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The orchestra program at Beech Springs

strives to create an environment

conducive to stimulating creativity and
positive attitudes about the performance BSIS Orchestra
and enjoyment of music. Music is a
transmission of culture, and it is with
this in mind that, through learning basic 2020—2021
performance skills on an instrument, the
orchestra program attempts to develop a Handbook
lifelong appreciation for the value of
music. This two-year program is
designed to foster a basic understanding
and appreciation for music, as well as
provide the necessary skills to allow
Hello, Beech Springs Orchestra Family!
students to continue participation in I look forward to teaching the 5th and 6th grade orchestra classes and
orchestra through middle school, high watching their musical skills develop.
school, and college.
Your investment, time, effort, and energy can produce a lifetime of
wonderful memories and musical enjoyment.
Students will learn to:
 READ and NOTATE music.
and musical performances.
 PERFORM on their instrument
alone and within the orchestra.
APPRECIATE various styles of Lori P. Robertson
music by studying its history, Orchestra Director
context, and relationship to other
art forms.
BSIS: (864) 949-7600

Rosin Cleaning

Students will take their instruments 3-ring

Supplies for class
and supplies home every day. binder
They will need these for distance
learning at home.
Students will not be allowed to share Paper
supplies. Students must have their own Pencil
supplies every day in class.
Shoulder Essential Elements for
Students will not use orchestra lockers while Rest: violins Strings 2000, Book 1
we are on a hybrid schedule or at home with and violas
virtual classes.
How do I get an instrument?
You rent your instrument
through the school.
Advantage: Lower monthly payments
You rent your instrument 2
through a local store. Disadvantages: Instruments are usually
You have your own older and more worn out.
instrument. Very limited.
Advantages: You are renting to own, so
the instrument will be yours one day. The instrument belongs to the school.
You bought it
High quality instruments - or - Yearly recurring fee of $100, which may
You are borrowing it. be paid all at once or in payments.
Disadvantage: Higher monthly payments
(but only until it’s paid off) A rental contract must be
completed and returned with
an initial payment of $25 before
a student will receive an
Where do I get music supplies and instruments?

Music & Arts Bernhardt

Spartanburg House of Violins
864-595-1116 Greenville, 864-282-8887

Neither the orchestra program, the school district,
nor the director is responsible for student-owned
or rented instruments and materials that are lost or
stolen. Each parent and student is responsible for
recording the instrument’s serial number at home,
and each student is responsible for making sure
his or her instrument is always taken home at the
end of the school day. Parents who rent their
child’s instrument from a music store or from the NO VSO !
school instrument inventory are strongly
encouraged to purchase insurance on the
instrument. Parents who purchase an instrument
(Violin – Shaped Object)
are recommended to check with their home-
owner’s insurance policy regarding potential loss Quality makes a HUGE difference
or theft of that instrument during the school day. to the sound of the instrument
Instruments left overnight are the responsibility
of the student. and the success of the player.
Please do not buy from eBay.
Many inexpensive and poor quality instruments are online.
School Rules 50% Daily participation
30% Tests
Behave Respectfully 20% Assignments

Engage Fully
Check often:
1. Warning Encourage Others 1. Schoology for assignments
2. Alternate assignment
3. Parent contact Choose Kindness 2. Our website:

All school and district

discipline policies Hold Yourself Accountable
3. PowerSchool for grades
will also be followed.
BSIS Orchestra Concerts
Due to COVID-19, we will not have
any concerts in 2020.

Stay tuned for possible virtual performances!

Monday, May 17, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.

Spring Orchestra Concert
District 5 Fine Arts Center
This concert will feature the Beech Springs 5th and 6th grade orchestras.
All orchestra students are required to perform in their concert uniforms (black & white).
Students should arrive by 5:30 to prepare for the performance.
Family and friends are welcome to attend.
Admission is free and open to the public.

Important Note

Participation in concerts is
All students necessary to the success of our
are required Students will receive THREE
test grades for participation in
to perform in each concert. Concert Uniforms for
May 17
our concerts! Make every possible effort to
perform. Make-up assignments Students must wear a solid
will be given only in cases of white shirt, solid black
emergency. pants, and solid black shoes.
Student Name: ________________________________________ Student signature:___________________

Signature Page due by Friday, August 21, 2021

Instrument:___________________ Grade:_____ Homeroom teacher:___________________________

Parent / Guardian Name (print):_____________________________________________________________

Parent / Guardian signature:_________________________________________ Date:___________________

Phone numbers:__________________________________________________________________________


Email addresses:__________________________________________________________________________


Do you have internet access at home? Yes, we do No, we do NOT

Please list any medical conditions, allergies, or health concerns here: None

Please check one: Student owns instrument. Student rents instrument from store.
Store name______________________________

Student rents instrument from school. Please sign and return the School Rental Contract.

______$100 paid in full or $______ partial payment/deposit * Make checks payable to BSIS.
Please note that this is by need and on a first come, first serve basis.

Students renting a school instrument will receive their instrument after turning in
this page, the Rental Instrument Form, and a first payment of $25.

Use the space here or

on back for questions
and comments.

Thank you! Lori Robertson