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1. What is your name?
-My (full) name is……../I am16 years old. I’m a student at …..high school and I’m in class 10A…
2. How do you spell your name? .............
3. What is the meaning of your name?
-It means……..because……/I was named after….because……..
4. What is your first name? My first name is…………
5. What is your last name? My last name is………….
6. Describe yourself physically? (tự miêu tả ngoại hình)
-Well, everyone tells me I take after/look like my father/mother….. as/because I’ve got a round/oval/long….
face with bright/dark/black/… eyes. I’m also quite fair-skinned/ dark skinned. I’m fairy tall/short but a bit
thin/fat……I am not attractive but quite good looking, I think…..I used to like short hair when I was small, but
now I am growing it longer so that I can be more girly….
7. Describe yourself emotionally/personalities? (tự miêu tả tính cách)
A:-I am kind/sort of an introvert (hướng nội) but I am not painfully shy or too reserved (nhút nhát/dè dặt)….
-I mean............I love spending time alone and enjoy indoor hobbies rather than going outside or hanging out
with friends. You know, to me…being alone and doing what I like is the biggest happiness.
-I am not saying that I’m an intelligent person but I’m quite quick-witted and flexible, I guess….I can solve
most of my problems independently (without relying on others).
-Sometimes, I enjoy talking and sharing my life stories with others, but I love a deep and long talk/conversation
rather than a short one. I hate small talk, like about weather or sport…because it makes me unpleasant and
-Actually, I find it hard to express/show/share my emotions/feelings but I am a good listener. I like giving
others advice or recommendation…..

B:- Well, I can describe myself as a trait of an extrovert (hướng ngoại). I love talking and working with
people…actually, I have got a lot of friends. I can’t stand being alone because/cuz it makes me so isolated and
bored…whenever I’m free I always find someone to hang out or to do something with. Being socialized helps
me feel energized and inspired….
-I’m quite open and easy. I don’t feel it hard to show my feelings, I love talking about it, and asking for advice
if necessary. When I have trouble I often find some one to discuss and talk about the solution…I am also
willing to help others…
8. How much time do you spend practicing speaking English everyday? (luyện tiếng anh thế nào?)
A-Well, I am an English lover and I’m aware of its importance to my future so I spend quite a lot of time on it.
Everyday I do all English homework, and spend 2 more hours practising English online. I’m trying to surround
myself with English by listening to English songs, reading English books and writing diary in English as
B-Well, though I know English is very important, I’m quite lazy to study it. English is very difficult to learn, so
I often get frustrated when thinking about it. Everyday I just try to finish English homework that my teacher
give, about 30 minutes, I think. If I have no homework, I will not use or study English at all.……

9. How many people are there in your family? (gia đình)

Well, I live in a nuclear/extended family….There are…….people/members in my family: my father, my
mother, my brother/sister…(grand parents…)
10. What does your father do? My father is a…../ He works as a……/He is the breadwinner in my family….
11. What does your mother do? My mother is a…../ she works as a……/both my parents work for money…
12. How many siblings do you have? I’ve got….brothers/sister. My brother/sister is…years old..He/she is…..
13. What do you do in your leisure time? (sở thích)
A-In my free time, I often read books. I love books, especially books that can improve my self-knowledge. I
read a variety of books: from stories, novels…to psychology, medical or even art books. There are a lot of
interesting knowledge I can explore in books and then share it with others. Books are amazing and reading them
is a good habit to improve our background knowledge.
B-In my spare time, I love trying new skills. Sometimes, I play speeding games which require lots of skills such
as “death chase”, “highway racer” or “supergun”… those games help to activate my brain and my eyes…I think
playing game is quite suitable in relaxing time. ….I also try playing the guitar when break time comes.
Actually, it’s quite hard for me to play the guitar because my hands are too small to move and stretch fast. But
you know, practice makes perfect and I think I can do it…..
14. Do you like to spend time with your friends? (dành tgian cho bạn bè)
-Yes, of course. You know, the common saying is “sorrow shared is sorrow halved and joy shared is joy
doubled.” That means being with friends makes us happier and healthier. When we’ve been together, we talk
about everything and do crazy things and it’s so much fun. Sometimes, we have small party together, we share
our foods and drinks, and everyone all feels relaxed. Spending time with friends also makes me less worried and
lonely when I have trouble. They often give me good advice and motivation, sometimes, friends are the ones
who teach me life skills to overcome difficulties from their own experiences….I really enjoy being around my
15. Can you describe your home?
-Well, I live in a small house with my family in a countryside. My home is the sweetest, loveliest and the best
place in the world. We have 3/4/5/….members living together with bonds of effection and love. Both my
parents work out to earn money but they really care about us. My mother is quite strict and sometimes we have
hard time with her, but I know she just wants to bring the best things for us after all. My father, on the other
hand, ever sacrifices anything just to make us happy and comfortable. I have brother and sister to play and to
grow up with, and they are surely a part of my life. My home is indeed a paradise on earth and I’m sure when I
grow up I’ll much remember the joyous days of childhood being with my family.
16. Can you describe your house?
-I live in ………district/street/town with my parents. My house is quite small but it has a large garden. It was
built long time ago so it looks quite old outside. There are 5 rooms: a living room, 2 bed rooms, a kitchen and a
bath room. I like the living room the best because there is a TV here, and all members often gather to watch
films and drink coffee/tea together. Actually, we don’t have too much stuff or decoration so our rooms look
quite simple but very open, clean and spacious. In the garden, we grow quite a lot of vegetable for food and also
some flowers for decoration. If I have time and money, I will raise some chickens for meat and eggs.
17. What is your favorite subject at shool? (môn học ưa thích)
A:Well, may be English is the subject I learn much better than the others, but my most favorite one is biology, I
think. I like biology because it mainly studies and discusses the basics of nature and living things like plants,
animals and humans. Biology teaches me not only the ralation between living things and the environment but
also about my body as well. I learn about the nervous system, hormones, brain functions… and how they affect
my behaviours and thought. Especially, I am interested in studying the differences between men and women,
both physical and mental. I’m also curious about human’s nature, their personalities and their behaviours. If I
get more knowledge about biology, I will understand other people and be aware of the importance of nature.

B: I guess I like English most because I’m a language lover in general. English is very important for people who
want to improve themselves and prepare for the future jobs. If I am good at English I can read books in English,
I can communicate with foreigners from different countries and I can also have a chance to get a high-paid job.