT 1
Tools, frames, etc. 8
Reception 4
7 2699 Quilchena 7
Thurs July 23, 4-7pm 6
Honey Refreshments Outside
Ave., SAT 10am-2pm.
Covid 19 Protocol in place
(physical distance, masks) Weather perm.
Nicola Valley
Community Arts
8 1874 Douglas St., SAT
10am-4pm & SUN 10am-
2pm. Social distancing.
9 2800 McLean Pl., SAT 5
1840 Nicola Ave., Merritt, BC | (250)378-6515 | |


FRIDAY EDITION — AUGUST 7, 2020 #3454 Merritt’s Auto Glass 2001
Box 2199, Merritt, BC V1K 1B8 T: (250) 378-5717 F: (250) 378-2025 E:
Specialists INC.
TRANSFER case for 97-00 $200. 280-7499 COFFEE table & 2 end table & 2 lamps

Your photos or art on a mug — great gift!

$120, or sell sep. 378-5546
BAILLIE HOUSE Flea market. Daily
10am-12pm & 2-4pm.
4 GOODYEAR Assurance all season
tires (sun, rain, snow flake, M + S mark- SMALL glass/metal frame coffee table. ICBC Claims
ings)  215/55R16 $100. 315-0133 Glass cabinet 378-5968
personal 4 5-BOLT Dodge 16” rims with valves, MOTORIZED medical bed $450 378-5140 •Commercial •Residential
$100. 378-2410
Office Supplies (250)378-6882
REWARD $300, Lost grey & white neu-
tred cat upper bench, Louie tattoo MEJ 6. 05 SUBURBAN $5000obo 378-6460
GLASS desk & leather chair, near new
$60 525-0329 •Automotive •Industrial
Printing & Engraving (250)378-6808 Call (250)280-7555
EXPERIENCED, friendly western horse-
99 FORD Ranger 4x4 $3000 firm. Ron
GLASS round coffee tbl w/ metal base.
Brand nw twin-size smart foam mat-
2663 Granite Ave. (next to Fountain Tire)
1951 Garcia St., Merritt, BC back rider looking to ride in the Merritt
area. If you have a few horses & would like
97 CADILLAC Coupe de Ville, 4-dr tress. 3 solid wd dining chairs. 4 brnd
nw full upholstered dining chairs. King-
$2500obo 315-9436
a companion rider plse text 604-817-8670 77 BUICK Skylark hatchback $5000 size mattress, grt cond. Beautiful brand-

Complete renovation services I COLLECT pop bottles & cans, if you

have empties to get rid of, 250-525-0471
64 CADILLAC de Ville 2-dr hardtop gd
ed fabric sofa w/ custom built qu-size
bed in it. Wht wardrobe dresser. Solid
wd TV stand on whls. Computer desk.
Local contractor/carpenter available for any LOST: bag of assorted wrenches. Re- parts car, all chrome, no eng, has trans. 778-639-0052 HEL
ward offered. Mess. 378-6285, 378-6654 $800 firm, must be trailered. 84 Olds 98 D OV
renovation work you need done: NEED HELP with general weeding. Ex- 305, 4-spd auto, 4-dr grt demolition/parts VILES maple coff. tbl $150 378-3488 ER!
perience necessary. 378-6266 car $800 gd body, runs/drives. 85 Old- ENT. CENTRE 54”w x 52”hx22” d, lots
Flooring Kitchen Doors smobile chrome 305 4-dr, 4-spd, ruons of storage $50 315-2257


WTD: someone to mow lawn 378-8838
LITTLE POLE ARTIST STUDIOS. great, great body, $1250 378-8156 for sale - electronics/software
Drywall & cabinets Trim work Are you coming to Aug’s 6-wk beginners FORD 5.8 v8 eng c/w auto trans & aux.
LAPTOP. LG subwoofer. Bell HD re-
painting Bathroom Bathroom & course in Merritt? Starting at $100 until trans from 94 F150 4x4, all in exc cnd,
ceiver 778-639-0052
Jul 31, then price increases. Want to feel offrs 378-4904
Windows fixtures kitchen tile CANNON printer IPF610 w/ spare 24”
sexier in our own skin? Wish to involve
creative movement in your life and wear
TRUCK canopy, fits F-150 6’ 6” truck
bed. Green fibreglass with screened  photo paper, nds nw cartridge, offers
All work guaranteed, reasonable rates, reliable a better version of you out into the world? sliding side windows $200. 936-8484
LIKE NEW Panasonic answering ma-
Yessss? Of course you do and now’s the after 5PM See something eye-catching? Sketch it!
References available upon request time to do it. FMI 250 539 -8119 or check 00 FORD F150 pickup. Backrack & chine with bluetooth, includes 5 handsets
with a belt clips. batteries are excellent
Text/call Ken 250-315-6105 us out on facebook
LOOKING FOR violin lessons. Contact
good winter tires. Good for farm ve-
hicle, some rust, as is. Moving must condition. $70obo 378-5004
TELUS Satellite Dish & 2 receivers: 1 is me 315-9789. Please leave a message. I sell. $1200obo 280-0779
mdl 6131 HDTV Dolby Digital, 1 is  mdl
A FREE program, easy to do with COVID-19 precautions.
have violin already 04 FORD F150, 200l, 4-whl drv $7000 Share your sketch impressions of interesting, local, natural
or trck & 5th whl $12,000 378-2547 9241 HDTV DOLBY Digital. 378-5004,
TOASTMASTERS CLUB Develop 604-704-4445 and cultural sights. Enter your best sketches in the draw
confidence, communications, and lead- FREE: 02 Ford Explorer v8 for parts
ership skills, if we can get 20 members 250-319-7776 TECHNICS electric keyboard -$200 for gift certificates, supporting local business.
to form a chartered club. Contact Alby - paid $5,000 originally - for more info
A R T S H O W at the C O U R T H O U S E A R T S G A L L E R Y PARTING OUT 98 Dodge Durango, call 525-1166
emailing motor blown, but so many new parts
FOUND: Set of keys @ the Allan Col- $1000obo. Richard 778-227-0652 FREE: older 26” tv, beaut. colour, works
lett Bridge near info panel. Call to ID great, free to take away 378-2504 The how-to-sketch video and more information:
ONE 205/60RX15” summer General EPSON printer, wrks well $25 525-0329
378-6808 Tire. Joe 378-2676
FREE property metal detecting. Find out PANASONIC dvd home theatre sound
07 DODGE Dakota, auto. 4x4 crew cab system, 4 small speakers, 1 large sub-
what’s in your soil. 936-9356 for details. w/ 200k on it new transmission & front Register online for a free sketchbook and share
Bondable. woofer, dvd machine $150 378-8823
end bearings & brakes all done. Truck
NEED SOMEONE to cut lawn & basic runs great. $7000 378-5668 TECHNICS 4-component stereo sys- your work with the community
gardening. 280-0671 tem old school, with speakers, lk nw
for sale - pets / livestock $400obo 280-0543

The Bee Show

WANTED: Mechanic to do repairs.
Please call Howie 378-8764 or 280-1400. WTD: Grey/white tabby kitten 280-2211 HOME  SECURITY System still in box 
5-GAL aquarium pd $289, reduced to $100. 378-6027
forming 250-408-4016 w/ pump & access $60 250-641-7241 for sale - recreational
A Community Exhibition 26” ENGLISH girth for mini/pony,
services 16’ X 32’ swimming pool cover/tarp $25.
of Art and Beekeeping Displays $30 Mini headstall with snaffle, $50. 378-6217
EXPERIENCED dog sitter available w/ Draft-size English saddle w/ stirrups &
large, fenced yard and lots of TLC. Text 2-MAN fly-fishing viking boat w/ new
leathers, $250, and nw bridle w/ snaffle custom made trailer $1450 378-2337
604-817-8670 & plaited reins, $150. Nylon horse hal-
PAINTING SERVICES, drywall repair, 12 ADVENTURER camper fully load-
ters, $10 ea. Lrge, sturdy dog harness, ed, one owner immac. cond. 378-9782
interior and exterior painting, 315-5194 $20 378-2410
July 17- DR1VEWAY ASHPHALT paving, low CAT TOWER w/ bed, nw $30 378-6272
YOUTH batting helmet $10 378-2410
August 22, 2020 pricing now! Spring & summer. 315- 94 WINNEBAGO Vectra 35 ft Die-
AWESOME CKC black lab for stud sel Pusher (M-35RQ). 5.9L Cummins,
6105 for free driveway quote 378-5038
Reg. Hours: Thurs to Sat, 12-6pm
HOUSEKEEPING 378-4022 Spartan Chassis Diesel, rns gd, prfct tiny
DUCKS $20 each. Nigerian dwarf goats, home. $10,000obo. Call/txt 604-817-8670
WTD: reliable lawn maintenance, must 3 boys 936-8368, 778-661-0344 CAMP CHEF outdoor camp oven model
have ride-on mower & weekwacker for YOUNG kittens & young cat to gd C-oven, lk nw $150 378-9009
List your garage sale &/or get our listing mail-out
Thurs July 23, 4-7pm a lrgr site 1-800-361-8111, 378-6331 w/
Honey Refreshments Outside exper. & refs.
homes 778-661-0344, cell 936-8368 LADIES Golf clubs- full set in bag. Email:
DOG CRATE 3Lx3.5Hx3W asking $40. $125obo 378-6272
Covid 19 Protocol in place PAINTING, fencing, roofing, looking 280-0569 or e-mail
for jobs 450-231-1611 1949 ANTIQUE boat motor, looks
(physical distance, masks) BOURBAN Red turkey chicks, in Lower beautiful, 1.25hp Elgin motor, $200 firm
Nicola Valley
Community Arts ing(lawn care, hedging, pruning, garden-
Nicola. $20each 936-8726
WANTED: 2 female rabbits, breeding
16’ NASH travel trailer, exc cond. nw
M/W/F 8:30-11:00am & Tues./Thurs. 6:30-8:00pm
ing), general labour.  Licensed, equipped. 
Central Park Sports Box 
age. 378-2136 batt./tires $9200obo 378-6915
On Facebook. 250 280 7077
WTD:  Female guppies 378-6289 BRAKE control for trailer or RV $85. Bag
TC PAINTING inter. only, licensed &
insured 315-1644 for sale - miscellaneous Boy golf cart, exc cond. $65 378-8140 Drop-ins welcome. Demo paddles and instructions avail-
1840 Nicola Ave., Merritt, BC | (250)378-6515 | |
DRYWALL, textured ceiling, painting. OLD WALKING plow, restored John
HVY BAG for workout $60 firm 280-0543
REMINGTON 1100 12 ga. trap 2-3/4”
able.  FMI  call Gary 250-280-0105 or Ayton  250-378-5691
Call Jeff (250)378-3709, (250)315-2066 Deere $300obo 378-4904
CERTIFIED TREE FALLER, w/ wd 2 barrels, both muzzle braked 1-30” full
BUG zapper $10 hardly used. Food vac choke, 1-25” w/o choke tubes, beaut. wd
chipper, sml truck & trailer, will do resi- sealer $5. 7-qt Presto press. canner exc
dential, fruit trees, etc. 378-6431 stock $700obo. 378-4904
cold $20. Speakers for outdoors $10 exc
SMALL ENGINE repair, tune-up, lawn- cnd. Outdr lounge, $5 exc cnd 378-0487 MISC. BOAT accessories: marine batt.,
mower blade sharpening & balancing. bilge pump, lots more. 378-5813
SHOPRITE Weflo Cadence G3.9 tread-
936-8083 mill $449 from Can. Tire 250-641-7241 96 POLARIS R.M.K. snowmobile. Lots
NW HOME BUILDER offering serv. as of power, compression good. Sitting 3
FREE: 48”x 78” 2-piece Glass sliding years under cover. As is moving must
prjct mgr + nw renovation projects. Spe- Closet door, one piece lk nw, other has a
cialize in finish carpentry, flooring tiling sell. $500. 280-0779
cracked glass, c/w track & all hardware.
& laminate. free est. Call/text Ken 315-
Pick it up @ 2202 Garcia st 00 ARCTIC Cat 300 quad, lw mil.
$1500obo. 23.5’ 5th-whl 2001 w/ slide
TEL 378-5717 - FAX 378-4700
LOT OF LUSH bath products, powder $6000. 378-2547
EAGER, RELIABLE man w/ 4x4 truck & perfume, $70. Capezio MJ tap shoes
& trailer, avail. Dump runs, deliveries, as new, size 8.5/9,  $35. Fitbit Alta HR, MOTORHOME 85 Pace Arrow 32”,
plywood, sand, gravel, appl., housewares NIB, $105. 378-2410 less that 3000km on new 454 eng. dual
Greg 315-7525, (250)320-2054 Fast, fuel c/w tow bar $5000obo 378-1957 MARKET@UNISERVE.COM
NEW brown outdoor carpet (140” x 125”)
courteous service $30. Plush beige area rug w/ sml dusty 12’ KLAMATH boat/9.8 Merc, boat
WOODY’S TREE services, pruning, re- rose/blue flwrs (94Lx63W) $75, grt shape. does not leak/prfct cond. Rated for 20hp
moval, hedges, anything to do with trees Free brown bookcase. Txt 604-817-8670 engine deep & stable 12’. Comes with
315-8087 9.8 Merc just did impeller runs perfect,
NIGHTHAWK wheelchair $50 378-5038 electric motor, fish finder, swivel seats,
GRANNY’S House Quilting & Retreat NEW carpets/rugs. Many household rod holders, down rigger and trailer.
has fabric and sewing notions. 378-3734 items 778-639-0052 $2200obo 315-9377
employment opportunity SML Folding mesh playpen with sun for sale - tools/equipment
HELP WTD: Labourer for occ. wrk, will cover, new $25 378-6272
trai person, pls call for more info 1-800- FRESH DILL for sale 315-8087 3000W inverter, Hibo inflatable boat,
361-8111, 315-1000. Or send fax w/ re- LRGE orchid cactus (just starting to Briggs/Stratan Pacer fire pump 378-5038
sume 604-985-2508 bloom, many buds) $50 Phone/text SMALL generator $125 378-3496
MERRITT LEGION Accepting re- 778-255-0675 BRADFORD BUILT flatdeck, new
sumes for part-time on call bartenders. AQUASCAPE Ultra 550gph pond condition and never installed, with under
May drop them off at the Lounge be- pump. $60 250-434-8378 deck tool boxes and 5th wheel hitch. Fits
tween 1pm & 4pm Thurs-Sat DILL and/or  rhubarb for sale, offers a standard size pickup $ 3500 315-2898
childcare 315-9235 Lower Nicola
PARACORD bracelets, survival brace- STIHL FS 38 weedeater $125. 378-3496
AVAILABLE for childcare $20/hr 378- HUSQ. 552L/550EX, lawnmower, 1 yr
2254, rm 208 lets, keychains, etc. Custom made for
BABYSITTING COURSE certified you or browse instagram pg at  grewolf old, new cond $300 315-1648
babysitting services avail. evenings & _designs 280-4004 GUTTERS  vinyl and metal good condi-
wkends. Genuine, attentive, caring, help- TORCH-ON roofing: 1 full roll, 6 par- tion assorted lengths, also hangers straps
ful, hardworking. Plenty of experience tial rolls $75obo 378-4043 end caps downspouts clips , etc 315-9235
with babies. Electra 280-3237 NR-NEW Mattress Topper from Jysk MASTERCRAFT 2-gal air compressor
Kamloops, twin size “Wellpur Gold”, $70 378-4853
for sale - appliances 3” thick. Tried twice to discover I don’t B&D ELECTRIC lawn edger, high
NW Microwave. Toaster oven. Noma like “MemoryFoam”. $75. 315-1648 torque gear drive 2hp, used only few
oil filled heater. Heat dish. Fan BRICKS: 100’s of new Grey Jumbo’s, times $75obo. Yardworks 12” electric
778-639-0052 7.50 x 3.75 x 5, 1/2 price at $0.80 ea. 100’sweed whacker $25. B&D 10” weed RETIRED GENTLEMAN looking for rent
FRIGIDAIRE gas stove on prop. Con- of used Red Bricks at $0.50 each 378-6787 whacker $25 525-2021, 378-5004 for a rent to own real estate property
vection & slf cln, brnrs wrk/ovn nds re- FREE: Lilac hedge 7x20 feet, you need HITACHI 2.5” electronic jigsaw $40 - Mobile home, etc. -  with a large 2-BDRM ground lvl bsmt, nw floor-
pair. Will pay $10 to haul away. 315-0053 a bobcat to dig it, & must take all. 1st 378-1336 yard - Alfred - 250-869-7245 ing, nw paint, priv. prkng, w hk-up
NUTRI-BULLET Max, new. 378-5968 come, 1st gets. 378-2410 2 ELECTRIC weed whackers $25 each. LANDSCAPE paintings on canvas, n/p, util incl. Aug 15 1601 Bann St.
GE Refrigerator $25. 378-9849 VERY Healthy boxwoods, approx. 20 in New Home Lite gas weed whacker framed or unframed, cheap or prefer 378-2047
BUNOMATIC coffee grinder works total 18”-24” tall 315-1991 $120obo 525-2021 free, for sewing into bags. 280-1017 MANUF. home 1100 sq. ft. Sml
awesome $400. Double-burner butane 2-WHL ELECT scooter, batt 1 yr old, 10” TABLE saw, lk nw $300obo 280-0543 SML TRAILER for 12’ alum boat, 3-bdrm on own lot $950 + util, Sept
stove $80 280-7499 hardly used, exc shape $900obo 315-7771 2 SOUTH Bend lathes for parts, with for senior, cheap w/ papers 315-7119 1 or Oct 1, 1 sml pet, n/s 2437 Clap-
motor $800 for both, without motor $500 SML generator 1000w or less 378-4853 perton, Al 378-8156
SIMPLICITY dryer $50 525-1166 ASSRTMNT of building supplies:
4x6x12 stained fir posts, R20 insulation 378-5140 LOOKING FOR: 1 BDRM house RM for rent, refs a must 315-3290
12,000 BTU port. A/c $200 315-5018
1 bag $30. + more. The Club car steering QUIK GRIP QG2828 light truck or cabin w/ room for horse/goats. 1-BDRM bsmt ste in quiet location
FRIDGE & stove. 525-0240 on the Bench, for quiet person. $800/
wheel security $35. Roll of white vinyl chains, never used, $50 for set of two. Long term rental preferred. Call/txt
for sale - automotive coated fencing 3ftx50ft. $50. 280-0569 2 Home Electric eyeball recessed light 902-957-8851. month, hi speed IN, util incl. n/s, n/d,
08 DODGE 2500, 6.7 eng. Bulley Dog or e-mail kits, never used, bulbs included, $20 no pets, ref req 378-6651
for sale house/property
transmission blt for pwr $12,500obo MIRROR 27x41 framed $15 378-8140 each. 378-2345 1-BDRM bsmt ste, shared kitch./
280-1250 HOUSEHOLD stuff for sale 378-6788 wanted/wanted to buy TOP QUALITY Moduline modular bth,, util/cbl incl 778-869-3141
ONE 235/55r17 Yokohama summer tire, CANNING jars 378-6788 home in exc cond. 2008, 2x6 walls, WTD: 2-bdrm, cat friendly rental
lk nw $75 (was $175 new) 378-6217 SMALL roto-tiller in good running con- thermal windows, super nice! To for Sept.
ACCUCHECK Performa diabetes kit, dition. 378-4191 view 315-6105
16” DODGE rims, 5 bolt, $100 378-2410 brand new/never used $50 378-2254, rm 208 LOOKNG for roommate, female, in
WANTED TO BUY: small older trav- TO BE MOVED: small 10x40 country, bring your horse. 378-7435
FREE: 89 turbo Firefly, 91k, no wheels BATHTUB lift w/chrgr, lk nw 378-1581 el trailer, any condition. Get rid of that 1986 mbl home, 2 bdrms, gas htr,
378-5529 GARBAGE CAN full of rabbit manure eyesore in your back yard 778-661-0927, ROOM FOR RENT, kitch. priv.,
w/d, f/s. 1986 CSA approved $2000 all supplied, laundry facilities incl.,
FREE: 4 -  215/75/r15 m&s winter tires 378-2136 Dan, Steve cell 520-820-5777 315-7611
great tread left, and 3- 175/70/r13 han- hydro/wifi/tv, n/s 315-5951
BLOW OUT on take home wine making EMPTY 4 litre milk jugs.  Will pick up.  YOU NEED A HOME? Man-
kook winter tires. 378-5668 kits. $20/ $30 each. Come take a look.  280-0671 2-BDRM Clapperton Manor apt
ufactured home, 2 bdrm, 1 bath, $950 incl ht/hot wtr, lndry in bsmt, no
05 CHEV blazer 4x4, 200k, needs heater 2865C Pooley Ave 250-378-6622 SMALL flat bottom aluminum fishing large lot #3. Manufactured home,
core, front windshield, drive door slight- dogs,cats ok w/ refs. Randy 525-0144
GRANNY’S House Quilting & Retreat boat and reliable small outboard motor, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, fireplace,
ly damaged. Best offer 936-8885 has fabric and sewing notions. Nw fabric (preferably 4-stroke) 525 0361 lot #102. Manufactured home, 2-BDRM hse 1 blck dwntwn. 3-
AUTO/VAN/TRUCK Roof Top Carri- from Katja’s Quilt Shoppe 378-3734 2 bedroom, 1 bath #32. Call to bdrm dplx nr Bob’s 525-0240
WANTED TO RENT: retired teacher 3-BDRM house upstairs, nr Cntrl
er with holding clips and straps  $100. UNPASTEURIZED raw honey: $40 for would like to rent 2 - 3 bedroom unit at view 1-800-361-8111, 315-1000
2 towing mirrors $30 each or both for 8 cups, $20 for 4 cups, $10 for 2 cups, $5 reasonable rent, for October 1.  No base- www.buyandsellmobilehomes. com School, immed. $1500 525-0240
$50. 315-9235 for 1 cup. Locally grown organic garlic, ment suite please.  378-0870 DOUBLE CITY LOT in rural-type RM to rnt, shared, everything incl.
06 PT CRUISER, 203k kms, nw stud- $10/lb. 378-4947 neighbrhd, nr school, parks & Cold- some meals 280-2211 must like cats
ded wntrs, gd on gas. Body decent shape. CANNING jars, meat grinder, food de- water River walk. Not in subdivi- 2-BDRM bsmt 315-5592, 315-2366,
for sale - furniture hydrator 378-4879 nr Save On Foods, Central Schl
$3200 Trish 315-5373 sion. Prop. Guys #10822 280-1017