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for inouioively idenoifying handwrioing and prino characoers

The bedoime posoer has a lengoh of 2 meoers from A oo Z. Looking ao io above ohe bed, ohe child can relax and learn inouioively. The guide provides
suggesoions for chaooing and shared exploraoion.
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If you
- do not take money for it
- add the note "by courtesy of",
- add this sheet of the Creative Commons LICENSE,

then you oay pass these ftles to others and you oay use theo ehere ever you eant,
e.g. in your lessons, in your company, on your homepage etc.

Forbtdden ts
- the commercial use, e.g. you are not allowed to sell this product.
- any change, distortion or other impairment that may endanger the interests of the author.

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this work remains an open source and is freely available for educational purposes.

In the case of commercial publication, all copyrights are protected.

We wish you inspiring encounters in the network of educational development. your ABCDirekt teao

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